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"Cancun. It’s where we took our first vacation. We called it heaven."How ironic that Reaper’s season finale would have as much to do with God as the Devil. The God factor has been like the white elephant in the room all season, quickly mentioned but not legitimizing itself. And now with the demon rebellion against Satan and his supposed spawn, a whole new bag of heavenly worms has been opened up. I really thought this finale was handled well. It wasn’t one big action-packed event after another, as I initially thought would be fitting for a demon rebellion. Instead, we learned more about Sam’s mysterious origins, some about his parents’ secret, and a bit about the relationship of hell to heaven, which was previously skimmed over. For all the information packed into it, I thought this finale progressed really beautifully and very gingerly tackled all its important matters. I know “gingerly” is a strange word to use to describe this show in general, b... read more

"The Pain in the Heart"

The events that went on in this season finale were pretty surprising to me, not all in good ways. I'm very happy that there are shows on TV whose writing can still throw me for a loop, but I found myself really questioning the plausibility of many of the events, which has been happening a lot with me this season. When I can't just suspend my disbelief and I end up sitting there going, "No way, that would never happen" instead of being totally into the story, something gets lost for me.Regarding Booth's "death," it was extremely emotional to see everyone preparing for his funeral, and to see how badly Brennan was handling it. I teared up. This wasn't a scene I ever thought we'd see, even though I knew he couldn't possibly be gone. It was a superb twist that he was still alive, but after hearing the explanation about the top-secret FBI case he was working on, the whole thing just left me kind of deflated and questioning. Why would they choose to get this bad guy now? Why was Booth th... read more

"The Leak"

"Sam is the son of the devil." — TonyHoly hell. We were right.I mean, I suppose there's some chance this is all one big misunderstanding, but then how do you explain "Someone very carefully went through this [contract] and removed every page that references who Sam’s father is"? And "The kid just got the DMV demon released. When was the last time you saw the devil show mercy?" WHAT? Is it really true? Is Sam even actually under contract? Is his mom his real mom? Would the Devil actually ever harm him?Does Sam have to keep reaping? Someone needs to slap me.This episode is undoubtedly the most important of the series so far and all melted into one big dun-dun-DUN in the end. We all had our suspicions about Sam's origins, but to have it spelled out like this is something I didn't expect. And who knew Gladys would play such a pivotal role in Sam's life? The DMV demon just helped to out Sam to Tony and what are probably his new footsoldiers. These kinds of things don't seem to ... read more

"The Wannabe in the Weeds"

I have nothing witty in my repertoire to help me talk about Booth getting shot tonight by a crazed stalker, his life jeopardy, only one episode away from the season finale. It's like I'm worried, even. Logically, I don't believe they could kill off his character and just wash their hands of it, but what if we have to wait until next season to find out how he's doing? Thats what I'm really afraid of.For a show based on a forensic anthropologist who doesn't buy into psychology, tonight's episode certainly waded deep into those Freudian waters. Seeing Sweets and Brennan battle it out in a verbal Debate Of The Smartypantses was strangely educational, and dare I say Brennan seemed to have learned something from Sweets' kind of analysis despite her protestations. This ep was huge on motivations; why we do the things we do, what drives us to irrationality, how our needs come to play in our behavior. And then they put singing, oh yes, at the center of it all. Zack sang us a dirge and didn... read more

"Greg, Schmeg"

Sorry for the delay, everyone!Sometimes your first impressions of people are actually the right ones. The first time I saw Andi’s "boyfriend" Greg? Toolbox. The first time I saw Gladys? Evil. The first time I saw the Devil? Handsome. Erm, bad, bad man. The reality of first impressions on this show is that they're invalid — you never really know what you’re going to get. The Devil spins his webs in devious little ways and doesn’t ever seem to lose. It seems that as soon as Sam ever gets an inkling that the good guys might have a chance, he has to be cruelly reminded that the Devil’s the one calling the shots and, oh, yeah, he’s the man. Knowing that, I got to wondering. Should we even have hope left for Sam’s eternal soul? Or for that matter, for anyone he loves?Andi is someone Sam loves, and as we found out tonight, she still loves him too. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Greg also loves her, and the ensuing battle over Andi’s heart played ou... read more

Bones Soundtrack scoop!

