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Medium Episode Recap: "Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo"

In the season finale of Medium, Mexican drug cartels, dead cops and dirty federal agents intermingle with brain tumors, arguments and lunch notes. This was a hard episode to watch with the blood and violence, but also for the sadness of Allison's condition. read more

Medium Episode Recap: "The First Bite is the Deepest"

A Nosferatu-masked killer haunts Allison to lead off dream in this week's episode of Medium. Graced once again with the lovely Anjelica Huston in a return visit as Cynthia Keener, the private investigator, this was one heck of a fun show. As promised, Rumer Willis also appears in this episode as Bethany, all grown up and angry. And the surprise guest star of the night is the strapping Balthazar Getty as Nosferatu/Christopher Sypes.

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Medium Episode Recap: "How to Make a Killing in Big Business, Part 3"

Since Heroes had its season finale two weeks ago, NBC has been filling the empty hour with extra Mediums. And I for one couldn't be happier. First, the conclusion of last week's two-parter in which Allison's new boss' son is on a killing spree, and Mr. Lydecker is trying to squash the truth from getting out. read more

Medium Episode Recap: "How to Make a Killing in Big Business," Parts 1 & 2

As if a regular one-hour episode of Medium doesn't pack enough of a wallop, tonight's two-hour special was filled to the rim with deliciously brewed plot twists and tangy story lines. Three incredible guest actors graced us with their presence and made this episode truly star-studded. And the big news is that Allison quits her job with the DA and takes a leap of faith into the corporate corner. Will it work out for her?

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Medium Episode Recap: "The Devil Inside, Part II"

"You are broken." The words are written in blood in the D.A.'s office, but only Allison sees them. Allison accompanies Scanlon and Devalos to the morgue to view the serial killer's latest victim and hears her crying, "Mommy." She lifts the sheet and sees Ariel dead on the table. Lucas Harvey is still haunting Allison from the grave. Will he get the better of our heroine? Or will this Medium be able to get rid of this ghost once and for all?
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Medium Episode Recap: "The Devil Inside, Part One"

In the first episode of a two-part storyline, Allison is targeted by a crazed, snake-tattooed, lunatic as "an instrument of evil." Waking out of a horrific dream that used very cool Dead Can Dance type music, Allison is rightfully terrified. This was one scary episode of Medium.
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Medium Episode Recap: "Then...and Again"

Medium does it again. This is one show that shakes up the status quo every week and tosses in some definitive twists to keep its viewers happy. Not only do we get a chance to see the Dubois family celebrating their youngest daughter's birthday, but we get to see a glimpse of them in the weeks leading up to Marie's birth, five years earlier. I loved the whole time travel aspect and hope they keep us guessing for the weeks to come. read more

Medium Episode Recap: "All in the Family"

The title of this episode of Medium isn't significant on its own, but when you realize what it means, it is easy to be creeped out. James Van der Beek, of Dawson's Creek fame, makes a special appearance as a man, Dylan, who hatches a nasty plan for murder. Who he murders is more of a mystery and how he does it, well, let's just say, is all in the family. read more

Medium Episode Recap: "Truth Be Told"

This was a really awful episode of Medium. Buzz!! Truth be told, it was an exciting episode. Ariel was telling her mom the truth about the sleepover. Buzz!! She was a scheming little teenager, truth be told. Allison becomes a human polygraph and knows when you've been bad or good by the irritating sound of a celestial buzzer only she can hear. And no one can escape her lie detection.

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Medium Episode Recap: "A Necessary Evil"

Proof and evidence are in short supply in this thrilling episode of Medium. Kurtwood Smith is back as Agent Cooper, haunting Allison to the soothing sound of chirping crickets. Joe has his own problems to contend with and Ariel is starting to really become her mother's daughter, as she is coming into her own as a medium.
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