Andy Patrick

Creek Star Becomes a Legend

When recent high-school grad Pacey Witter heads back to Dawson's Creek this season (which kicks off tomorrow night), he'd better take a paddle, because his big brother might not be around to bail him out of trouble. Seems Deputy Doug's portrayer, Dylan Neal, may soon have bigger fish to fry, thanks to his starring role in the upcoming Sci Fi Channel movie/pilot Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers.

"Legend shoots in Vancouver, and I'd be sort of the lead on the show," he tells TV Guide Online, "so I don't see how I would have time to fly all the way to Wilmington, N.C., to shoot a scene for Creek."

Having recently shot an episode of the teen soap ("I got to go visit the kids, see how they're doing"), he now finds himself playing a waiting game. And while Legend seems likely to be given a green light, experience has taught Neal to put the brakes on his own enthusiasm. "In 1999, I had eig read more

Dark Night for the Daytime Emmys

If you live under a rock, maybe you don't know: The Daytime Emmys just happen to be the biggest awards show of the year, next to the Oscars and the primetime Emmys. And the Tonys. And probably the Grammys, too. And maybe the Espys. Oh yeah, and the CableAce Awards, for sure. And... and...

Okay, fine. So, since perennial also-ran Susan Lucci finally won one of the damn things in 1999, the Daytime Emmys have been pretty pointless. Heck, even she seems to know it. Though the All My Children melodrama queen was again a nominee at Friday night's 28th annual ceremony, she didn't attend, but instead appeared via satellite from her and Regis Philbin's Atlantic City cabaret gig. And why should she have gone? It's not like the show provides the excitement of wondering whether Robert Downey Jr. is going to get busted onstage or the suspense of watching J. Lo read off a TelePrompter, her ample bosom promising to burst forth at any second from a bar read more

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