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Regina Taylor, The Unit: Casting into the Acting Pool

In the hands of a guest actor other than Michael McKean, the role of the DoD official "wouldn't have been as powerful," says The Unit's casting director.

The Unit is in reruns for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we continue shooting new episodes for the coming year.

Sharon of Sharon Bialy/Sherry Thomas casting has been moving in warp drive trying to cast David Mamet's up-coming script that requires 21 guest actors before the first day of shooting. She's used to the challenges of casting for The Unit. Like finding an actor who can speak Pashto, an Afghanistan language, and who can also ride a horse. This was needed in "Shadow Riders," which followed the Unit's quest to deliver a bride to a groom in order to barter a truce between warring Afghanistan tribes.

In each episode, Sharon's hawk-eyes and ears are focused on the credibility and authenticity ... read more

Regina Taylor, The Unit: Out of Hell

"Into Hell," Part 1 and 2, follows the plot of the kidnapping of Jonas and Molly Blane's daughter, Betsy, while she is serving in Afghanistan. It is the Unit's mission to bring her back home alive. Tiffy, admitting to her affair with Colonel Ryan, leads to the team's vote — by throwing knives into the sand — to support her husband Mack's long-awaited revenge. Molly loses it in Part 1, trying to get a message to the press about her daughter, in spite of the fact that the wives are undercover. That prompts the military to take Molly into custody.

One evening this week, I catch up with Angel Wainwright, who plays my TV daughter, Betsy ... read more

Regina Taylor, The Unit: "Vote!"

Last week's episode of The Unit (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, CBS), "Dancing Lessons," continues into this week's "Inquisition" with team husbands having protested putting their wives in the line of fire as Molly, Kim and Tiffy are asked to spy for their country by rooting out cell families.

Molly's assignment is to keep a watchful eye on the mysterious Susan Gillum, played by Ann Cusack.

Ann is tall, smart and fierce, with sharp shards of humor reflecting in her eyes. As an actress, Ann is a shape-shifter in each of the various roles she has inhabited. She is ... read more

Regina Taylor, The Unit: "Lethal Beauty"

In " Sex Trade" – this week's installment of The Unit –Jonas and the team goes undercover to contact a nuclear weapon's smuggler who's also involved in smuggling young women for prostitution. Bridget Sullivan (Nicole Steinwedell) as the new female operative on the team continues to prove herself. Meanwhile the wives take on their new identities. Molly becomes VP of marketing for a mystery company, Tiffy becomes a high school teacher, and Kim becomes a nanny- a bittersweet reminder that she had to leave her own children behind in the transfer.

Read much more from Regina - including her thoughts on the election campaigns, and her interview with Unit newcomer Nicole - after the jump. read more

Regina Taylor, The Unit: Sudden Flight

"Sudden Flight" continues the unimaginable plotline that began last week. America's president-elect has been assassinated. Determined to reel in the terrorists, the team boards an international flight using a scientist with secrets as bait. Meanwhile the team wives drop anchor in a new home with new identities. Missing what they've left behind, the adjustment is hard. Kim, especially — missing her two older children and a newborn — tries to get back "home."

As we came back to work in July on this new season, the writers' stike that slowed the industry earlier in the year was resolved along with a new agreement with the Directors Guild. The actors returned without a new contract, and to date there is an impasse. People are tense waiting for a resolution, and many projects have been suspended. There are rumors that SAG will turn over the question of whether to strike to its members any day. There is an uneasiness, a tension as to which way to turn to secure our future.

Certainly these are uneasy times in this country as the economy crashes and we search for weapons of mass destruction and we look outside and within as pundents argue over who's to blame.... We look for a change. Who's going to turn things around? Even as we hurdle forward into the unknown, into the unpredictable and unprecedented future, the question keeps circling back around to: What are we willing to sacrifice to get back to where we want to go?

"And the times, they are a-changing."

