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"Black & White and Read All Over"

So much drama this week! Glad we’re ending the season with a bang.The episode kicks off with the revelation that someone anonymous wrote an exposé of the Greek system in the CRU school paper, which included tons of personal details about Casey and the ZBZs. In the wake of the scandal, the dean of the school threatens the continued existence of the Greek system, prompting Cappie and the Kappa Taus to head underground. Frannie also initiates a search for a rat in ZBZ at Casey’s prompting, and they set their sights on Rebecca. In the midst of the scandal, Ashleigh gets last-minute notice that secret-boyfriend Travis is coming for a visit. She gets a cheap hotel room in which to entertain him since the ZBZ house is a no-go, and Calvin is charming as usual in helping her prep. Ash finally decides to dump Travis and put the moves on Calvin. Calvin rejects her advances and tells her he’s gay, and she freaks and leaves. Best-line-of-the-night award again goes to Ashleigh... read more

Spencer Grammer: Greek Finale Unleashes "a Whole New World"

Spencer Grammer, Greek

The Casey-Cappie-Evan love triangle may not be resolved in tonight's season finale of the ABC Family hit Greek (9 pm/ET), but expect plenty of drama nevertheless. Spencer Grammer, who stars as primo sorority girl Casey, told what to expect tonight and in the next season. Plus: Dish on dad Kelsey Grammer and whom Casey belongs with. Have you been surprised by the positive reaction the show has gotten?
Spencer Grammer: Of course I'm surprised! It's very exciting to have this great job and to love what I do and then to have people also enjoy it. You hope, as an actor, that what you do is really entertaining people, and I'm just grateful that I've been able to be given the opportunity to do that. It's amazing.

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"Depth Perception"

Sorry for the delay, folks: I moved this weekend and it turns out my new residence’s cable service doesn’t include ABC Family. Unfathomable.This week's A-plot centers on the fight to be crowned Omega Chi sweetheart, with new nominee Casey battling it out against Frannie, who has learned she won’t be graduating after all and is therefore throwing herself back into ZBZ. Much to Casey’s chagrin, Frannie does everything she can to undermine or outright sabotage Casey’s candidacy, but it’s apparently not enough (or too much?) and Casey is victorious. Afterwards, Frannie drowns her sorrows and threatens that, like Al Gore, someone can win the popular vote but not be elected president.Meanwhile, Rusty and Jen K. are enjoying their young love, but having Dale as a roommate makes for an awkward sexile situation. Hurt that Rusty is ignoring him, Dale lashes back with passive aggression and then outright hostility through closet-hiding, milk-buying and the usual. ... read more

"Separation Anxiety"

Best line of the night: "I’m also growing out my bangs, which requires extra sleep," a peeved Ashleigh tells Casey, explaining why she’s too busy to help her plan the ZBZ community service project. For when Frannie announces that the sorority needs to up its philanthropy hours, Casey helms the service effort, even without the support of Ashleigh, who’s still bitter over Casey’s perfidy in the Travis breakup sitch last week. Casey dons her best twinset and headband to volunteer the girls to perform some sort of weird "edutainment" play at the Christian after-school program run by Dale, who's now crushing on Casey. In the mean time, Ashleigh gets busy befriending Rebecca, who exhibits a bit more of a human side this week with a little backstory about her parents and friends at home in D.C. Meanwhile, after Jen K. tells Rusty that her old high school boyfriend never took the lead in their relationship, Rusty decides to up his game by blurting out "I love you" over t... read more

Big Brother's Will Kirby Touts Best Dr. 90210 Ever

Will Kirby, Dr. 90210

Fans may know him as the "Evil Doctor," but Will Kirby won't let that get in his way of being the newest Dr. 90210. The cosmetic dermatologist who won Big Brother 2 and appeared on Big Brother All-Stars is already well into his stint as a doc on the popular E! reality series (airing 10 PM/ET, E!), which follows plastic surgeons and their glitzy clients in L.A.

"I think this is the best season of Dr. 90210 ever, because there's a younger element, more of a Hollywood element, and we're really just trying to punch it up a bit," says Kirby. As a cosmetic dermatologist, Kirby does not typically perform the large-scale surgeries that the show's viewers may be used to, but he does many of the procedures that Hollywood clientele crave, such as lip augmentations and Botox — which in tonight's episode will be performed on a barte read more

Look Who's Talking! America's Got Talent Champ Terry Fator

David Hasselhoff and Terry Fator, America's Got Talent

The competition was fierce, but a puppet managed to beat the other final-four contestants to be crowned winner of NBC's America's Got Talent on Aug. 21. Ventriloquist Terry Fator went home with the $1-million prize and the title of Best New Act in America.

