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Episode Recap: "Something Wicked This Way Comes"Betty has made a lot of sacrifices, and tonight she was willing to sacrifice a real, public relationship with Henry for the approval of others, Daniel's green light in particular. Though she realized from the plagiarism debacle what a hold his opinion had on her, she still cares too deeply what he thinks of her decisions. And like the bear-attack essay, we knew Betty wouldn't get away with secretly dating Henry, especially once Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) got involved. No way was he going to let her off that easily. I found Gio's spicy snark while wedged between Daniel and Betty a nice antidote to Betty and Henry's gooey texts. Perfectly entertaining. ("You're about to hear gagging. That's me, gagging.") Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Betty and Henry are finally together — and she presumably "dunked her doughnut" after encouragement from Christina and Hilda. But Gio kept things light and interesting amid some predictable moments (like He... read more

Katherine of Arrogant's Good Deed

Will Carlos and Gaby's goodbye kiss be their last? Ricardo Antonio Chavira and Eva Longoria by Ron Tom/ABC

Episode Recap: "Art Isn't Easy"Blackmail is what Wisteria Lane does best — that, and having affairs. So Bob and Lee should fit in nicely. At first, I thought the fountain-art incident was merely a comical plot device to get the veteran neighbors buzzing about the new ones. But its jarring presence next to neatly groomed gardens and white picket fences set in motion several more interesting developments. Lynette realized that her children escape to their tree house for a worry-less world where no one talks about cancer and white blood cells (and where, evidently, Tom's daughter is playing nice these days). Katherine's controlling nature and prim sensibilities were threatened by the new sculpture, so she ran for homeowners' association president to get the fountain removed, making still more enemies in the process. (She's been so mean and evil from the start, I didn't think that was even possible.) Lynette's passion for her family, her competitive streak and a dose of guilt led h... read more

BATG's Blond Ambitions Thwarted by Brunette Nemeses

Jesse and Erin, Beauty and the Geek

Last week's team challenge on Beauty and the Geek (8 pm/ET, CW) seemed at first like seventh heaven for the comic-loving geeks, with a trip to Comic-Con and the task of creating their own superheroes. The catch: It was the beauties who invented the superhero (complete with backstory and arch enemy); the geeks were stuck sewing their teammates' costumes. Unfortunately, Jesse Yeary and Erin Schneider — who are sporting matching platinum hair colors since Jesse's makeover — were strategically sent to the elimination room by current power couple Sam and Nicole, and lost by one question. Erin, it seemed like you were the beauty who enjoyed Comic-Con the most.
Erin Schneider: At first I didn't understand comics, they kind of bored me. But then I saw that they were very creative, and I'm an artsy-craftsy person. Do you think you'll start buyin read more

Geek Love Blossoms Again

Episode Recap: "A League of Their Own"Henry + Betty = Love. So, what do you think? I know many of you, like me, adore the adorkable Henry, and think he and Betty are perfect for each other. But others have commented that Betty needs someone like Gio, a guy who will challenge her and bring some spice into her life (and who doesn't have a child by another woman, at least as far as we know, to complicate matters). You have a point, too. According to the promo for next week, it looks like the renewed relationship won't be all roses. But honestly, I don't know that Betty would have survived (or understood) the ways of online dating, starting with the importance of watching your spelling. At the Pinz bowling alley, once Niceguy47 made a remark about her photo and kept glancing at his watch, we all knew he'd bail. Oh, Betty, so blissfully ignorant to the New York dating scene! But our Henry was there, watching out for her — or jealously stalking her. Their just-friends mantra failed m... read more

Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius Meets the Werewolf

Eric Mabius, Nature of the Beast

As part of ABC Family's "13 Nights of Halloween" campaign, Eric Mabius (aka Ugly Betty's editor in chief of "Mode" magazine, Daniel) plays a charming college teacher who takes a hair-raising turn during the full moon in the cabler's Nature of the Beast. The original TV-movie, which encores tonight at 8 pm/ET, also features other familiar TV stars, including Eddie Kaye Thomas ('Til Death) and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.). Mabius took a break from memorizing his lines to talk with about his penchant for read more

Bombshells in the 'Burbs

Rex's mother Phyllis caused trouble for Bree. Marcia Cross and Shirley Knight by Danny Feld/ABC

