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Braugher's Back!

Former Homicide: Life on the Street Emmy winner Andre Braugher was reluctant to return to primetime TV, in the ABC medical drama Gideon's Crossing, debuting Oct. 10 (10 pm/ET). So reluctant, executive producer Paul Attanasio didn't think he'd be interested.

"There wasn't really any opportunity to get him for this," offers Attanasio, who was behind the 1997 hit mob movie Donnie Brasco, "because he had told everyone he would never do series television again." Luckily, Braugher read Attanasio's script and was blown away. "I just think there's nobody who's as fun to write for," admits the auteur, who wrote the pilot with Braugher in mind. "He's my favorite actor."

In his latest TV role, Braugher plays a doctor overseeing residents (played by Eric Dane, Russell Hornsby, Ravi Kapoor, Sophie Keller, Hamish Linklater and Rhona Mitra) at a teaching hospital. The series, explains Attanasio, focuses on "how read more

Schroder Silences Critics

Former child star Rick Schroder is the first to admit that many people expected him to fail when he made his grown-up debut as Detective Danny Sorenson on ABC's NYPD Blue almost two years ago. But the artist-formerly-known-as-Ricky says he never got discouraged.

"When I didn't fail, people were a bit, 'Hey, wow,'" says the 30-year-old Silver Spoons star, who's long since won over the critics. "I don't know why it worked out so well. I never had any doubts, though. I know a lot of people did, but I didn't."

Schroder tells TV Guide Online that he knew right away he was the perfect choice to play the former narcotics detective on Blue. "You know when a role is yours," he says. "You know when you're right for [it]. You just feel it. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. You want it so bad."

The veteran actor began appearing in TV commercials when he was still just a toddler and skyrocketed to stardom playing opposite Jon Voight in the 19 read more

Susanna Thompson's Stormy Past

Once and Again's Susanna Thompson says she passed on a role in the summer blockbuster The Perfect Storm to play Billy Campbell's ex-wife on the hit ABC drama. "Though I was torn with the decision, I know I made the right one," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "I think destiny sort of plays a role."

"I was a week away from starting The Perfect Storm and I had no intention of giving [it] up," says Thompson, recalling her audition for the part of Once and Again divorcée Karen Sammler. "And I went in to read and they wanted me for the part and they couldn't work it out [with] the production company for The Perfect Storm. So I had to choose."

The Random Hearts star missed out on one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, but she has nothing but praise for the Tony Award-winner who took her place on the stranded sailboat. "They got Cherry Jones and she's the foremost stage actress in New York right now."

read more

Shandling's Big Emmy Gamble

First-time Emmy Awards host Garry Shandling can't wait to perform his new stand-up material Sunday evening in front of an audience of 50 million viewers. In fact, he may be a little too excited.

"I'm trying to convince [executive producer] Don Mischer to not give out any awards this year and give me the whole three hours," he says of the ABC broadcast, which kicks off at 8 pm/ET. "I think I can do it. I think we should lock the doors. And I think that should be the real Survivor. Just let me talk and talk and talk and just watch them waiting for the awards. I think that would be great."

Whatever the format, it's pretty much a given that viewers will gripe about the show's length. "No matter what, it's going to feel longer than it is," Shandling says. "I'm saying that's a good thing. It's not the length; it's how we use the Emmys, how we're going to use the Emmy programming."

Shandling, himself an Emmy winner (The Larry Sanders Show), c read more

In Living Color: The Reunion?

Funnyman David Alan Grier says he'd like to join his former In Living Color castmates ? including Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Tommy Davidson ? for a reunion of the Fox sketch comedy show. Finding time would be difficult, he says, but not impossible.

"It could be really great as a movie or HBO special, but everyone would have to want to do it and just come back in the room like we did before," says Grier, who stars this fall on the new NBC sitcom DAG (Tuesdays, 9:30 pm/ET). In his latest role, Grier plays a disgraced Secret Service agent assigned to guard the first lady (Delta Burke) after dodging a bullet meant for the president.

Grier's DAG character is quite a departure from the In Living Color creation that put him on the map ? flamboyant film critic Antoine Merriwether. The actor says he'd like to someday see the return of Antoine but, again, only under the right circumstances. " read more

Cibrian Eyes New Watch

It's been a lonely job playing divorced firefighter Jimmy Doherty on NBC's Third Watch, confesses portrayer Eddie Cibrian.