"I honestly did not know if America was ready to vote a ventriloquist as the No. 1 act, and I'm just so flattered and I appreciate America so much today for their votes and their support. I'm just flying, I'm elated," Fator gushed to when we caught up with him the day after winning.

Fator and his team of dummies wowed the judges and viewers each week with impressions of famous singers such as Louis Armstrong and Etta James, performed through a closed mouth. In the finale he triumphed over country singer Julienne Irwin, beat-boxer Antoinette "Butterscotch" Clinton and musician Cas Haley to claim the top prize.

"The first thin read more

"Multiple Choice"

After last week’s detour we now return to our regularly scheduled plotlines, and it’s midterm time here at Cyprus-Rhodes. At Chi Omega, midterm season means Calvin and Evan continuing their blossoming friendship by studying together like the upright students they are, while the Kappa Taus are busy distributing old test files as “study aids.” Rusty is incredulous about the cheating and says he’s never gotten less than an A before. With students ranging from Rusty-quality to, say, Beaver, what caliber school is Cyprus-Rhodes meant to be, anyway?In any case, Rusty’s plotline involves the question of whether he should cheat or not after the professor springs an unmanageable amount of new work on the honors physics class. With even pious Dale doing uppers to keep his A-game, Rusty wonders why college is turning out to be “just a four-year course on how to get by and beat the system.” He tries studying and in the end buys a set of candy bars with fo... read more

Ousted Pasha Picks His Favorite Think You Can Dancers

Pasha Kovalev, So You Think You Can Dance

Coming closer to the top than any ballroom dancer has on So You Think You Can Dance but falling just short of the final four, Siberian Pasha Kovalev sounds off to on the differences between hip-hop and ballroom, his biggest regret about the show, and who he thinks should win it all. Were you surprised by your elimination?
Pasha Kovalev:
I don't know, surprised is not the right word, I guess, because you expect every week that somebody will go home, and it might be you. I didn't expect to go this week, but everybody danced so well and deserved to be there. When it's up to America voting, it's completely different — it's not about dancing anymore. Did you think you didn't deserve to go home, then?
Pasha: I don't know, I think I did pretty good, and I haven't been in the bottom three or two since the second week. I could have stayed a little bit longer, but it's just read more

Think You Can Dance's Lauren: "I Thought I Would Be in the Finals"

Lauren Gottlieb, So You Think You Can Dance

Love her or hate her, 19-year-old Lauren Gottlieb impressed the So You Think You Can Dance judges and audience with her versatile dance technique and her big personality. She chatted with about the best 45 seconds of her life, her onstage kiss with Dominic and her post-Dance dreams. Were you surprised by your elimination?
Lauren Gottlieb: No, I wasn't surprised because I'd been in the bottom for, like, the past four weeks, and you have to prepare yourself. But there was something in me that really thought I had done enough to be in the finals. Did being in the bottom the last few weeks affect the way you were approaching the show?
Lauren: No, it actually gave me more steam. I think at first, I just couldn't believe [I was in the bottom]. There were a few weeks where I was just like, "Oh no, this is the worst thing!" But after a while it felt more nat read more

"Freaky Friday"

Tonight, on a very special episode of Greek, it’s Teen Slasher Night! Apparently, our regularly scheduled plotlines will resume next week. So, we’ve got three separate horror-movie-themed plotlines. Random much?At Zeta Beta Zeta headquarters, Casey has planned a sleepover for the pledges as some sort of ploy to get them to like her and thus to support her bid for president. Ah, the magical bonding power of Trust Falls. But with Rebecca’s discovery of a ouiji board, Casey’s plans take ta back seat. Turns out there was a ZBZ named Virginia Horton who lost the sorority’s presidential election by just one vote and subsequently hanged herself. “Pathetic!" deems Rebecca, who gets her comeuppance when the peeved “ghost” and the other girls turn against her. Casey saves the day with a mock election to prove the late Virginia as the rightful winner of the presidential election, and everyone happily resumes the sleepover festivities. Super!Meanwhile, at... read more

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