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Project Runway Castoff Shares His "Life-changing Experience"

Steven, Project Runway

Poor Steven Rosengard. The challenge given to the contestants on last week's Project Runway (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET on Bravo) turned into his personal mission impossible when tasked with overhauling a woman's bridal gown, or — in his words — "10 yards of white polyester sequined satin, beaded and covered in acetate lace." Meanwhile, Jack and Chris (yes, as in last week's castoff!) had difficult situations of their own, with Jack bowing out due to a staph infection and Chris brought back to the show mid-challenge and forced to pull an all-nighter. It all proved to be too much for Steven, but he rang up to tell us he has no regrets. Wow, that was a very dramatic episode on Wednesday — there was so much going on.
Steven Rosengard:
There certainly was! Let's talk about you and the challenge first. You said when read more

Though Auf'd from Runway, Chris Finds the Perfect Fit

Chris March, Project Runway

Despite a brief tenure on Project Runway (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET on Bravo), Chris March had already amassed a respectable fan base among viewers and the blogosphere. It's not surprising, given March had such a pleasant, even-keel presence on the show and brought one of the more unusual fashion backgrounds to the series. spoke with the freelance costume designer (skilled at creating outrageous 10-foot wigs and dresses resembling salad) about his Runway experience, which contestant to watch out for, and where his self-taught talents are taking him next. I was surprised last night — I really thought that Ricky would go home. Was the judges' opinion of your jacket a big enough deal for you to be kicked off?
Chris March: It's always difficult to predetermine what they think of what you've made. I honestly didn't think my jacket was bad enough to be eliminated read more

'Bananas for Betty'

So… Betty and Henry are still in love. I thought for a moment they were doomed — or at least set for another rough patch. She and Henry were trying so desperately to make the most of the 17+ weeks they now have left to be together. But Gio's still in her world, and the more time she spends around either of them…. She likes what she sees in Henry but… there's something about Gio that is equal parts irritating and appealing. I understand. I mean, on the one hand, so what if Henry can't fix a sink? Does Gio know about New German Cinema? And man, that is one ripped accountant. He can dance when he wants to, and according to Gio, he has the moves of a jungle cat. I knew he had that passionate, spontaneous side to him (remember the medieval restaurant?). But Gio is more spontaneous; he lightens Betty up. And though Gio took Betty's sister to the club, even a drunk Hilda read his signals correctly, when he cast that longing look toward Betty as she and Henry left the da... read more

Beauty and the Geek's Winners Take Home More Than Just the Money

Dave Olsen and Jasmine Moore, Beauty and the Geek

The CW's Beauty and the Geek has every right to declare Cycle 4 winners Jasmine Moore and Dave Olsen an exemplary model of what its "social experiment" is all about: learning patience and appreciation for the disparate worlds of tanning beds and bikinis, comic books and LARPing (live-action role-playing, that is). Dave, 28, was (he confesses) a "thoughtless, tactless and careless" teammate when first paired with 22-year-old Jasmine. But by midseason, the team set aside their differences to become a cohesive and competitive force by season's end. Viewers — having been given the ability to vote for the winners for the first time in BATG history — rewarded their transformation with $250,000 in prize money. But this down-to-earth pair hasn't let the green (or that kiss in Mexico?!) go to their heads, as evidenced in their chat with Congratulations! Are you surprised th read more

"Something's Coming"

Natural disasters create strange bedfellows — or more specifically, basement fellows. While the tornado caused two deaths tonight, it was also a catalyst for forgiveness, revelation, and new and altered friendships.I (and others who read scoop and spoilers) found out a while ago that two characters, one man and one woman, would die. And within the first few minutes of the episode, narrator Mary Alice told us that on what began as a beautiful day would end with the loss of one housewife's husband and "a friend." I had my ideas, not to mention the knowledge that John Slattery (Victor) was bound for a second season of AMC's Mad Men. Still, I found myself at moments thinking about what the show would be like if Victor had shot Carlos dead or if Tom succumbed to his cat allergy with a fatal asthma attack. My two favorite Wisteria Lane husbands (Carlos and Tom) and the Carlos/Gaby and Tom/Lynette couples would be no more.Thankfully these couples are still intact. But their homes and ... read more