Read much more from Regina after the jump. read more

Regina Taylor: The Unit Comes Back to a Different Night

The Unit finally returns. We have moved from Tuesday to Sunday nights. The season premiere, "Sacrifice," is directed by David Mamet.

The show continues to focus on the men engaging in covert operations around the globe and their wives who keep their secrets. Last season we saw ... read more

An Angel of a Daughter Spreads Her Wings

Angel Wainwright plays Betsy, Jonas and Molly Blane's strong-willed daughter. "She's a fighter," Angel declares. "A young woman who has a deep need to be something. She admires her father deeply. Admires his strength. But her mother..." Here Angel hesitates, perhaps because she's talking to the person who plays her mother. Then, carefully: "She misunderstands her mother. She doesn't relate to Molly's strength. Doesn't appreciate her mother's accomplishments. Doesn't want to be like her."There is definitely a mother-daughter conflict in the Blane household. Molly, seeing how much her daughter is like her — both are hardheaded — wants to protect her daughter from the mistakes she's made. Wants her child to skip over the tough experiences. Wants her to avoid the pain that life brings. If only her child would listen to her. Molly knows that her daughter has to experience life for herself on her own terms, that it's the good and bad episodes in life that build character, hopefu... read more

The Beauty of the Hair-and-makeup Trailer

I had forgotten that the hair/makeup trailer is such a crossroads until my cousin Phillip flew back to L.A. with me from Dallas. Raising three daughters — he separated from their mother because he "always had his eyes open for what might be around the corner" — and orphaned at the age of 14, he's a devoted father, saving for his three daughters' futures. He gets up in the morning at 5:30 am, seven days a week, to take a bus to his job at a milk plant. He'd like to buy a house one day where all his girls can have their own rooms — "Even after they're grown they can live with their dad." He stresses education and is ever-protective of his girls — always gives them the practical advice, like, "Don't let the boys talk you out of your panties." Phillip has muscle-bound arms and the sweet smile of a teenager that belies the fact that he is about to hit 40. He takes two weeks off every year but never really goes anywhere. Wanting to do something for himself for a change... read more

Looking Forward to New Journeys

We wrapped shooting in April. We then had two-and-a-half months off. We actors go our separate ways to discover ourselves in different roles.Michael Irby headed off to New Orleans to shoot a jazz movie featuring Wynton Marsalis. Demore Barnes went back home to Canada and worked on his own film project. Abby Brammell traveled to Bangkok, where her tattooed blues-singing husband was making his acting premiere in a Sylvester Stallone movie.I returned to Dallas to start a home-renovation project. My aunt Virginia currently lives in the atomic ranch-style house as I go back and forth to L.A. I'm moving in another aunt who has a disabled daughter by the end of the year and wanted to make the home wheelchair accessible — ramps, wider doors, a new bathroom — so I find a contractor who says they can knock the job out in three weeks. In my mind I tack on a couple of extra weeks, thinking I'll still have plenty of time to sit on a beach in Tahiti during the remaining hiatus and "rene... read more

Daydream Believer

I've been traveling the last week and a half from L.A. to Dallas to Atlanta and back. Still working off little sleep, I find myself daydreaming. I used to walk and talk in my sleep when I was a child. Would wake up and find myself out of my bed, down the stairs in the living room on my rocking horse, or other places. I've done it a couple of times as an adult, had conversations with friends on the phone that I don't recall and waking up in a different room. I wake up slightly disconnected for the rest of the day. Having roamed while asleep, I then dream while I'm awake. I associate travel with dreaming. Fall into a reverie on trains and planes. When I come to, I'm in another city, another time zone, and sometimes feeling that no time or space has passed at all.I was in Atlanta last Tuesday when CBS aired The Unit's double-header evening of "Sub-Conscious" and "Johnny B Good." "Sub-Conscious," written by Daniel Voll, explores the dreams of unit wife Kim Brown (played by Audrey Marie ... read more

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