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Ay, Papi!

Episode Recap: "Betty's Wait Problem"I didn't think that the gunshot we heard would be directed at Ignacio. Hector, the son of Rosa's first husband (whom Ignacio didn't murder, it turns out) listened to what Ignacio had to say. Loved the comedic twist of Ramiro's vengeance: He missed his wife, yes, but missed his cook's (Ignacio's) flan as well. Looks like Wilhelmina made good on her promise to Betty.But she did keep lying, this time by grooming Alexis to be her new puppet/BFF. With an elaborate photo album replete with photo-shopped images of the twosome partaking in fashion week, marching for gay rights and... square dancing (Marc had to leave his mark), she convinced Alexis of their bosom-buddy relationship and then swooped in for the kill. She told her that Claire left Bradford, and that he was engaged to her. The "tramnesiac" (so said Marc) gave her blessing to move forward with the wedding. Too bad Claire didn't get to Bradford in time at the masked Black and White Ball. But I... read more

Let the Games Begin!

Bree felt her identity hinged on a pie recipe. Marcia Cross by Ron Tom/ABC

Episode Recap: "Smiles of a Summer Night" We all saw it coming: Tonight Katherine began to maneuver for Bree's title of No. 1 homemaker. While the two of them battled over who was the social coordinator, who made the best pie, and who could better feign perfection and hide behind those icy white smiles, it became clear that there is one major difference between them: Bree ultimately seeks approval and friendship with her neighbors; Katherine obviously has no qualms about making enemies. Just as I was thinking that that could make it difficult for Katherine to keep her imperfect past from her neighbors, Bree was privy to a fight in the Mayfairs' home. Thanks to some not-so-innocuous small talk with Mrs. McCluskey and some courage from Julie, Dylan began asking her mom about her father and her past. Adam and Katherine resolved to come up with "better lies," but the truth is bound to come out eventually, especially now that Bree is involved. Loved that Katherine had a giant lock on her... read more

BATG's "Old Married Couple" Are Split Up

Hollie and Josh, Beauty and the Geek

Josh Bishop and Hollie Winnard, nicknamed the "old married couple" by the other teams on this season's Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW), were forced to leave the mansion last Tuesday despite a near-flawless performance in the elimination room. In talking with the pair, you'd never know they now live very different lives on opposite coasts. listened in as they laughed, finished each other's sentences, and discussed topics as varied as the scandalous guy-beauty/girl-beauty romance, Betty Boop and back hair. I was sad to see you two go. It was strange that the week before, Tony and Amanda were nominated for not really trying. Then they nominate you, who were taking it seriously and studying hard.
Hollie Winnard: It was a shocker to everybody. Other people were forming cliques, but me and Josh were the ones who brought everyone together.
Josh Bishop: read more

Secrets & Lies

Episode Recap: "Family Affair"It appears that in addition to Alexis not remembering her new body (and getting to know it by — here's a PG description — giving herself breast exams, then a hilarious thumbs-up to Daniel), she also doesn't remember the last two years, which include, let's see, Fey's death, her mother being jailed for murder, her father's affair with Fey being revealed, her father divorcing her mother and getting engaged to Wilhelmina, her heated competition with Daniel over "Mode," Daniel's drug habit, etc. Bradford decided against telling Alexis that he'd disowned her over the sex change or that he'd divorced her mother, let alone that he was planning to marry Wilhelmina. I think the new warm and innocent Alexis is rather creepy; she seems to have lost the assertiveness and spunk she used to have. But we'll see how long that lasts.Back at "Mode," Amanda's discovery that Fey was her mother has gone from affecting her assets to (she had hoped) her monetary ass... read more

Lynette's Secret Revealed

Lynette shared news of her illness with Susan and the other housewives. Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman by Ron Tom/ABC

Episode Recap: "Now You Know" Though Bree's secret is still under wraps (literally), Lynette couldn't hide hers any longer. I don't blame her at all for playing the "cancer card" (as her mother said) in order to tell off that witchy school mom. The whole time, I was aching for Lynette to rip off her wig — and I got my wish! Cancer definitely trumps Miss "Migraine Since '87." But imagine Lynette's pain and humiliation at having to break it to her friends in that way, and admit her vulnerability. So the four housewives made a "no more secrets" pact with each other — while several ginormous secrets remain. First up is Bree. Even a stray pointy serving utensil stuck deep into her fake, foamy bump didn't faze her, and she and Orson remained freakishly calm and conniving, quickly thinking on their feet and making it into a joke. But from the close call, Orson discovered that Bree wants to raise Danielle's child to make up for what she deems her failure with Danielle and Andrew. ... read more

