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Analyzing Idol: Might Paula's Pick Have Doomed Danny?

TV Guide Network's Justin Guarini takes on American Idol's Top 3.

As each American Idol sing-off signs off, is checking in with TV Guide Network hosts/Idol alums Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell for their particularly qualified takes on who soared, who stumbled, and which judge's review most rang true.

This week, Guarini shares his thoughts on the Top 3, each of whom this week each served up a tune of his own choosing, as well as a song chosen by a judge. Read his full review after the jump. read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top Three Perform

Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert perform two songs tonight as they fight for the title of the next American Idol. One song will be chosen by the judges, the other by the contestants themselves. Will they pick the perfect songs, or will the pressure finally get to them? read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 4 Revealed

One more Idol will bid us farewell tonight, but only after we see performances from Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, Natalie Cole and Rat-Pack mentor Jamie Foxx. read more

American Idol Episode Recap: Top 5 Perform

The remaining Idols take on a fun and potentially difficult genre of songs: Rat Pack standards, with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as their mentor. read more

Distracting Guest Stars: This Ain't Your Little Sister's Hilary Duff

Christopher Meloni and Hilary Duff

A new trend is making us jumpy — shark jumpy, that is: Young, hot musicians going for acting cred by guest-starring on gritty procedurals.

First Taylor Swift guested on CSI. Then Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz appeared on CSI: NY. Now, Hilary Duff is joining NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Tuesday, 10 pm/ET). Duff has aimed for acting cred before, playing an oversexed popstar in the movie War, Inc., but no one saw it. Now on SVU, she's playing an irresponsible young mother who becomes a suspect in her daughter's disappearance. Really? It was hard enough for us to buy her as the heroine in A Cinderella Story, and that part was made for her.

We understand that guest stars are important to series, and that the bigger the name, the better the ratings. With procedurals, the more salacious the crime, the bigger the buzz for the show and guest star. But does seeing such recognizable stars — and ones not known for dramatic acting — take you out of the story? Weigh in after the jump

read more

Tonight's TV Hot List for Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Law & Order: SVU

8 pm/ET CBS
NCIS, which is a spin-off of JAG, may spin off a series of its own. Tonight's episode (the first of a two-parter) introduces characters, played by LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell, who are rumored to be the leads of the series that could debut in the fall. They play undercover agents for NCIS's Office of Special Projects (OSP) in Los Angeles. In the episode, the murder of a marine sends Gibbs and McGee to L.A. to work with the OSP, and the case turns into a matter of national security.

Read on for previews of Dancing with the Stars, Rescue Me, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Life After People. read more

Chuck Episode Recap: "Chuck vs. The Ring"

Scott Bakula and Zach Levi

Dum, dum, duh dum! Awesome and Ellie are set to tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony, but Ted Roark returns to throw a wrench in their plans. Plus: Chuck finds himself in a new and even more dangerous role. read more

Zach Levi Joins Save Chuck Subway Campaign ... and Teases a "Game-Changing" Finale

Zachary Levi

A massive fan campaign is underway to earn NBC's Chuck a Season 3 pick-up — and it has even found series star Zachary Levi himself stepping behind the counter of a Subway sandwich shop in London to assemble footlongs for scores of fans. As shown in the video, Levi remarks while standing before a fervent crowd, "You see, NBC? This is what happens when you might cancel a show that people care about!" Click here to watch.

On the occasion of Chuck's season finale (Monday at 8 pm/ET), Levi spoke with about his relationship with super-hot secret agent Sarah, working with amazing guest stars, and the "game-changing" twist to come. Were you surprised that Chuck and Sarah had an all-too-quick make-out session in last week's episode? Have you been happy with the progression of their relationship over the first two seasons?
Zach Levi: Chuck and Sarah's relationship has continued to entice, provoke and, in many cases, frustrate... read more

Joshua Gomez: Chuck's Finale Is "Epic"

Joshua Gomez

Chuck's second-season finale is quickly approaching, and with no word on a third season pickup, this could be the last hour of the series. Joshua Gomez, who plays Chuck's BFF, Morgan, spoke with about the "epic" finale, including how Morgan feels about leaving the Buy More, what he really thinks about his bromance with Chuck, and when (if ever) Morgan will find out about Chuck's secret life. Chuck's season finale airs Monday at 8 pm/ET on NBC. Are you excited to see the finale?
Joshua Gomez: I'm really curious to see what the fans think of it. I know everybody kind of felt that this past episode was sort of a finale-esque... read more

Five Idol Contestants We'd Bring Back

Jessica Langseth, Alexis Grace

Maybe it's us, but there just seems to be something off about this season's American Idol finalists. With only one girl remaining in the Top 5, the finale promises to be a total sausage party, there's no Cook vs. Archie excitement, and the introduction of a fourth judge and the "judges' save" hasn't really changed anything, except the degree to which the results seem manipulated by the producers. Most importantly, though, we just haven't connected with the Idols.

Thinking back to the Top 36, we remember some real powerhouses and "package artists" that we wish were still in the running. Read on for our picks of the five Idol contestants that we would bring back. read more

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