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Rescue Me Star Denis Leary Isn't Afraid of Hot Topics

Denis Leary and wife Ann Lembeck at the BASH for New York's Bravest

While actor/comedian Denis Leary is familiar to many as a result of his years in the entertainment industry, the star and cocreator of FX's Rescue Me wants those who follow his work to also follow a cause that's equally close to his heart: his charity. To increase awareness of the Leary Firefighters Foundation, he held the Sixth Annual BASH for New York's Bravest fund-raiser this past Friday at New York City's famed Cipriani restaurant on Wall Street.

Leary suits up as FDNY Ladder 62 firefighter Tommy Gavin on FX's hit dramedy, but his passion for the work firefighters do extends far beyond his day job. He started his foundation in 2000 after his cousin, firefighter Jerry Lucey, and a childhood friend, Lt. Tommy Spencer, lost their lives in the line of duty while battling a blaze in the actor's hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts. In orde read more

Hot Times Ahead for Rescue Me's Janet

Andrea Roth, Rescue Me

FX's Rescue Me (Tuesdays at 10pm/ET) is only three episodes into its third season, but if current story lines are any indication, the boys of Ladder 62 are in for a doozy of a ride as the episodes rage on. As Tommy Gavin's no-nonsense ex-wife, Janet, Andrea Roth has made her mark as one of the few females who can show the firehouse crew who's boss. On a recent break from filming, Andrea clued in on future shakeups, breakups and makeups, and spills the beans about her upcoming film role opposite Jason "He's So Sexy!" Statham.

read more

Callie Thorne Keeps Rescue Me Hot

Callie Thorne, Rescue Me

As FX gears up for the third season of its red-hot firefighter drama Rescue Me (premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET), count on Callie Thorne's Sheila to carouse and connive her way around the firehouse, causing a whole new set of problems for Denis Leary's Tommy. chatted with Thorne to tease the new season (the first episode of which she had yet to see), find out what it's like hanging with the boys as well as guest stars Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei, and why she'd be willing to swing from read more

Everwood Finale Preview: Part 2


After four seasons, WB fan favorite Everwood (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) will say its final goodbye next week (at a special time, 8 pm). In Part 1 of this Q&A, executive producer Rina Mimoun, who has worked with series creator Greg Berlanti to craft the drama since its inception, recounted this season's big twists as well as the campaign to score the show a berth on the CW network. Here, she talks to about what wound up being the series finale and hints at how fans can continue to get their Everwood fix. Reflecting on the show's fourth season, which story line has seemed to generate the most buzz with fans? read more

Survivor's Danielle Has the Final Word

Danielle DiLorenzo, Survivor: Panama

Due to a scheduling conflict, Danielle DiLorenzo was unable to be featured in our Q&A with Survivor: Panama's other runners-up. Days later, though, got in touch with her....

She may not have walked away with the million-dollar prize on CBS' Survivor: Panama—Exile Island, but 24-year-old Massachusetts native Danielle DiLorenzo can say that she outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a full 14 of her island peers to make it to the final two. After the après-finale frenzy calmed down, Danielle called to reflect on her Panama stay, explain her decision to take Aras to the finals, and share her feelings about her on-camera portrayal. read more

Survivor's Finalists: The Morning After

Cirie Fields and Terry Deitz, Survivor: Panama

Aras Baskauskas walked away with the million-dollar prize on CBS' Survivor: Panama — Exile Island, but he faced some fierce competition as the field narrowed to the final four. Baskauskas faced off against consummate strategist Danielle DiLorenzo, who earned her spot in the final two after competing against Cirie Fields in a tie-breaker challenge. Cirie and fellow fan favorite Terry Deitz ultimately placed fourth and third, respectively, and while they didn't take home the ultimate prize, both will now be cruising around town in a brand-new GMC Yukon. An airline pilot, Deitz provided Baskauskas with the friendly rivalry that Survivor is known for, while Fields, a registered nurse living in South read more

Yoga Guru Keeps His Cool to Win Survivor

Aras Baskauskas, Survivor: Panama

Aras Baskauskas may have butted heads with his Casaya tribe mates early on, but his athletic prowess and true competitive nature helped him survive 39 days in Panama by outwitting, outplaying and outlasting 15 other castaways to walk away as the sole Survivor. The 24-year-old Santa Monica-based yoga instructor was awarded the ultimate prize Sunday night as CBS' Survivor: Panama---Exile Island concluded its 16-week run. sat down with the newly minted — albeit exhausted — millionaire the day after his big win to get the scoop on his "wonderful experience" in Panama, how he'll spend his winnings, and his latest business venture to keep America warm with his new brand line of winter hats. Congratulations! How did it feel to wake up this morning a millionaire?
Aras Baskauskas: [Laughs] read more

Everwood Finale Preview: Part 1

Sarah Drew and Chris Pratt, Everwood

Nestled between the countless procedural dramas and reality shows that tend to dominate the prime-time lineup, the WB drama Everwood (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) has managed to keep viewers coming back for a weekly dose of romance and comedy. But will that loyalty be enough to secure the in-limbo fan favorite a spot on the CW lineup (to be revealed this week)? If executive producer Rina Mimoun has her way, fans will follow the Colorado kids to college next fall. Until then, the 4-year-old series is set to wrap its current run on June 5, but not before a major character says goodbye to Everwood — permanently. invited Mimoun to recap the possibilities for next week's "big death," discuss upcoming guest stars, and offer, for whatever it's worth at this late date, a final plea to save the show. Hi, read more

Survivor's Shane Smoked by Betrayal

Shane Powers, Survivor: Panama

Every reality show has a contestant fans love to hate, and for CBS' Survivor: Panama — Exile Island (tonight at 8 pm/ET), Shane Powers willingly accepts the title. As he provided a wealth of comic relief for castaways and viewers alike, the Los Angelino took Survivor fans on an emotional roller coaster as he struggled with a severe nicotine addiction and dealt with the anxiety of being away from his son. sat down with Shane the day after his elimination to chat about the shocking betrayal by his "allies," the fate of his acid-wash denim shorts, and his voting strategy going into Sunday's season finale. What's the reaction been like since your elimination episode aired?
Shane Powers:
It's been positive. The [reaction] I cared most about was my son's, and read more

Fire Dancer Burned by Survivor Alliance

Courtney Marit, Survivor: Panama

Falling victim to her tribe mates' harsh personal feelings about her, Courtney Marit was the 11th person to pack her bags and say goodbye on CBS' Survivor: Panama—Exile Island (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET). Saying that the vote to oust her was "shocking," the California-based performer realized that her status as a potential threat going into the final two resulted in the decision to send her home. grilled the former Casaya member about her finale voting strategy, her on-screen portrayal and her honest take on the remaining survivors. What has reaction been like since your elimination episode aired?
Courtney Marit:
My family is proud of me. I did the best I could and they've [provided] full support. I got a barrage of calls from my friends. I live in an artists community — we're all artists read more

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