Beauty and the Geek's First Castoffs Focus on Life After TV

Tony and Amanda, Beauty and the Geek

Though Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW) is a "social experiment" and consistently fertile ground for new friendships and significant others, it is a reality competition, and that means one team has to leave each week. Season 4's first casualties, Tony Tran and Amanda Hanshaw, departed last Tuesday. The pair, both quick to defend each other, spoke to about their brief stay in the mansion and life back in the real world. Were you sad to leave the show so early?
Amanda Hanshaw
: Yeah, I definitely had more to learn.
Tony Tran:
I'm kind of disappointed with the results, but relieved that I get to finish school on time. Tony, you have a considerable number of fans out there!
I know, it was really surprising! I tried to bring the bowtie back, but I wasn't on the air long enough! Y read more

Suarez Sisters Suffer Through Heartache

Episode Recap: "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back" The premiere hour definitely answered some questions, but somehow I'm left feeling worse. So many in Betty's world, including Betty herself, are suffering physically or emotionally, or both. There wasn't a lot of humor tonight. Amanda, reeling from the news that she is Fey's daughter, has "taken a lover, and that lover has a creamy center," as Marc so aptly stated. Despite the added pounds, Marc stands by her side, accompanying her to her parents' house to confront them with the truth. As that secret of her bloodline is revealed, so too is her parents' lifestyle — they are discovered wearing ubershort robes and swinging with another couple. Next up is Amanda's quest to find her real father. There's always something happening inside or near the "Mode" elevators. This time, Amanda's identity crisis came to a boil, then Marc's look of horror at the realization that Amanda and Bradford's identical mannerisms could be genetic. Marc was ... read more

Sam Brings Shock and Awww to Beauty and the Geek

Sam, Beauty and the Geek

In the final moments of last week's Beauty and the Geek season premiere, the 18 newly paired hotties and nerds saw this year's biggest bombshell: an additional team of complete opposites in the competition — Sam, an L.A. club promoter, as the token male "beauty," and Nicole, a female "geek" graduate student at Tufts University. Host Mike Richards hinted to that their presence in the house made this BATG season like no other. (After all, when has the show ever featured a well-groomed lad who uses several tanning creams?) We spoke to the high-maintenance himbo for more details. When you were introduced to the housemates last week, you were met with utter shock.
Sam: It was not what anybody expected — I didn't even expect it. Until I walked in, I read more

Beauty Is Back — and Geekier Than Ever

Mike Richards, Beauty and the Geek

Another round of pairing the brainy pocket-protector set with the bodacious but intellectually challenged begins tonight (8 pm/ET, CW). And though it still offers up lessons in self-confidence and not judging a book by its cover, Beauty and the Geek's "social experiment" has some added surprises in its fourth season. Host Mike Richards talked to about this season's twists — including casting assistance from last year's lovebirds Nate and Jennylee, who appear in tonight's two-hour opener — and some of the show's funniest-ever moments. I hear you roam the country with Nate and Jennylee looking for contestants in tonight's episode. Does that mean they're still an item?
Mike Richards: They got along great, but there's no romance there. They're “just friends.”

TVGuid read more

May 16, 2007: America's Next Bilingual Model

It was a close contest among the final three competitors in this eighth cycle, because no one seemed to have the whole package this show requires: tall, young and (basically) skeletal for haute couture and runway; fresh, healthy and commercial for CoverGirl; and eloquent and spunky as a spokeswoman for TV commercials.Going into the final laps, Jaslene had the edgy visage, pencil frame and strong jaw that helped her with runways and go-sees. But she'd have to brush up on her speech and curb the drag queen look for the mass-market CoverGirl. Quick-study Natasha, ever positive and ever learning, had the lips and cheekbones for close-up beauty shots, but of course the ad-libbing and tongue-twisting lines were a huge obstacle.As for Renee, the first two challenges emphasized her strengths: an easy, articulate eloquence and a natural, girl-next-door look — perfect for both the "My Life as a CoverGirl" commercial and the beauty head shot. So at that point I was thinking Renee was a gi... read more

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