That lovely song about fountains playing in the closing scene of last night's "The Verdict in the Story" Bones episode has been haunting you, I know. And like the rest of you, I've had a mighty time trying to find its author online. Well, quit yer Googling, because Fox has informed me that it's by singer Sara Lov, and it's called... wait for it... "Fountain." Not only that, but the song will be exclusively featured on the upcoming Bones soundtrack, due out this August. Finally, music to experiment on Spam to! Check out Sara Lov's other work at her official Web site and her MySpace page. read more

"The Verdict in the Story"

Sometimes you think you know a show, and then it goes and throws you for a loop. I always thought that if ever I had a reason to type those words about this show, they'd be about the science blowing my mind, and not the humanity of it all. I mean, we all like it when episodes delve a little further into the spark that keeps Brennan going, right? With this episode, I realized that spark was not quite where I thought it was hidden in her. And maybe that makes her even better for it.We all knew it was coming: Brennan's father's (Ryan O'Neal) trial for the murder of deputy FBI director Kirby. It sure took the series long enough (as it happened way back in the middle of Season 2) to get back to this storyline and create a little closure, but I suppose it's closer to reality this way. Though the man claims he was innocent, he is actually innocent only in his own terms -- defending himself and his family against a really evil man. For all intents and purposes, Max is indeed guilty of killi... read more

"Coming to Grips"

Dear God, Were you watching Reaper tonight? Because this show about the Devil is about 1,000 times more awesome than 7th Heaven ever was. Sorry.<3SandyOkay, seriously. This episode may be my most favorite ever, after the pilot. Last week's episode turned a new corner in storytelling for the show, but this week's cranked it up to 11. It even came close to making me cry. There, I said it. I'm a big baby. WHO'S WITH ME?Did I say this show is awesome? Oh, I guess I did. Well, it is.Since the start we'd all been waiting to see how the storyline with Andi was going to pan out. Some of you had hoped that Andi and Josie would join the team and hunt Demons with the guys, but that seems to have quelled once we all realized that bringing anyone else into the fold would be really dangerous for them. Sam seems to have had no choice tonight in showing Andi how deeply involved he is with the underworld after she witnessed him killing a demon, and put himself on the line to both save his own b... read more

"The Baby in the Bough"

Sometimes, I tell ya, this show acts like it really wants to be a sitcom. It wasn't rocket science that Bones' idea of mothering went from "How about some visual and auditory stimulation?" to "You don't know what they'll do with him there, we can't take him back yet, it's better here!" There’s always the funny mishap, then the true life lesson is learned. I'm not complaining. I love the comedy in this show, even when it borders on cheesy (Brennan shoving the pacifier in Booth’s mouth in the last scene?). It just makes me wonder if this crew really ain't all that different from the likes of the Cosbys. Just with dead bodies and like, science and stuff.The baby came into the picture after it was found, literally, up in the bough of a tree at the site of his mother's fatal car crash. Rock-a-bye lucky baby in the treetop. After fetching the youngster from the treetop, Bones found a mysterious key in the child's diaper bag and clumsily left it out near him and was swallowed by... read more


Plenty of shows on TV these days know how to balance their funny factor with drama. Scrubs and My Name is Earl particularly do a good job at being comedies that the audience takes seriously. Reaper isn’t quite in that category yet, probably because it deals with the Devil and a demon-catcher instead of folks we can empathize with like a young guy moving up in the ranks at his job or a poor guy trying to do some good in the world. When those shows have a serious message to convey, you quit your laughing and pay attention. Not so much with Reaper. Tonight’s episode did get closer to that than it ever has though, demon rebellion and all. I'm not certain this show even needs to be on that track to Serioustown, but tonight's episode lended this show a new kind of importance, and to me it felt good. Andi was still hanging out in a hospital bed when we revisited her tonight, on the verge of release after the car accident last episode. Whatever you were hoping she would keep in he... read more

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