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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "First Christmas"

Ah. Shopping for the holidays. Sometimes it's a joy and sometimes it's pure torture. It's Mike and Molly's first Christmas, and there's pressure. Mostly it's Carl putting pressure on Mike, who is totally clueless. Molly, on the other hand, has picked out the perfect gift for Mike. She knows he'll like it — because she listens and pays attention when he talks. Mike, on the other hand is bouncing ...
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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Mike Snores"

Mike's cluelessness is funny to me, but not so funny to Molly. She's spending a lot of time at his place — a wise decision that's reinforced when Molly comes home to discover Victoria is flashing the delivery guys for free pizza.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "After the Lovin'"

Joyce and Victoria know the score when Molly finally arrives home. Molly says Mike's a great guy and they had a nice time. That's all her mom and sister get until they get Molly to spill a little more. What follows is a little too graphic to type. You were there. You know what they said. It's times like these I remember this is a 9:30 pm show. Wow.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Carl is Jealous"

Even though Carl masks his regard for Mike by constantly making him the butt of fat jokes, it's clear just how much Carl cares for him. Or if it wasn't clear, it's clear after tonight's episode. Mike takes the time to comfort his friend even though Molly's given him the green light and is waiting for him back at her place.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Mike's Not Ready"

It's Mike and Molly's third date and we all know what that means: It's time for them to get it on. The only problem is that Mike's not ready. And Molly thinks he's just not that into her.

When Carl asks Mike about the date later, Carl knows Mike isn't comfortable with the prospect of being naked in front of Molly — even though he won't admit it. Instead, he goes on about his hat and needing a chin-strap.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "First Kiss"

I want to like this show so badly. I want to laugh riotously every time either Mike or Molly opens their mouths — to talk, to eat, to whatever. I want Mike's partner/sidekick to be a comic genius and I want the foibles of Molly's mother and sister to be comic gold. It is just not happening for me. I feel like I've been patient. Soon I'm going to start getting annoyed. But let's talk about the good stuff.

One thing this show can always be counted on for is a sweet story with two charming and wildly entertaining leads. I'm so happy to see that Mike has finally found a "diet" that works for him. His stomach is finally obeying what his ears have known for years: he's practicing portion control.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "First Date"

I think we were all underwhelmed by Molly's mother and sister last week. This week, they were a little more likable.

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Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Pilot"

Mike and Molly

I feel like I'd follow Melissa McCarthy to the ends of the earth — and not just in terms of television watching. I first discovered her in a bit part when she stole the scene she was in with Scott Wolf (or was it Jay Mohr?) in a little movie called Go. She didn't come back onto my radar until Gilmore Girls, but what a great way to make a return. Her adorable and somewhat neurotic and accident-prone Sookie St. James was a revelation. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel weren't half bad either. Kidding, kidding. They were awesome. I loved that show. Next she spent some time with Christina Applegate on Samantha Who? and now she's where she belongs: in a lead role. It's about time.

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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: America's Favorite Dancer Is Revealed

So You Think You Can Dance

Never have I been so relieved to be so wrong. You know what I'm talking 'bout! Normally I'd have to tease you a bit, but since you already know the news and are probably as excited as I am, let's hear it... America's favorite dancer is JEANINE. I hoped and prayed and wished and voted, but I did not see that coming. 21.6 million votes. Impressive!

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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: The Final 4 Perform

Finally, finale week is here. Tonight we'll get to see some girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy action. What? Too much? I'm talking about dancing people! Let's see what the choreographers have come up with for Evan, Brandon, Jeanine, and Kayla.

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