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Inside Desperate Housewives: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Joy Lauren, Desperate Housewives

In the last four years, Joy Lauren has had to contend with her mother's neuroses and alcoholism, her father's murder by poisoning, her manipulative brother's hit-and-run, a new stepdad with secrets of his own, a foolhardy decision to run away with a murderous neighborhood boy, an affair with her high-school history teacher and, most recently, teen pregnancy — courtesy of someone else's boyfriend. Truth be told, that's the life led by "little Miss Van de Tramp" aka Danielle, the daughter of Marcia Cross' Bree Hodge on Desperate Housewives (Sundays, 9 pm/ET, ABC). When the real Joy Lauren spoke to about her two divergent lives, she was a sensible and courteous 18-year-old, clearly saving the adolescent dramatics for the screen. I've really enjoyed watching you play a pregnant teenager and seeing read more

Project Runway's First Castoff Takes Off on Her Own

Simone Leblanc, Project Runway

By the time Simone Leblanc — the first of 15 contestants auf'd from the fourth season of Bravo's sew-business reality hit — had spoken to, she seemed even-keeled about her brief stint on Project Runway (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET). (Having now launched her own collection probably helped put such sudden rejection behind her.) The Los Angeles-based designer, with an affinity for organic and surplus fabrics, shared her well-adjusted perspective. It's disappointing that you were the first one to go, but was it a positive experience overall?
Simone Leblanc: It was positive in the sense that it was very unique and challenging. It was a growth opportunity. So you're glad that you did it?
I am. But I would not do it again [Laughs]. Did you feel overwhelmed?
Simone: There read more

"I See Me, I.C.U."

Daniel and Claire were able to see a sensitive, loving father and husband tonight in Bradford Meade. Even though Daniel couldn't say those three big words, his father — in a flash of insight into the son who cares so deeply about family — perceived that that was what he was thinking. Too bad Daniel didn't hear him say that he loved him. And I'm so glad Claire and Bradford had a quiet tender moment to reflect on their 35-year marriage and love. But these poignant moments made his passing all the more jarring, as evidenced by Claire silently being transported to Rikers and Daniel, Alex (and Betty) staring off blankly in his former hospital room.At least Bradford discovered Willie's affair before agreeing to the bedside matrimony — although I'd have been tempted to be married by the online-ordained (Rev.?) St. James, with marital melody emanating from his cell phone. And thankfully we didn't have to wait very long for Daniel to discover the reason of Betty's "betrayal." ... read more

Beauty and the Geek Success Story Sent Home

Shalandra and Joshua, Beauty and the Geek

Few would argue that Joshua Green and Shalandra (Shay) Cham were the team that changed the most during their tenure in the Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, The CW) mansion. Though often exasperated and dumbfounded by her teammate, Shay helped introduce Joshua to a world of women, working out, self-tanner (at the beach, he staunchly remained fully clothed), gift baskets and bartending. Meanwhile, Shay overcame two of her biggest fears: spiders... and math. Having earned the two lowest test scores among all the contestants on Day 1, it was really risky for you two to team up. Were you happy with that decision?
Shay: I don't think Joshua wanted to at first, but I was like, "Dude, I'm going be your partner, that's it! We're underdogs!"
Joshua: We thought that way we wouldn't be a threat and would last a long time, which is essentially what happened.

TVGuide. read more

Let's Talk Ugly Betty! Bradford + Wilhelmina = ??

What will happen between Wilhelmina and Bradford after last week's health crisis in the middle of their nuptials? Will Bradford learn the truth behind the wedding? What's Claire's latest scheme? Will we learn more about Christina and her ex husband's relationship — not to mention see more cutie canoodling between Marc and Cliff? What's going on with Betty and Henry, and Gio? So many couple cliff-hangers! Check back here after the episode for the full recap! read more

"You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover"

Dylan and Katherine briefly explored family genealogy. Lyndsy Fonseca and Dana Delany by Ron Tom/ABC

