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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Remember the Titans"

Sam and Dean are charged with a monstrous task: they have to kill Zeus. Yup, that's what I typed. The brothers have to come up with a way to off Zeus. No biggie. In the end, it all becomes another lesson in what someone will do in order to save a person they love.

Gods don't have much luck on Supernatural, do they? Come to think of it, no one has much luck on this show including (or should I say especially) the Winchesters. Remember those side effects Sam exhibited at the end of the last episode? They're getting worse. He's spitting up lots of blood. And, yes, he's not telling Dean about what's happening to him.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Man's Best Friend With Benefits"

Sam and Dean head back to St. Louis, Mo. (site of Season 1's "Skin") where they have to figure out a way to help someone who already knows about what they do — the family business. In fact, this police officer once saved the hunters' lives while they worked a case together.

These days, James Frampton is also a witch...one that comes complete with a collared human/canine familiar named Portia. Any Supernatural fan knows that Dean hates witches. Turns out he's not into dogs either. This is definitely not the case for him.

After four really strong episodes ("LARP and the Real Girl", "As Time Goes By", "Everybody Hates Hitler", and "Trial and Error"), I have to admit that I couldn't quite get into this one. "Man's Best Friend with Benefits" was simply OK. I love the title but it was way light on mythology. The case didn't quite hook me. I didn't connect with the humor. Even the Sam and Dean moments couldn't save things for me. I still love Season 8 but you can't win them all.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Trial and Error"

Kevin Tran makes a significant return in "Trial and Error." After hardcore focus complete with considerable harm to his health (headaches, nose bleeds etc.), he's finally able to give the Winchesters the first big lead in their quest to close the Gates of Hell. It all results in one of the brothers passing a huge test. Mind you, this is the first of three challenges that'll need to be faced.

When the flashback portion of the season came to an end (still miss you, Purgatory scenes), I was kind of worried about what the second half of the season would bring. I had no idea where this show was headed other than the whole closing the Gates of Hell business. Then the Men of Letters story was introduced. The Winchesters got a home base of operations. Things started to open up in an encouraging way.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Everybody Hates Hitler"

Rabbis, Nazi Necromancers and a Golem, oh my.

In "Everybody Hates Hitler," Sam and Dean use their grandfather's key to open up what quickly becomes the Winchester Brothers' world headquarters. Their new digs are mighty impressive -- something straight out of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The brothers aren't there long before a seriously geeked out Sam discovers a case. The younger Winchester seems to find himself a purpose. For the first time in a long time, Sam seems content with where he is and what he's doing.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "As Time Goes By"

Sam and Dean meet their grandfather on the Winchester side. Henry makes the jump from 1958 to 2013 in order to keep something hugely important away from the powerful demon, Abbadon. How does Henry get along with his grandsons? And what do Sam and Dean learn from their relative? So much. It makes my head hurt thinking about all the knowledge that's dropped in this episode — in a good way of course.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "LARP and the Real Girl"

Sam and Dean infiltrate the world of LARPers as they work a regular monster-of-the-week case that reconnects them with Charlie from Season 7's "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo." Yes, live action role-playing is the name of the game and Supernatural went all out to bring it to life. Time for a trip to Moondoor.

Charlie isn't the only one to make a return engagement in "LARP and the Real Girl" (although it was really great to see her working with the boys once again). We were also reunited with Adorkable Dean. Emphasis on "dork." Well, emphasis on "adorable" too. I love, love, love that he's able to channel his inner geek and tap into his fun side for this case. At first, you can tell this Larping thing intrigues him but he keeps his interest on the down low. He has a rep to protect, after all. Soon, he's giving Charlie some strategy advice and when he dons that handmaiden outfit, it's all on.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Torn and Frayed"

The show's eighth winter hellatus is over. It's time for the Winchesters to make some tough decisions about their lives. Are the brothers going all in when it comes to hunting? Or are they going to continue to split their interests? Will Sam choose Amelia? Will Dean continue to be friends with Benny? So many questions.

The first Supernatural of 2013 is dark and kind of depressing, but did delve into the mythology, which is always good in my book. It has to accomplish a lot of things like deal with the troubled state of the sibling relationship. It has to weave Cas and Benny back into the action. Plus, Sam has a choice to make. It turns out Dean has to make one too. Add a worse-for-the-wear Kevin into the mix as well as an angel that gets tortured Crowley-style, and you see why I referred to this episode as kind of depressing. For the most part, all these elements are dealt with successfully.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Citizen Fang"

Is Benny a true blue vampire again? That's what Sam wants to know when a body turns up dead and Dean's Purgatory pal is the suspect. Plus, it's almost an entire episode of Sam vs. Dean. Who's right? Who's in the wrong? And how does Amelia figure into things? We find out whether she's real or simply Memorex in "Citizen Fang."

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "Hunteri Heroici"

Supernatural returns from this mini-hellatus with a bizarre but awesome case, an angel making a career change, and a series of flashbacks that further fill us in on what Sam was going through during the year Dean was stuck in Purgatory.

Oh, and I think I should mention right off the bat that there's a talking cat in "Hunteri Heroici" and it calls Cas a "dumbass." It's a hilarious moment in a very funny episode, one that features Cas deciding to be a hunter. He immediately finds a case where people are dying according to cartoon rules.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: "A Little Slice of Kevin"

Dean is having visions of Cas on the side of the road and outside of his hotel room. Is he just seeing things? Crowley's on the offense as he struggles to get someone to translate the key tablet that shows humans how to seal the gates of hell. The Trans are busy trying to figure out how to build demon bombs and stay safe. Of course, they're anything but safe in an episode that's called "A Little Slice of Kevin.

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