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Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "Say Goodbye to Gabon"

It was a night of immunity challenges and tribal councils that ended a season of twists and turns by finally crowning Survivor: Gabon's ultimate survivor.

So which castaway took home the crown? Find out after the jump! read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Good Guys Should Win in the End"

If you're a fan of Matty then this was an excellent episode. If not, well, it was still good. Six castaways remained in Gabon and they managed to fill the hour with double-crossings, blindsides, blindfolds and best of all a hidden immunity idol. If that doesn't draw you in then the Gorilla encounter should. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy"

Love was truly in the air on Survivor as the game opened its arms to family and a player makes a big commitment to a loved one. Even so, desperate times call for desperate action and an idol that was believed to be lost to all suddenly changes the way the game was played.  Now with Corinne and Bob scrambling to stay in the game Kenny's alliance of five may be starting to crumble. Could be we are in for another blindside at tribal council?! read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars"

It's official, the dominant force that was once Survivor: Gabon's Kota tribe has completely lost its way. Tonight, an alliance continues to see its numbers dwindle and a castaway acts like an ass. At least the Survivor Auction caused a stir and finally, an idol comes into play and throws somebody's game for a loop. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "The Brains Behind Everything"

This week on Survivor: Gabon, the game totally changed once the tribes finally merged. Again, Sugar holds the coveted swing vote, Randy explains his dislike of Crystal, Kenny takes control of the game and another player is blindsided.read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: Apple in the Garden of Eden

This week on Survivor: Gabon, a second immunity idol comes into play, the tribes unite, but find themselves divided and tribal council results in another blindside for a player.

read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl"

The game got a little more interesting this week on Survivor: Gabon with two tribal councils, two eliminated players and one blindside. Even with these big things happening, it was really the little things that made the difference and those small moments are bringing this season together.

read more

Survivor Episode Recap: "He's a Snake, But He's My Snake"

This week on Survivor: Gabon a new alliance of four emerges, Sugar gives up the idol and a player has an emotional break after a grueling challenge. Oh yeah, and there's a food shortage that has some folks worried.

read more

GC Bows Out Of Survivor

Survivor: Gabon

On the first day of Survivor: Gabon, Danny "GC" Brown, 26, of Portland, Ore., won his tribe's first individual immunity idol. He made a to-the-end alliance with Kenny Hoang and soon after was anointed tribe leader. With such a track record you'd think he would make it to the end, but heavy lays the crown. Lack of food, lack of sleep and a few confrontations over rice left GC ready to call it a day. Brown talked with TVGuide.com Friday about the hardships of Survivor and the pressures of leadership that led to his departure.

TV Guide.com: You started off pretty strong by winning the first individual immunity idol on your tribe and then being chosen tribe leader, but you seemed to lose your way. What broke you down?

Danny "GC" Brown: After I was voted the leader, things got a little hectic around camp. I was chosen and four other people tried to take the leadership role at that point. It was strange because now I was like, "why would you guys pick me for the leader if you guys really want to be the leader yourselves?" I felt that we didn’t need one and I didn't really want to be the leader because it just put a target on my back." More, after the jump. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: "This Camp Is Cursed"

The losing streak continues this week on Survivor: Gabon and one player has had enough and even the arrival at camp of some of Africa's largest wildlife can't entice them to stay.

It's with a sigh of relief that I sit down to write this recap. Yes, sitting at home watching a highly edited program makes it easy to be all judgy, but GC elected to be voted out and well, I couldn't agree more. GC, If you read this I apologize, you seem like a decent guy, but ... read more

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