Project Runway's Marion: Bested by "Clowns"

Marion Lee, Project Runway

On last week's episode of Project Runway (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET on Bravo), Marion Lee was booted back to the Lone Star State. The Parsons School of Design alumnus and Dallas-based boutique owner shared with his theories on entertaining the fashionista masses, working with Sarah Jessica Parker and who he thinks will win. I was talking with Simone last week and she mentioned how she really loved your artistic vision, so I was really disappointed that I didn't get to see much more of that.
Marion Lee: I was sad, too, that I didn't get to show everyone my vision and creative depth. What do you think happened in the challenge that put you in the bottom two?
Marion: Christian and I are very conceptual, sort of avant-garde designers, and we were both thrown into this really minimal challenge of just designing a $15 basic outfit. read more

BATG's Sparring Duo Calls Truce in Final Round

Jen and William, Beauty and the Geek

Jen Carter and William McDonald got off to a rocky start from Day 1 of Beauty and the Geek (8 pm/ET, CW). The twosome, ousted in last week's episode, made amends just days before their departure, finally learning to work together as a team and to compromise. They explained to all they'd been through — including hair loss and a lot of stress — and opined on which of the two remaining teams is more deserving of the win. Wow, it's been an interesting experience for you two. I've seen all four cycles of BATG, and I don't think I've ever seen a team argue as much.
Jen Carter: Yeah.... [Laughs]
William McDonald: Yay for record-setters! So when did things between the two of you really go bad? It seemed like it was the superhero challenge.
William: I think it was from the very first day. She foun read more

"Distant Past"

It was a juicy boys' club episode tonight, with several of the DH husbands hiding secrets and threatening blackmail for favors. The one husband with something more deadly on his mind, perhaps murder or some kind of evil vengeance, was Victor. Of course he didn't die; of course he was found and remembers everything. There's no way Gaby and Carlos were going to get away with everything, especially after stupidly wiping all the fingerprints from the boat. Geez, neither Victor nor Gaby had decent poker faces in that hospital. But for now it looks as though the cops are dropping the case, which means they won't be watching Victor's every move….As for the other guys, I loved how entwined in each other's schemes they've become. Nathan got a visit from his past, a woman from Chicago who "dropped by" when Katherine was out. Her visit gave us a peek into his possibly sordid history that Katherine occasionally alludes to. She (Sylvia) said he ruined his own life by "not telling the truth ... read more

Samantha Who?'s Melissa McCarthy Fills in the Blanks

Melissa McCarthy, Samantha Who?

Melissa McCarthy loves her job. And it's no mystery why. The veteran film and TV actress, best known for her seven-season role as Sookie on critical and cult fave Gilmore Girls, is now part of another trove of talented comedic actors on the hit ABC sitcom Samantha Who? (now airing Mondays at 9 pm/ET). McCarthy had much to tell about how Dena, the long-lost childhood friend of Christina Applegate's amnesiac, differs from the Girls gig, how the writers strike has affected the show, and what (or who) has her giggling like a silly schoolgirl. I'm really loving the show.
Melissa McCarthy: Oh, good! I am, too! I really like how childlike Samantha is, and how everyone in her life treats h read more

'Giving Up the Ghost'

Everyone imploring last week for more of Judith Light has one more thing to be thankful for today! Perhaps the best part of the episode was thanks to her presence at Bradford's funeral. When Wilhelmina appeared (with Marc close behind, stirring up PR), Claire Meade — despite her shackles — swiftly tripped her, causing her to fly six feet deep into the fresh empty grave. Then she promptly held a board members meeting (with Daniel and Alexis) calling a "motion to terminate" Wilhelmina as the creative director of Mode immediately. "Rest in peace, bitch." Nice.But you just can't keep that woman down. With some Mission Impossible III-type gadgetry, WilhelMommy derailed the latest Mode issue, due to the printer in 12 hours. Then she poached most of the staff to her "Slater" magazine, luring them via 15% raises, dental coverage and/or cosmetic surgery. The saddest result of this latest scheme was watching Amanda and Marc separate. I'm pleased that Amanda decided to remain at Mode... read more

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