Melissa and Randall Baker

The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Boy meets Curl"

Main Story:

Homer and Marge are getting ready for their date night, but due to a leak at the power-plant, Homer misses dinner. Homer and Marge decide to go to the movies, but it is soon ruined by all the other theater participants and the movie's leading actor Ben Affleck. On their way home they pass an ice rink and decide to give it a shot. The rink is closed for curling training. The Simpsons give it a whirl and are naturals at it. The Springfield Curling club is invited to the 2010 Winter Olympics trials as a demonstration sport. With a great performance by Marge, the Springfield Curlers are going to Vancouver (i.e. the warmest city in Canada).

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Million Dollar Maybe"

Main Story:

Homer and Marge are practicing their toast for an upcoming friend's wedding that they will be attending.  The next day at work, Lenny, Carl, and Homer are eating Chinese take-out and reading their fortunes. Homer's fortune says he will have good luck that day. In disbelief, Homer starts to throw it away and then he slips in water and hits the candy machine where all the candy then falls out.  Next, Homer is walking to his car and finds a CD of Emerson Lake and Palmer's greatest hits. He can't believe the luck he is having and then as he drives past the Kwik-E-Mart decides to stop to buy a million-dollar jackpot lottery ticket. 

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Once Upon a Time in Springfield"

Main Story

The producers of The Krusty Show want to change the format of the show in order to appeal to a wider audience (specifically young girls). They force Krusty to hire a female co-star. If he doesn't agree then they will fire him and hire a replacement via a new Fox reality show, America's Next Krusty.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Thursdays with Abie"

The Simpsons go to "Wet 'n Wacky World — (formerly the JFK Naval Museum)." While there, Grampa tells some of his boring, nonsensical rambling old man stories. While the other Simpsons are watching the performing octopus, Slimu, someone has taken an interest in Grampa's stories that he's telling to nobody in particular while sitting alone on a bench. This man introduces himself as Marshall Goldman — a human interest columnist for the Springfield Shopper and he would like to turn Grampa's stories into a regular column.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

When Bart observes that Lisa has a special sibling bond with Maggie that he will never have with a little brother, he asks Homer for a baby brother.

It's snowing in Springfield and the schools are all closed. While school's out, Bart relies on TV and video games to keep him entertained. The electricity goes out and to Bart's amazement, everything he wants to use needs electricity in order to run. Bored and not knowing what to do with his self, Bart sees Lisa and Maggie playing games with one another and bonding. Lisa tells Bart that she and Maggie will always have a strong bond to one another their entire lives because they are sisters. Bart wants to feel that type of connection and decides that he would like a brother.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Rednecks and Broomsticks"

The Simpsons are on their way back from their weekend vacation at the "Snowed Inn." On the way back, the kids get bored and play the extremely annoying game "Bonk It." For 500+ plus miles all Homer and Marge hear is the game saying inane phrases like "bonk it, twist it, pull it etc." Homer finally has enough and throws the game out the window, but the plan backfires when a dad from another car has the same idea and throws the same toy into the Simpsons car where the kids start to play again. Homer then grabs the toy and breaks it — as he's doing this he is completely unaware that he has entered into the oncoming lane and is about to get hit by a semi.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Pranks and Greens"

Main story plot: Bart finds out that there is a better prankster than him in Springfield and is determined to find out who it is (as Skinner won't tell him). Side story: Marge needs to start living a healthier lifestyle and serving healthier food in order to stay in her "mommy and me" group.

Story #1: Bart is planning his prank list for the school year and thinks he is top dog of the prankster world. His life is turned upside down when he discovers that he isn't the best at school pranks. Turns out the best prankster was 19-year-old Andy Hamilton (voiced by Jonah Hill). Andy's biggest prank (filling the school's swimming pool with worms and trapping Skinner in the pool for three days) back in his day completely changed Principal Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie's lives.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "The Devil Wears Nada"

After three weeks of being off the air due to baseball (who really cares about the World Series when the St. Louis Cardinals aren't in it anyways?!?), The Simpsons are finally back. We were excited to have our Sunday night of viewing back to normal.

Our trusty episode synopsis: Marge poses for a "Philanthro-Chicks" calendar to raise money for charity, and the photographer eases her inhibitions with wine, resulting in some provocative photos that make her the talk of the town.

However, the episode was so much more than just that......

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Treehouse of Horror XX"

The twentieth "Treehouse of Horror" episode included spoofs on Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, zombie movies like 28 Days Later and I Am Legend, and lastly a musical, similar to Phantom of the Opera.

We weren't really all that impressed with this year's "Treehouse" episode.  Initially, we were so excited to watch it after Randall and I purchased The Simpsons Deluxe "Scene It" DVD game, the newly released "The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History" book, and the new Playboy with Marge on the cover. However, this new episode was kind of a let unexciting that it's difficult to sum it all up.

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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "The Great Wife Hope"

The episode begins with Marge and the ladies enjoying "crazy bowling" — a game Marge found on the internet after searching the phrase "Girls Having Fun" and then having to sift through thousands of porno sites.  While at the bowling alley, the women realize there are no men and assume, since they are men, they are either at the bars or at a baseball game.  But no, the men are... read more

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