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The Amazing Race Episode Recap: This Is How You Lose a Million Dollars"

The 50th state may be the last stop on the 14th season finale of The Amazing Race but the suspense is definitely non-stop. Will the race finally have an all-female team as its winner? Or will it be the first deaf competitor? When the remaining three teams work simultaneously on the final task it becomes memory over matter to determine a champion. The tension is so high you'll find yourself saying, "Maui wowie!" Read on to learn who won the million-dollar prize.
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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "He Made Me Look Like Alice Cooper"

When we last saw the four remaining teams, host Phil Keoghan told them that there was no rest for the weary at the Pit Stop. The action in the penultimate episode continues in Beijing with language still a barrier for some and food even harder to digest for others. But can one team rise above the demands of the race's second U-Turn, or will they fall when nature take its course?

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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This"

The action remains in China for the tenth leg of the race, and a member of each team is subjected to torture! Well, sort of. Let's just say the challenge gives new meaning to playing footsie. Challenges at the site of last summer's Olympic Games go swimmingly well for some, while others drown in their tears. And the first team at the Pit Stop is not first. Are you riddled with confusion? Read on as we sort this out. read more

Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death"

In normal circumstances, ballroom dancing and learning to write calligraphy are leisure activities. But since this is The Amazing Race, it's a frantic fight to finish the tasks in the quickest amount of time, and the tension accelerates as two racers replicate something close to a WWE SmackDown match. Read on to find out how push comes to shove.

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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant"

When the five remaining teams travel to Thailand on the eighth leg of the race, they quickly transform into boat mechanics, denture fitters and karaoke singers. But the world is not an oyster for the two teams racing onward and leaving their backpacks behind.

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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???"

On the seventh leg of the race, the six remaining teams go bananas looking for a gorilla statue, giving their partners a ride in a rickshaw and performing stunts with elephants. But while the intense heat causes one player to faint, a team incurs not one but two penalties at the finish line. Read on to follow the action.

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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "Alright Guys, We're at War!"

On the sixth leg of the race, the seven remaining teams travel to India, where roaming animals presented no problems but taxis did. And while some teams are dancing in the streets, it isn't all fun and games for the teams hauling a supply of camel food and decorating an elephant.
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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK"

The action continues in Siberia, and the seven remaining teams battle for first place as they drive a snowplow, escort a bride to her groom, and run a mini-marathon in their skivvies — in frigid temperatures. Oh, and one team attempts to ditch two others. Want to find out who it is? Read on.

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Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots"

A variety of physical and mental skills were required to finish the fourth leg of the race, including home repair, bobsledding and familiarity with Russian literature. But while the teams jockey for first place, a new twist in the game leaves one team wondering who would be devious enough to turn on them. Let's break it down. read more

Amazing Race 14 Episode Recap: "I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard!"

Traveling to Bucharest, Romania is more than a hop, skip and a jump when team members are told to walk like an Olympian and become world class gymnasts. But when they arrive in Transylvania, sibling tension shifted teams and someone deserved to have his neck bitten off. On to the recap for more on this batty tale.

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