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The Mists of Avalon: For Girls Only?

Don't call TNT's The Mists of Avalon a chick flick in front of Anjelica Huston. The 50-year-old Oscar winner — who plays high priestess Viviane in the epic miniseries (airing July 15 and July 16, 8 pm/ET) — insists that the two-part female-slanted retelling of the Arthurian legend has "a lot of men, a lot of swords and a lot of sword battles."

Huston goes on to argue that "the men feature pretty strongly in this, so I wouldn't classify it as something that was entirely driven by women." Still, she does concede that the lavish, $20 million production — based on Marion Zimmer Bradley's novel — does put women "in the front seat rather than the back seat for once."

Like co-stars Julianna Margulies and Joan Allen, Huston read more

Fisticuffs on Uma's Film

Did co-stars Nick Nolte and Jeremy Northam have a physical altercation while filming the Merchant Ivory adaptation of Henry James's The Golden Bowl? As director James Ivory tells TV Guide Online: "Somebody came up to me in Cannes or somewhere and said that they had heard that Nick Nolte had beaten up Jeremy, and I said that that was not true. The story was completely twisted around — Nick hadn't even come to [the set] yet."

Bowl stars Uma Thurman and Kate Beckinsale as two friends in love with an Italian prince, played by Northam. And to Ivory's surprise, a setside scuffle did occur between Northam and Beckinsale's husband, Michael Sheen. The fight, he recalls, started over "something so silly. Everyone was raving at the end of it. I was trying to calm people down."

According to Ivory, Beckinsale told Northam that he would have to walk faster in one scene to keep him from stepping on her gown's train. "Th read more

Uma Thurman: The Next Scarlett O'Hara?

Who did Uma Thurman think she was to say no to Ismail Merchant and James Ivory — the filmmaking team behind such cinematic classics as A Room with a View and Howard's End? Well, fellow thesp Natasha Richardson was curious about that herself after learning that her good buddy turned down the lead in the Merchant Ivory adaptation of Henry James's novel The Golden Bowl.

As Thurman recalls, the duo were commiserating about the lack of compelling movie roles when Richardson reminded her, "'Wait a second, Uma, weren't you offered The Golden Bowl? Well, shut up!'"

Thanks in part to Richardson's ribbing, Thurman signed on despite reservations about her character — an American expatriate who has an affair with her son-in-law (Jeremy Northam). "I just didn't quite understand [her] initially," the Oscar-nominated actress tells TV Guide Online. "And as I thought about it more... I suddenly realized that h read more

Love and War on Dundee Set

Survivor's Alicia and Kimmi and Colby and Keith weren't the first twosomes to do battle Down Under. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles heroine Linda Kozlowski reveals that she and co-star-slash-husband Paul Hogan clashed when they initially met prior to filming 1986's Crocodile Dundee.

Kozlowski — who has played journalist Sue Charlton in all three Dundee movies — tells TV Guide Online that she found Hogan "very chilly and unfriendly" at the film's read-through in Australia. "Afterwards, he left and I went to the producer and I said 'Can I talk to you for a minute? The leading man, Paul Hogan... he's not really friendly.'"

Kozlowski would eventually see the error of her ways — "[Paul's] a little shy in real life" — but it was too late. "I think he was reprimanded," she recalls, adding that Hogan eventually reaped his revenge. "He said [to himself], 'I'll show you — I'll marry you!'" read more

Paul Hogan's No Crocodile Hunter

Paul Hogan — who returns to the big screen today with Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles — doesn't mind being mistaken for his Aussie alter ego, Mick Dundee. However, you may want to think twice before confusing him with another Outback adventurer, Crocodile Hunter's Steve Irwin.

"That's another guy... that nut on television," Hogan insists with a laugh. "They roll around all day with crocodiles. Get a life, guys. Crocodile Dundee is about people; it's 10 seconds about crocodiles."

But Hogan, who also co-stars with a skunk, chimpanzee and pig in the third installment of the Dundee series, confesses that it's frequently easier to act opposite animals and kids than adults. "There are quite a few actors in the business who are much more difficult than kids or monkeys," he reveals. "Animals and kids don't run off to the trailer and slam the door and refuse to come out because they're an Aquarius or something."

