Aldis Hodge

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Offers Sneak Peek at Finale

Aldis Hodge, Leverage

So it's finally here — the summer season finale of Leverage and please believe we go out with a bang!

The team takes down a scheming investor who went to the "Bernie Madoff school of finance." He makes a living ripping off... read more

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Previews "The Rashomon Job"

Aldis Hodge

Hello, hackers grifters and thieves. You all got a great episode last week as the team got their hands dirty playing in the mines.

This week, the team does not fail to deliver once again. This episode is a fun treat for those of you who've ever played with the idea of the team having a past connection. They find out they do, and it's an all-out, Clue-style "who-dun-it" series of stories to see which one of us got the better of the group when it comes to stealing the Dagger of Aqu Abi five years ago.

See if you can figure it out before the show's end and post your answer on Leverage's Facebook page!

John Rogers outdid himself with this script... read more

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Previews John Schneider's Guest Appearance

Aldis Hodge

This week's episode of Leverage is nothing but a fun ride, guest-starring "Mr. Dukes of Hazzard" himself, John Schneider. He comes in to play a mean, greasy record company CEO stealing people's dreams, when in real life he couldn't be farther from that. He was such a great guy to have on the set and off, as he ran around the city of Portland with the lot of us. He came with such professionalism and spirit.... read more

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Previews "The Double Blind Job"

Aldis Hodge

Hey, TV Guide. Leverage is back with another heater for you guys.

In this week's episode, "The Double Blind Job", the Leverage team works against... read more

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Offers Sneak Peek at New Episodes

Aldis Hodge

Hey everyone. This is Aldis Hodge, aka Hardison, and as you know, Leverage is definitely back in action on our new night, Sundays at 9/8c on TNT. And then we give you another episode at 10/9c.

Last week, we gave you double... read more

Leverage's Aldis Hodge Previews Jeri Ryan's Guest Appearance

Hey everybody.  I hope you all enjoyed this week's episode.  That was actually the second episode we shot, and I remember thinking most of the time, "Am I back to being the same old Hardison?" It's tough trying to get back the old rhythm sometimes, because we move at such a fast pace that we don't really get to see playback until ... well, until the episode airs. We get it when y'all do, but we have such a great time rocking them out that we just kind of go with the flow. 

We're more than ... read more

Aldis Hodge, Leverage: "Christian + Fighting + Shirtless"

First off, to the fans, thank you all so much for tuning in on premiere night. You guys came back, and you came back strong. Everyone at Leverage is so grateful for your support. We're so happy that we are still celebrating.

Now, on to the next ep. Ladies, get ready, because this one's for you. I'll just say this: "Christian + fighting + shirtless." Let your imagination take it from there. Fellas, you're not left out either — there are a lot of ... read more

Aldis Hodge, Leverage: "The Cons Are More Insane!"

Aldis Hodge, Leverage

What's happening, people? This is Aldis Hodge, but you probably know me better as Hardison, your neighborhood tech thief.

The whole Leverage cast is so happy and excited to get to another season. So far, we've shot half of it, and I can already tell you that you're in for an even crazier ride. The cons are ... read more

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