For those of us (I include myself) who often bemoan the ditzy, clutzy storylines consistently given to Susan (Teri Hatcher), tonight's episode was certainly a departure. Last week we saw a single brief glimpse of Mike taking some medication, on the sly. Tonight Bree discovered, and alerted Susan, that Mike was taking a "highly addictive narcotic." Feel free to disagree (seems Hatcher's acting ability is a divisive issue), but I really do think she can act, and the writers' constant use of her character as bimbo comic relief was/is a shame. In fact, I think she can play dark, dramatic and sinister better than Mike (James Denton). But it's Mike who has the drug problem, whether it's an addiction to painkillers or something worse. Susan assured him that he shouldn't feel pressure to overwork and provide an upscale suburban lifestyle for their child, but should focus on being a healthy father. And though she believed him when he shoved the pills down the drain, the episode's last moment... read more

Ebony and Ivory

Episode Recap: "A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding"As far as dramedy nuptials go, this one was heavier on the drama than the comedy, more so than I expected. When Hilda told Papi that Betty had done more for him than he realized, and Daniel spied Wilhelmina's bodyguard (Rick Fox) leaving her hotel room, suddenly the context behind the image of Betty racing down the church aisle (that I'd seen ad nauseum in promos) was fully realized. I knew then that Ignacio would discover the source of his citizenship, Betty would run to Daniel to confess so that Daniel could warn his father and attempt to save the Meade family and publishing empire.But I didn't expect Daniel's reaction to be so harsh; he didn't even listen to Betty explain why she'd held the truth from him for four months. Angered by her betrayal, Daniel claimed he couldn't trust her again. Of course that's the last thing approval-hungry Betty wanted to hear from him. No wait, it was what he said next: You're fired.And I have to say as... read more

Beauty and the Geek's Latest Twist Takes Its Toll

Natalie and John, Beauty and the Geek

It's been a season of new twists and turns on Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET on the CW), and the game changed once again last week. First, the five remaining teams were rewarded with a spontaneous trip to Cancun, Mexico. Though the tequila was free-flowing, it wasn't all a fiesta: The two challenge-winning teams were permitted to eliminate a single team, without the standard elimination-room quiz-off. With no chance to retain their place in the game, John Gardner and Natalie Reeves were voted off the island. Though these two couldn't be more different in their real-world pursuits, they served up a united, fiercely competitive front on the show. Were you shocked that you were the ones chosen to go home?
Natalie Reeves: I knew Sam would always choose John and I if we were up, and without an elimination [competition], this was the best way to get rid of us.
Joh read more

"The List"

Hello again faithful fans! Joshua Green here, reporting for the most revamped show of the fall!The momentum that began with "The Education of Jaime Sommers" continues with the focus on Michelle Ryan's Jaime Sommers and her CIA pseudo boyfriend covertly known as Tom. Their chemistry continues to shine and prompts me to think that Jordan Bridges as Tom will soon become a series regular. Jordan's comedic chops help him stand out among the cast and allows the show to be almost — gasp — fun!I groaned when there was yet another dull training session between Jaime and Jae Kim. Granted, I usually whimper whenever Will Yun Lee is on the screen, but I absolutely detest these mundane training sequences. What have they actually accomplished? Jaime has been able to control her bionics solely because of her calm and self-control. Nevertheless, the training continues with tonight's episode but also serves for the reintroduction of Tom. All of a sudden this scene has a purpose... read more

Tricks and Treats

It's Aliiive! Dr. Mayfair delivered Danielle's baby during the neighborhood Halloween bash. Nathan Fillion by Ron Tom/ABC

Episode Recap: "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared"Everyone has moments of sensitivity, regardless of how mischievous and manipulative they may be. As hilarious and mean (but perfect) as Danielle's imitation of her mother was — in appearance, cadence and affinity for coasters and "our lord" — I was happy to see sweet moments between mother and daughter. Bree was cognizant of the strong maternal emotions Danielle experienced and gave her the chance to hold her newborn, and to change her mind. Danielle too put aside the bitterness toward her mother and knew (for now) that her baby boy would be in better hands with the Hodges. Great acting by both Joy Lauren and Marcia Cross and the writers deserve credit for a great balance of comedy and drama — what with Danielle's dressing like her mother, her water breaking at the Halloween party on Bob's rug, a (super speedy) delivery overseen by Frankenstein, and giving Lynette's kids a real Halloween fright. I much prefer the mother/daug... read more

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