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VIDEO: Meet the Cast of Monsters vs. Aliens

Seth Rogen stars in the No. 1 movie in America, Monsters vs. Aliens, along with heavy-hitters Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett and Rainn Wilson. Check out TV Guide Network's chat with the hilarious cast and find out which actor likens his brainless blob of a character to Rush Limbaugh, and who would like to be considered for a role as the next Bond villain. Watch the video after the jump! read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 8 Revealed

After another evening of lackluster performances by many of our Idol hopefuls, will one more contestant be sent home, or will the judges have mercy on the lowest ranked singer? We'll find out after performances from Lady Gaga and last season's American Idol winner, David Cook. read more

90210: Now Featuring Silver, Interrupted

Jessica Stroup

What the heck has happened to one of the most likable characters (and there aren't many) on 90210? We know Silver comes from a funky broken family with a lot of baggage, and we know the series has a new show-runner with a new style, but we're having a hard time believing Silver would go from zero to crazy in just the last few episodes. Not just a little crazy; we're talkin' Emily Valentine crazy! Read on and tell us what you thought about Silver's behavior. read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 9 Perform

This week the remaining nine Idols perform popular iTunes downloads (random!)... so, basically, any song they want. The hopefuls tackle everyone from No Doubt to Rascal Flatts to The Fray, but how did they fare? read more

Gossip Girl: Who Will Be Next to Spin the Wheel o' Destruction?

Gossip Girl

We know that Gossip Girl thrives on nihilism, and we love it, but lately it seems like our favorite rich and beautiful Upper East Siders are indulging in enough self-destruction to make even us raise an eyebrow.

We'll watch Chuck drink himself into a stupor, alienate all of his friends and loved ones and almost kill himself any day. We expect that kind of behavior from him; his dad was a Basshole and his mom died before she could salvage his sensitive little soul. But now that others are spinning the old wheel of destruction, will it land the show in shark-jumping territory? Read on and weigh in after the jump. read more

Friday Night Lights Episode Recap: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"

Hoo-boy! They weren't messing around when they titled this episode, "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall." Tyra has to deal with the bridal shower from hell, Matt has to make a decision about taking care of his grandma, but the hardest hit is our poor little doe-eyed QB, J.D. McCoy, who has finally pushed his old man over the edge. read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 9 Revealed

The Top 10 Idol hopefuls motored through Motown songs with help from mentor Smokey Robinson on Tuesday. After performances from Joss Stone, Smokey and Stevie Wonder, we'll find out if one more contestant will be headed home — aka, whether or not Paula and Simon put down their crayons long enough to help kick another Idol hopeful to the curb. read more

What the Deuce? Stewie Griffin to Guest on Bones?

David Boreanaz, Stewie

What the deuce are the Bones producers thinking? Stewie Griffin, Family Guy's matricidal baby, will appear in all his animated glory on the May 7 episode of Bones. Really?

Crossovers can be risky ventures and can push both shows involved to the precipice of a shark jump, but when an animated character is involved in the crossover, is it automatically time to the cue the Jaws theme?

The episode's story goes that Brennan asks Booth to be her baby-daddy, and shortly after, Booth becomes seriously ill with an affliction that causes hallucinations — apparently ones that include a highly-rated Fox cartoon baby. To be fair, only the ailing Booth will see or interact with Stewie, so it's not like the little hellion will be slicing and dicing corpses alongside Bones' crew.

Until last week, the most troublesome shark-jumping storyline discussed on Bones was the much-teased bedroom romp between Booth and Bones that will reportedly take place in the season finale. But will we, as fans, even want make it to the finale after sitting through such a blatantly ridiculous attempt at cross-promotion? Weigh in after the jump!

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American Idol Episode Recap: Top 10 Perform Motown Songs

Oh Motown! The lyrics "Sugar pie, honey bunch" and "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" may be dancing in your head, but let's hope our remaining Idols pick more interesting and original songs from the genre's vast catalogue. read more

Is Kings' Monarchy Built to Last?


We applaud NBC for trying something different with Kings, a modern-day take on David and Goliath that's much more layered and character-driven than many of the slick and pretty one-hour shows the network's gotten behind lately. We love the brilliant, corrupt and slightly paranoid King Silas, and we're rooting for the handsome, emotional, war-hero David Shepherd. So why hasn't the rest of the Sunday night TV audience gotten hooked?

The series plummeted 24 percent from its premiere in the ratings this week, garnering only 4.58 million viewers. Is this a case of a great show being on the wrong network? Is it just a bad time slot? Or are people uninterested in the characters and story revolving an unfamiliar, modern monarchy?

Did you tune in to Kings? What do you think of the show and its future? Weigh in after the jump!

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