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Idol Chat: How Will Sanjaya's Elimination Change the Show?

Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez take on American Idol.

Which was the bigger shock this week, Sanjaya's departure or Simon's eye-roll controversy? We asked Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez, the hosts of TV Guide Channel's Idol Chat, Idol Tonight and Reality Chat, for their expert takes on these topics and more. Do you feel a sense of relief now that Sanjaya is gone?
Kimberly Caldwell:
I feel a sense of relief for him. I think that now the competition can really be taken seriously. But I think that Sanjaya is going to be greatly successful after this, no matter what.
Rosanna Tavarez: read more

Survivor: Fiji's Michelle: The New Twist Did Me In

Michelle Yi, Survivor: Fiji

On Survivor: Fiji, nice girls finish... somewhere right in the middle. That, at least, was the case with Michelle Yi. The peppy fashion-design student, whose bubbly spirit led her to memorably fall off a platform during a challenge and hop right back up without missing a beat, was the first member to be voted off the newly merged Bula Bula tribe (or at least dismissed by half of it, thanks to a new tribe-within-tribe twist). spoke to Michelle about Jeff Probst's very leading questions. I have to say, in your little exit interview, you were so peppy and happy about the experience. That's a nice change from read more

Mane Event Is Over for Pussycat Dolls' Lioness

Anastacia McPherson, The Search for the Next Doll

Anastacia McPherson made a big impression on a lot of people during her stint on the CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, encoring Wednesdays at 9). Her height, deep voice and hugely sexy hair made her stand out from the masses of tiny girls. But the judges ultimately decided that she lacked self-confidence. This reporter was delighted to talk with our favorite PCD wannabe and gush a bit about her teased tresses. Did you have a good experience?
Anastacia McPherson:
It was amazing. It was unbelievable, but it was really stressful, too. You were learning choreography on a bus and crazy stuff like that, all in a short period of time.
It was insane the amount of time t read more

Jennifer Westfeldt Expects to Deliver Big Laughs

Jennifer Westfeldt, Notes from the Underbelly

Notes from the Underbelly star Jennifer Westfeldt may not be a household name, or even a household face, but she stirred up a bunch of indie buzz playing the title role in Kissing Jessica Stein, a film she cowrote. Now she’s tackling the small screen in this adorable new comedy (based on the chick-lit novel by Risa Green) that landed the plum debut spot post-Grey’s Anatomy (although next week it moves to Wednesdays at 8:30 pm/ET). had a chance to have breakfast with the busy star to find out more about the new series and to see what’s next. How would you describe Notes from the Underbelly?
Jennifer Westfeldt: For my character it is the parts of pregnancy that people don’t talk about that much. I don’t think it is that PC for wome read more

Mariela Defends Her Less-than-purrfect Pussycat Bid

Mariela Arteaga, The Search for the Next Doll

Learning hot dance moves while on a moving bus to perform "Tainted Love" on stage at the Las Vegas Pussycat Doll Lounge? No problem for Mariela Arteaga. Hitting all the notes in Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You" for the judges, however, proved to be an issue, forcing Mariela to hang up her boa on the CW's Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). spoke with the slinky feline dancer to find out how she mastered the moves for her partner dance and what she really thought of her rendition of the X-tina hit. The sexy "partners" dance challenge you won, that dance was hot! What was your inspiration?
Mariela Arteaga:
Thank you! I didn't have an inspiration read more

Survivor: Fiji's KO'd "Rocky" Rolls with the Punches

James "Rocky" Reid, Survivor: Fiji

James "Rocky" Reid didn't have an easy time on CBS' Survivor: Fiji (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET). The 28-year-old bartender was the cause of much griping among his Ravu tribe, and he didn't exactly redeem himself when he basically berated Anthony for being a girly man during a recent tribal council. Last Thursday, when Rocky took a jab at ailing tribe mates who overindulged during their first reward challenge, that turned out to be the final straw. Rocky rang to chat about his farewell scream, his appropriate nickname and any possible regrets. I think your farewell might be my favorite ever, you just screaming.
James "Rocky" Reid: [ read more

Pussycat Dolls' Sisely Slams Meow-mixed Messages

Sisely Treasure, The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll

Things on Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll (Tuesdays at 9 on the CW) just got a whole lot quieter. Resident troublemaker and former punk-rock singer Sisely Treasure was deemed too "unique" by the judges, as they had her hang up her boa. But before her ouster, she made some waves by comparing fellow wannabe Asia to a drag queen, loudly complaining about the lack of rehearsal time, and griping about working in groups. caught up with the spunky gal to get her side of the story. I'm confused. Last week they sent Jamie home because she didn't stand out. This wee read more

Heroes' Greg Grunberg Proves to Be a Real Superman

Greg Grunberg

Greg Grunberg, who stars as telepathic Matt Parkman on NBC's Heroes, is using his real-life powers for good, not evil, by chairing the upcoming Epilepsy Foundation walk and working on an art auction to support the worthy cause. caught up with Grunberg, whose son Jake suffers from the condition, to find out more about his charitable efforts, his celebrity band and, of course, what's coming up on Heroes. Tell me a little bit more about the auction. How did you convince the artists and the show to donate art to the Epilepsy Foundation?
Grunberg: That would have been the greatest feat of salesmanship for me, but it wasn't. They're just incredibly generous and they know how important it is to me. Also, I've been working for NBC for a long time, so [NBC Entertainment honchos] Kevin Riley a read more

Survivor's Anthony Recoils from Rocky's One-two Punch

Anthony Robinson, Survivor: Fiji

Three of the scariest words Jeff Probst says on CBS' Survivor (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) are "Drop your buffs," a directive that turns entire strategies and alliances topsy-turvy. Last week, those three words put the final nail in the coffin for Anthony Robinson, who after some intense bickering with Rocky, lots of alone time as the tribe's designated cook, and a weepy moment early in the season, was dismissed as the testosterone-filled Ravu tribe's weakest member. Here's what Anthony, an expert witness locator and self-proclaimed geek, told about his ouster. I thought for a second that Ravu was going to turn on Rocky.
Anthony Robinson: read more

Heartbreaker! Pussycat Dolls Sweetie Reflects on Bitter End

Jaime Benjamin, The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll

Figuring out what the judges are looking for seems to be the hardest task that the contestants on the CW's The Pussycat Dolls Present: Search for the Next Doll (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) have to face. Brittany was ousted for being too sexy, and last Tuesday (and then again on Wednesday and Sunday) Jaime Benjamin was dismissed for not standing out enough. caught up with the 21-year-old to find out more about her dolled-up 'do, her shoe crisis and her "Heartbreaker" of an ouster. I'm kind of surprised that you were the one who went home this week.
Jamie Benjamin: I think a lot of people were. That's so sweet. read more

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