Episode Recap: "If There's Anything I Can't Stand"The biggest news of the episode was not the arrival of Bob and Lee — life partners (no, Susan, not business partners) who moved into the Applewhites' home. No, it was the deepening Mayfair mystery. Aunt Lily wasn't long for this world once she moved back in with them. We witnessed Katherine's quickly dissolved bedside manner when Aunt Lily expressed a deep desire to tell Dylan what "happened in this room." So, it appears Aunt Lily conspired with Katherine Mayfair to do something in that bedroom (with the gash in the wood floor) that at her life's end she deemed a mistake that shouldn't have been covered up and kept from Dylan. Sadly, Lily didn't get the chance to tell Dylan why she doesn't remember living on Wisteria Lane — or did she? Lily's final desperate act was great drama (and Bach helped): In her final wheezing moments, she scribbled something on a piece of paper at her bedside, folded it several times, and as she to... read more

Made Up But Moved Out: BATG Sends Katie and Luke Home

Luke and Katie, Beauty and the Geek

After losing against Sam and Nicole in the elimination room, Katie Roberson and Luke Neyer bid emotional goodbyes to their housemates. Still, the twosome left on a high note: Their final days on Beauty and the Geek (8 pm/ET on the CW) included their favorite moments — the geek makeovers and a prom. got the scoop. It was said that you two were nominated because you'd become smarter and more social. Do you think that you had learned everything you could in the house?
Katie Roberson:
 Oh, god no, every day you learned something new. But I do think that there were people who needed to be there more than us.
Luke Neyer:
I'm a really fast learner, so I picked things up really quickly. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't have learned more being there longer. I just tried to make the most out of [the experience] while I was there.

TVGu read more

I Heart Ugly Wanda!

Episode Recap: "Grin and Bear It"Wilhemina was in her full glory tonight. My favorite scenes were Pretty Willie (as Meade Publications' cochair) being introduced to some of the company's other publishing treasures, and Ugly Wanda weaving us through her evening at Studio 54 as Fey's mousey assistant, spying on her boss entwined with Amanda's mystery dad with the Tweety Bird tattoo on his ass. Priceless!Speaking of spies, Syd's double-agent dad on Alias is now torturing the wounded artistes in Betty's writing class. His brand of teaching involves nick-naming Betty "Clappy" and/or "Crappy" and encouraging them to attempt suicide or start a knife fight — whatever gives them something to write about. I love Victor Garber; I hope we see more of him!No wonder the usually self-assured Betty lost her nerve during class and claimed the bear-victim story was hers. The poor girl can't get away with anything! Soon she found herself Prof. Barrett's teacher's pet, then at the "New York Review... read more

Keeping Up Appearances

Gaby was extra neighborly with Adam to make Carlos jealous. Eva Longoria and Nathan Fillion by Ron Tom/ABC

Episode Recap: "The Game"Does no one on Wisteria Lane ever learn that playing games to hide the truth can only succeed for so long? Eventually the secrets and lies come to the fore. But to their credit, the neighbors all did a fine job of keeping up the act tonight. Charades was just one among many games that were played at Susan and Mike's home.We still didn't get much further in the Mayfair mystery. What we do know is that Dylan's real dad didn't do what Mom Mayfair told everyone: "the worst thing a father can do to his daughter." That was just another lie made up to keep them quiet in the future.Edie flaunted her engagement to bug both Carlos and Gaby, courtesy of a ring she bought herself (she should have used Carlos' money from that offshore account). She also befriended Katherine, assuring her that when Katherine caught Adam and Gaby flirting, it was the latter she should worry about. Before the night was over, Katherine spilled Gaby's sordid history with Wisteria Lane's most ... read more

BATG's Ultimate Revenge of the Geek

Rebecca Nichols and Will Frank, Beauty and the Geek

When competitors deemed Rebecca Nichols' canoodling with the season's male beauty, Sam, as rude and uncomfortable and perceived her teammate Will Frank an arrogant "King Geek," the peasants of the manor on Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays, 8 pm, the CW) planned a revolt. To everyone's surprise, Nicole, the musicology geek, played them like a fiddle. When the pair spoke with, they were eager to explain themselves and apologize profusely. You were a strong team and won several challenges, but you two made a lot of enemies, too, from nominating other teams for elimination. Do you think that was ultimately what led to your downfall?
Will Frank:
Absolutely. Choosing people to go to the elimination room was the part of the game that was so difficult.
Rebecca Nichols: You got enemies [from that] no matter what. Do you regret nominating Jesse and read more

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