Hogan a read more

In the Company of Gwyneth

Before Aaron Eckhart landed his breakout role as a scheming misogynist in 1997's In the Company of Men, he went four lean years without an acting gig. "If anybody tells me it's easy to be on a soap, I'll have to fight him," he says. "Because I couldn't get a soap, couldn't get a TV show, couldn't do anything."

Luckily, Eckhart caught a break from Men director Neil LaBute, an old college buddy from his days at Brigham Young University. But when the then-struggling actor excitedly shared news of being cast in the indie, he took offense at his agent's condescending reaction. Laughs Eckhart: "He said, 'That would be a nice exercise. Why don't you go down there and do it.' So I fired my agent. And ever since then, my life has been insane."

But in a good way, of course. A major coup for Eckhart was playing Julia Roberts's grease monkey beau in Erin Brockovich — a film whose box office chances he now admits having had his doubt read more

Job Star Deciphers Girl Code

Former Loveline co-host Diane Farr knows what women want. And in her first book, The Girl Code (Little Brown, $14.95), the actress demystifies dating and doles out advice to lovelorn ladies. But Farr, who co-stars on Roswell and Denis Leary's new ABC police dramedy The Job, is quick to point out that her book is nothing like The Rules.

"I think it's really demeaning to insinuate that a woman has to trick a man into spending his life with her," Farr tells TV Guide Online. "We certainly don't have to trick anybody into our company." Instead, she says The Girl Code is meant as a "homage to friendship. It's revering girl-girl relationships which we don't spend that much time on."

Sharing anecdotes with her girlfriends and managing bars before her acting career took off helped Farr compile a list of dating do's and don'ts over the years. Besides flat-out lying about yourself on a date, she says, "Another really bad trap t read more

Nothing Funny About Myers's Childhood

Austin Powers star Mike Myers reveals that his two older brothers treated him like "a virtual punching bag" for most of his young life.

"I got peed on a lot and farted on. They'd make me drink Mountain Dew, but they'd actually wizzed in it," he tells host James Lipton during a special two-hour episode of Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio (airing Jan. 14 at 8 pm/ET). Myers then joked that he still is forced to down his brothers' toxic concoctions: "Just last Christmas, in fact."

The Toronto native admits that although he "was never considered funny in [his] house," he started acting when he was eight years old. "I did about 18 TV commercials," he remembers. "Gilda Radner played my mother in one of them. I fell in love with her and I cried at the end of [the commercial shoot] and my brothers called me 'Sucky Baby.' Then I was basically pickled in their urine. It's a long story.

"It's in my book," he adds in jest. "Why I Kill. It's read more

Dennis Franz: The Naked Truth

Dennis Franz says that he remains extremely grateful to his former NYPD Blue leading lady Sharon Lawrence for distracting viewers from his nude body in their now-infamous shower scene.

"I never thought at my age, and the way I look, that I would be asked to do that kind of a thing," Franz reveals in a Lifetime Intimate Portrait on Sharon Lawrence (premiering Monday, 7 pm/ET). "Thankfully, Sharon agreed to step in the shower with me and save and redeem that scene somehow. I knew the camera wasn't just staring at my butt, and her butt could share the camera with mine."

Lawrence's character, Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Costas, was killed off in NYPD Blue's 1999 season finale, and Franz admits that the ABC drama has just not been the same without her. "I think how great the storylines would be if she was around," he sighs.

Lawrence, who has since starred in the short-lived CBS read more

Two Guys's Girl Reveals Carrey Crush

Two Guys and a Girl star Traylor Howard reveals that she briefly pictured herself dating Jim Carrey. But the actress — who appeared opposite the Grinch star in last summer's comedy disappointment Me, Myself & Irene — says that someone else planted the romance bug in her ear.

"Before I did the movie, my friend said he could see me and Jim going out," Howard tells the TV Guide Channel. "I'm like, 'Yeah, maybe.' [But] then there was [his Irene leading lady] Renee [Zellweger], so apparently that worked. Nothing for me."

Howard still managed to get some action with the $20 million-a-movie man. In the film, the two share a kiss. And when the cameras weren't rolling, Howard — who admits she came into the film thinking Carrey would be "really out there" — says the actor was funny, professional, yet sligh read more

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