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What Will Heroes' Parkman Regret for the Rest of His Life?

Greg Grunberg, Heroes

As Heroes enters its final three episodes of the season (Mondays at 9 pm/ET, NBC), the lines are (literally) being drawn for a multi-hero crossing of paths at the mysterious Coyote Sands. But will this creepy burial ground become the new Kirby Plaza?

"Everybody does come together at Coyote Sands," Greg Grunberg tells But after last week's reunion with the son he never knew he had, Grunberg's Matt Parkman will have a whole new set of priorities in the remaining episodes and beyond.

"The baby and his family is the reason Parkman is going to do something in the last episode that he may regret for the rest of his life," Grunberg says. "It's a huge story that we play out — something that only a guy who's been pushed and is desperate to save his family would ever do."

So how does the recently resurfaced Janice ... read more

Trust Me Cancelled After One Season

Monica Potter, Eric McCormack

TNT will no longer put its trust in Trust Me.

The network pulled the plug on the freshman advertising drama Friday, according to The New York Times. The show, which starred Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh
as creative executives at an ad agency, received mediocre reviews for its premiere, which drew only 3.4 million viewers and lost half the audience of its The Closer lead-in. The following week, the numbers fell to 1.9 million viewers. read more

Lunch with Jon Hamm Up for Bid on eBay

Jon Hamm

Who wants to go to a (three-martini) lunch with Don Draper?

Mad Men's Jon Hamm is up for bid on eBay, offering a lunch with the star in Los Angeles.

All the proceeds from the auction go to the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, which provides scholarships and grants to female filmmakers. Other celebs participating in the auction include Hamm's Mad Men costar John Slattery, I Love You Man'sPaul Rudd, director Kevin Smith, Castle'sNathan Fillion, Friends' David Schwimmer, and ER's Julianna Margulies.

The auctions are live now, and will remain open until April 16.

The lunch date will cost you at least $670 so far. Of course, you could always roll the dice and see if Joan Holloway will pencil you into Draper's appointment book for free.

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Liam Neeson to Clash with Ralph Fiennes

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has signed on for his first project since the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson: He'll star opposite Ralph Fiennes in Warner Bros.' remake of Clash of the Titans, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Greek-god epic — directed by Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) — features Neeson as Zeus, the king of the gods, and Fiennes as Hades, ruler of the underworld.

The two go ... read more

Trista Sutter Signs Up for Permanent Birth Control Procedure

Trista Sutter

Two children are enough for Trista Sutter.

The former Bachelorette, who gave birth to Blakesely Grace on April 3, has signed up for a permanent birth control procedure. Sutter, who is also mom to 20-month-old Max, said she and her husband, Ryan, are pleased with the size of their family unit.

"Now that we have the two healthy children we always dreamed of, Ryan and I have decided that our family is the perfect size ... read more

Britney Spears Walks Off Stage During Concert

Britney Spears

Problems with Britney Spears' Circus tour almost kept the show from going on in Vancouver, where the singer walked off stage during a sold-out concert.

Three songs into her performance Wednesday night, Spears left the stage while the GM Place audience sat in darkness for more than half an hour, according to the Vancouver Sun. A female voice told the booing crowd that the show was stopped because smoke was making everyone on stage uncomfortable, including Spears.

When the smoke cleared, Spears returned... read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 7 Revealed

This American Idol results show featured tons of performances, including those of the crowd-pumping hip-hop variety and twangy country alike. But there was also a surprise blast from the past, an un-lip-synched group number and, of course, one of our Top 8 sang for his/her life. Who did America vote into the Bottom 3? And did the judges see fit to save someone from elimination? Let's find out.

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ABC Rolls Out a Reality-Heavy Summer Schedule

The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris

ABC has rolled out its summer schedule, and aside from the glorious airing of the remaining episodes of three canceled series, the Alphabet is betting mostly on reality to beat the heat.

Among the returning reality shows are the latest installment of The Bachelorette (featuring Jillian Harris from the last cycle of The Bachelor), embarrassment-based competition shows Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show and the lovey-dovey couples competition Here Come the Newlyweds.

New this summer are... read more

Heroes' Greg Grunberg Thinks His Son Can Beat Epilepsy

Greg Grunberg

As Heroes' Matt Parkman, Greg Grunberg can control people's minds and create fantastical realities in their heads. Grunberg's son has shown in his battle to overcome epilepsy is no fantasy at all.

Grunberg's 12-year-old son, Jake, has lived with the struggles and seizures epilepsy causes, but thanks to a recent brain surgery, he is showing massive signs of improvement.

"He's doing really well," Grunberg tells "You don't try brain surgery until you've basically run out of medicine. There are so many things you try before you get to removing a piece of his brain. But they saved his life."

Grunberg says surgery became an alternative when doctors were able to pinpoint the area of the brain with the most epilepsy activity. Now, he says his son is "90 percent better" and that he is hopeful for his future. "He's living a normal life — he's not seizure-free, but he's back doing what a normal kid would do," he says. "I'd love to see Jake not have epilepsy for the majority of his life, and I think that's going to happen with what they're doing."

The actor also ... read more

Top Model Gives NYC Auditions Another Try

Tyra Banks

America's Next Top Model is coming back to New York for an open casting call — this time with a plan in place to prevent another near-riot.

The auditions will be held Saturday, April 11, according to the CW. A venue has yet to be announced. This second casting call comes almost a month after a large group of runway hopefuls — freaked out by overcrowding and a rumored bomb threat — caused a melee in which six people were injured and three arrested.

But that won't be the case this time around... read more

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