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Survivor's Erica Is So Shocked, She Could Just Scream

Erica Durousseau, Survivor: Fiji

Last week on CBS' Survivor: Fiji (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), Erica Durousseau learned that bossiness was much worse than incompetence. A mere day after she saved her starving and dehydrated tribe by discovering a plethora of pineapples, the Ravu crew decided to oust her simply because she expressed her opinion during a challenge. As a result, a chopping block-bound Sylvia was saved, even though she was deemed a weaker link. had to find out from the Louisiana native if she thinks that Ravu is just plain hopeless. Did watching your torch snuffing on TV make it really sink in?
Erica Durousseau: It did. And to see everything unfold.... It was surprising. Do you think they voted you out just beca read more

Ready, Set... It's The Amazing Race: All-Stars Preview!

Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race: All-Stars

CBS' The Amazing Race doesn't hit the road again until this Sunday at 8 pm/ET — this time with an elite group of "all-stars" — and yet people are already buzzing about the return of Rob and Amber, and whether it is fair that one-time winners Uchenna and Joyce got invited back. When asked affable host Phil Keoghan how the encores were chosen and if this season would in fact be harder than ever, we were relieved to make it through the Q&A without being Philiminated! What made you want to do All-Stars?
Phil Keoghan: To be honest with you, in the beginning, I wasn't so keen read more

Slings & Arrows' New Season: So Bard and So Good

Slings & Arrows' Sarah Polley

To watch, or not to watch? That is the question. The answer should actually be fairly obvious since Sundance Channel's Canadian import, Slings & Arrows, is so deliciously written, with its wry sense of humor and its incredibly stylized dialogue filled with juicy layered meanings. recently had a chance to speak with the show's head writer, Bob Martin — who just so happens to have won a Tony for his narration of the Broadway musical The Drowsy Chaperone and is busying himself for the London staging — about Slings' third season, which premieres Sunday at 8 pm/ET. I walk past your smiling face on a huge Drowsy billboard every morning. Is that a bit surreal for you, because usually you're behind the scenes as a writer?
Bob read more

Survivor Castoff's Next Stop? Chasing George Clooney!!

Jessica deBen, Survivor: Fiji

It is never easy being the first person ousted from a reality show, so Jessica deBen was a little bit sad about getting her torch snuffed last week on CBS' Survivor: Fiji (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET). A fashion stylist by trade, she struggled during the first elimination challenge (untying ropes and puzzle-solving), and the Ravu tribe — already dealt a blow by landing on their beach with neither supplies nor fire — felt she was a weak link and sent her packing. asked the New Orleans native about her experience. Are you surprised you're the first person out?
Jessica deBen: Yeah, I definitely am. Watching it on TV, why do you think they singled you out?
Jessica: Look at when I was tying the rope. read more

Judy Reyes: How Scrubs' Carla Got Her Groove Back

Judy Reyes

If you've attended too many bar mitzvahs or events where people are shaking it and clamoring for the tchotchkes that the dancers hand out, then you'll probably get a kick out of Glow Ropes: The Rise and Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee. In the recent DVD release, Scrubs' spunky Judy Reyes breaks out of her TV role to play a heavily accented and much-sought-after party planner. caught up with Reyes to learn how she landed this role, how her recovery from hip surgery has been going, and, of course, to get lots of scoop on Scrubs (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, on NBC). Well, two out of three ain't bad, right? This movie was cute. I was worried when I heard the term "straight-to-video".... Sometimes that is a really bad read more

Survivor: Fiji: Two Idols, Two Twists and Lotsa Snakes!

Jeff Probst previews Survivor: Fiji.

One of the much-hyped twists on CBS' Survivor: Fiji, which kicks off tonight at 8 pm/ET, is having one group of contestants lounge in the lap of luxury while another is left with the bare minimum of supplies and no food. Cool concept, but it sounds oddly familiar, because, say, The Apprentice: Los Angeles is employing a similar idea this season. And both shows share Mark Burnett as an executive producer. Just a coinkidink? Survivor host Jeff Probst insists that that is absolutely the case. "Mark runs his shows very independently," he tells "I can tell you that this was an idea that was born organically from us, because I was sitting there as we discussed it and decided to do it read more

Preview! Bones Is Finally Getting Lucky in Love

Eddie McClintock with Emily Deschanel, Bones

Things are looking up for Dr. Temperance Brennan. While her dating life is usually filled with jerks or murderers, she's actually about to meet a nice guy for a change. Eddie McClintock is joining Fox's Bones for a bit, starting tonight at 8 pm/ET, playing an FBI agent who manages to hold his own with the esteemed Dr. Brennan while Booth is sidelined. Coming between the partners, who have a simmering unspoken connection, wasn't easy, but McClintock was up for the task. caught up with the actor (and new dad) to learn more about this juicy role. Brennan hasn't had the best luck with guys. There's a lot of pressure there.
Eddie McClintock:
I know. Plus there is all that fan stuff, where they want David [Boreanaz] and read more

Heroes Preview: Is Ando More Than Just a Trusty Sidekick?

James Kyson Lee with Masi Oka, Heroes

While Masi Oka draws much attention for his role on NBC's Heroes (returning from hiatus tonight at 9 pm/ET), Hiro himself would be nothing without his loyal best friend and translator, Ando, played by James Kyson Lee. But now that Hiro has incredibly improved his English, will he still need the seemingly "ability-free" Ando around? had to know the answer, so we spoke with Lee to see if Ando will, in fact, survive the hit show's first season. What has it been like for you to get so much sudden fame for Heroes?
James Kyson Lee: You know, it's just been a blast. I think the best part of it is that we have such a good family here at the show. Everyone, from top to bottom, is just rea read more

Why You Must "Tune" In to Tonight's Scrubs Musical!

Zach Braff, Scrubs

Tonight at 9 pm/ET, Scrubs fans are in for quite a treat, as NBC presents a nearly all-musical episode of the medical comedy. There is singing and dancing, and even a ditty about doodie. spoke with series creator Bill Lawrence, a big musical-theater fan, to find out why he suddenly felt the urge to have his comedy break out into song. "The tough part for us is always trying to make it organic to the show," says Lawrence. "We wouldn't have done [a musical], except that our medical advisor on the show stumbled onto this case where somebody had an aneurysm and was hearing everything in music. Obviously, they weren't hearing an entire Broadway musical with singing and dancing, but for us in the world of Scrubs, that works."

It didn't hurt that writer read more

Is Ace of Cakes Sweeter the Second Time Around?

Duff Goldman, Ace of Cakes

You might expect a show about cakes to be sweet, but if you are watching Food Network's Ace of Cakes (new episodes start tonight at 10:30 pm/ET), you'd be wrong. After all, Charm City Cakes owner, professional chef and Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman is not your typical cake decorator. He creates amazing masterpieces out of sugar and flour (and sometimes Rice Krispie treats), and his eclectic staff of artists put in long hours to make sure these culinary confections arrive at their destinations looking nothing short of spectacular. From towering flamingos to three-dimensional German shepherds, Duff & Co. use unconventional methods to achieve stunning results. recently gave Charm City Cakes in Baltimore a call — which was answered by a spunky receptionist (who thought that this interviewer would be male read more

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