"It was tough in the beginning because my character didn't have a partner," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "I'm the only one on the show who doesn't have a partner. Everybody else gets to drive and talk, which is where you find out a lot about the characters."

The former soap star (The Young and the Restless, Sunset Beach) says he would have liked Jimmy to open up more in the first season, but realizes that his solitary alter-ego poses a challenge for the show's writers. "I was just looking forward to every script thinking, 'Okay, what are you going to do with me now?'"

Cibrian is also the first to admit that Jimmy has been a lousy ex-husband and father. "He was very immature, he had a gambling problem, he didn't really know what responsibility was as far as taking care of his kid," he says. But fans are wondering if Ji read more

Meet Mrs. Ed

Forgive Julie Bowen if she sounds cocky, but she knew she was a shoo-in for the female lead in NBC's new fall dramedy Ed the moment she auditioned.

"Usually I leave an audition and I go, 'Yeah, I got it,' or 'I didn't and I don't care,'" she tells TV Guide Online. "[But] I left this audition and called my manager and said 'If I don't get this there's something wrong.'"

Well, turns out Ed producers Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman agreed. But Bowen admits that the chemistry with her leading man, Providence's Tom Cavanagh, was such that the audition was a breeze.

"It sounds so cheesy, but when I met Tom it was really a magical moment," she says. "It was a room full of strangers and I didn't even know which one was the actor. I looked at him and I thought this is good. This is really good because we had instant chemistry."

In Ed, which will air Sundays (8-9 pm/ET), an affable attorney (Cavanagh) loses his job and fin read more

Sex for Men

Gabriel Byrne believes that his upcoming ABC sitcom, Madigan Men, will be the male equivalent of HBO's Sex and the City ? but with less exposed flesh. "From my experience, I'd never seen a series that dealt with the secret emotional lives of men," the Irish actor says. "You don't get to hear what they're thinking."

Inspired by the candor of Sex and the City and, ironically, women's magazines, Byrne wanted to do a show that "projected the way [I] felt about the world." The charismatic 50-year-old says that Madigan Men is an attempt to explore men's feelings about sex and relationships. "In the magazines I saw," he explains, "I just wondered where do men go to discuss these things and that's what led to the idea."

Like Byrne, who has two children with ex-wife Ellen Barkin (he calls their split "amicable"), his character, Benjamin Madigan, is a single dad slowly adapting to New York City's dating scene. "Like everybody else in t read more

Bullock's Dating Rules

After failed relationships with Matthew McConaughey and Tate Donovan, Sandra Bullock says she's through with dating her co-stars.

"You're thrown into a situation where you have to create this artificial intimacy with the guy you're co-starring with," the 28 Days star tells McCall's. "It's unnatural because you spend more time with this person than you would with your significant other. In the beginning you think, 'Oh, he's so sweet and attentive.' Then you realize it says he has to be that way in the script."

Although McConaughey dumped her after two years, the actress has no hard feelings toward her A Time to Kill co-star. "Of course it's more fascinating to have a horrible breakup where you end up hating each other, but that's just not the case here," she claims. "We consider ourselves good friends."

Bullock is still looking for love and says she's finally feeling prepared to have children. "It's taken me a long time to be com read more

Halle's Oscar Horror

Halle Berry says one of the hardest parts of being involved in her hit-and-run car accident last February was becoming the butt of one of Billy Crystal's Oscar-night jokes.

"I was sitting there crying, like, they're making a joke and this is my life and I didn't do it," the X-Men star tells InStyle. "The next day I talked to Warren [Beatty]. He and I have stayed really good friends since Bulworth. I said, 'Did you hear that terrible thing he said about me last night? And he goes, 'I was there, yeah, I heard it.' And I say, 'That was awful, wasn't it?' And he says, 'No, Halle, all that means is you're famous. Get over it.' "

Berry may be regaining her sense of humor, but she's still troubled by her collision with motorist Heta Raythatha. After sustaining a head injury, the actress drove from the accident site to her home without alerting the police or assisting Raythatha. "There has been a lot of guilt. You thi read more

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