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Kevin Smith's Gay Sib

Does Kevin Smith have a GLAAD media award in his future? The ribald writer/director of Clerks and Dogma reveals that his brother's homosexuality has helped him become a more enlightened filmmaker.

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't think we're 100 percent one thing or the other," he tells The Advocate. "You always have a degree of curiosity, whether you're straight or gay." But Smith didn't always feel this way. "I grew up in suburban New Jersey where [homosexuality] wasn't the thing to talk about ? it was a clamped-down culture."

When Smith found out his brother, Don, was gay, he questioned their closeness. "My mother told me before my brother had a chance, which always bugged me," he says. "I was filled with a sense of sadness that he hadn't told me because he thought I was a homophobic moron."

Discussing Don's past helped Smith come to terms with his sadness. "Here was a dude on the inside who could tell me about all sorts of stor read more

Zeman's Happy Time

Apparently there is life after death on General Hospital. A Martinez's character, Roy DiLucca, died 20 years ago, but he's returned from the grave to woo Bobbie Spencer. Actress Jacklyn Zeman insists that her co-star isn't simply reprising another actor's role because "he's made it so his own. I don't think anybody feels that.

"He came back as Roy, who was Bobbie's first love, her only real love, the man she subsequently went on and compared every man she'd ever been with to, and everyone always came up short," she says. For Zeman, working with the Santa Barbara veteran makes her job easier. "You know the man speaks for himself; he's talented, he's handsome, he's wonderful. And he's a really nice person. So it's a pleasure to be with him."

After years of chasing emotionally unavailable men, Bobbie has finally found love. "I'm having the time of my life with this story line; I really am!" Zeman tells the TV Guide Channel. "Because women are coming read more

Stuart Damon's Toughest Role

As General Hospital's Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Stuart Damon has survived impotency, murderous ex-wives and amnesia. But nothing's been as hard on the actor as the drug addiction story line that last year earned him a Daytime Emmy Award.

"The drug addiction story line was probably the greatest challenge of my entire career," the veteran soap star tells the TV Guide Channel. "I mean emotionally I was just spent at the end of every day. I was one of the few people who would come into make-up and come out looking worse."

How is Damon going to top his portrayal of GH's drug-addled chief of staff? "I think I'm still young enough to handle a triangle love story line, but I don't want it to be me and another guy," he explains carefully, "I want it to be two women and me?them fighting over me. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think I could still do that."

For now, the 63-year-old actor is busy recovering from real-life surgery. "I've had both of my elbows read more

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos's Feminine Mystique

There's something funny going on with Rebecca Romijn-Stamos! The former House of Style host has proven her comedic chops with small, well-received roles in Just Shoot Me and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and she feels her carefree attitude will help her land bigger and better acting projects.

"There are a million beautiful blondes out there," the 27-year-old tells Cosmopolitan. "I think a lot of my success came down to the fact that I'm fun and I get along with everyone."

Romijn-Stamos's easygoing disposition served her well on the set of the upcoming X-Men flick: She endured 10 hours of blue body makeup each day for her role as villainess Mystique. "The painting was torturous," she admits. "When they finished my face, they'd say, 'All right, bend over.' They'd paint me down there. I left a trail wherever I went. My last night, I did a celebratory read more

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