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Season 4 — Episode 10 (Season Finale)

Kathy picked the perfect way to end her 4th fabulous season — by taking Team Griffin to Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC, a rehab facility for recovering soldiers. Since laughter is the best medicine, meeting the men and women who have come back injured from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan was truly the only way Kathy could top her Emmy-winning season two visit to the troops in combat in Iraq. It would be a no-brainer to predict that this will be the episode Bravo submits for Emmy consideration next year.I laughed, I cried, I was inspired and for the final time this season, I will list as many highlights I can think of right here:— In the opening standup footage, as only Kathy could, she proclaimed: "Oprah apparently can elect a President." I love that Kathy is the only one on TV ballsy enough to discuss the power of the O.— Although Kathy's already performed for the troops, she was rightfully nervous to do a show for the hospital patients. But Kathy was up... read more

Season 4 — Episode 9

This week, we finally got to witness Kathy confirming what she's been mentioning on the few talk shows she's not banned from: she and billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak have broken up. No big surprise since they had absolutely nothing in common, but I'm glad it was an amicable breakup and that they're still friends. Who wouldn't want to stay friends with Woz? How often does one befriend a billionaire? I thought this episode was a great way for us to bid farewell to Woz, at least when it came to him being the other half of the (according to Kathy) "power couple" of Kathy & Woz. When they ended the episode with the salute-to-Woz montage (a Woz-tage?), it was as if he had passed away. But since the relationship itself died, the Woz-tage was quite fitting.Although Woz seems like a really cool dude, he doesn't exactly exude personality and I wouldn't use the word "humorous" when describing him, so this very Woz-centric episode's laugh quotient wasn't quite as high as the aver... read more

Season 4 — Episode 8

In this episode, we got to further discover how Kathy wants to get off the D-list and onto the G-list. And by G, I mean Grammy. I think mama Maggie said it best: "Don't you have to sing or play instruments to get a Grammy?" Of course, Kathy doesn't plan on singing for her (Grammy) supper — she wants to be nominated for either Best Comedy Album or Best Spoken Word recording for her CD. So this week, we got to see portions of Kathy's campaign to grab that Grammy nomination.I've got to first say that I saw the brilliant "Kathy Griffin: For Your Consideration" billboard (where Kathy is crawling hysterically on a red carpet) while driving recently on Sunset Blvd. here in LA. Did I almost get into an accident because I couldn't take my eyes off the billboard? Yep. And I immediately thought to myself: "Must mention this in the blog." Done. I'll add that the billboard is placed in one of the busiest sections of Sunset Blvd. (right off Crescent Heights), so I've got to commend Kathy's m... read more

Season 4 — Episode 7

Before I get into the main part of this episode — the trip to Bora Bora — I've got to begin by saying how happy I was that mama Maggie was featured so much. I never expected to enjoy watching the antics of an 87 year-old woman as much as I do, but this episode was very Maggie-centric, so I was loving every minute of it. Since Maggie is too frightened to fly these days and wasn't able to join Team Griffin on their trip to Bora Bora, she was still prominently featured before and after the trip. Now don't get me wrong. I still watch this show first and foremost because Kathy cracks me up. But after Mrs. Kathy, Maggie is my favorite.I will now tell you why this episode, one that mostly took place in Bora Bora, did not bore-uh bore-uh me, by, of course, listing the highlights:— Setting the tone for the episode, Kathy was first seen doing stand-up and talking about her mother (which meant I was smiling right away). Kathy said she wanted to put together an "old person's surv... read more

Season 4 — Episode 6

First of all, congrats to Kathy since she was just nominated for two Emmys: Outstanding Reality Program for Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (which she won last year) and Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special for Kathy Griffin: Straight To Hell. Yea, Kathy and Team Griffin!Now, onto this week's episode...Proving that she really does want to be the "red-headed Oprah," Kathy took Team Griffin to Mexico to start the Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy. Oh sure, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School For Girls is a school for poor, underprivileged little girls in South Africa and Kathy's is just a refurbished library in Mismaloya, a not-so-poor and not-so-underprivileged town in Mexico. But Kathy can at least say she's a "mini-Oprah."It was immediately funny when Kathy admitted that she wasn't exactly going to a "bad" part of Mexico. No. Kathy had to go to Mismaloya, a city in Mexico that was close enough to one of her favorite vacation spots: Puerto Vallarta. The only prob... read more

Season 4 — Episode 5

After last week's oh-so-A-List sold-out show at Madison Square Garden, Kathy was back "on the D-L" this week. Not that kind of D-L, as in Down-Low, but Kathy's kind of D-L: D-List. You can't get more D-List than being the special guest at the International Bear Roundup in San Francisco or getting your assistants a teaching gig at the Learning Annex. Since I'm not a Bears fan, my level of pre-excitement wasn't as high as usual going into this episode, but I decided to just grin and bear it (sorry, couldn't resist). Oh, please. You know Kathy could watch paint dry and I'd laugh. So, although I couldn't bear to look at Kathy doing things like signing the bare hairy bear ass of one of her fans at the convention, there were still lots of highlights:— Kathy shared with us that her mama Maggie learned the word "skank" from watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kathy, imitating Maggie: "I hope you don't turn into a skank like those God damn Kardashians! The mother thinks she's one ... read more

Season 4 — Episode 4

Further proof that Kathy's big mouth (you know, the one that I love so much) does indeed get her into trouble: we got to learn this week that Kathy has been re-banned from The View. Kathy’s been banned from a lot of shows, but, per Kathy: "This is my first re-banning." Seems executive producer Bill Geddie wasn't quite ready...to forgive Kathy for something she included in her recent Bravo special Kathy Griffin: Straight To Hell. For those who missed it, Kathy hilariously recalled her conversation inside the View hair & makeup room before her last appearance where the discussion was K-Y Jelly and other lubricants. Babs Walters allegedly said: "I prefer Astroglide." Apparently, sharing makeup room conversations with TV viewers is a no-no, so Kathy was re-banned from appearing on The View. As Stockard Channing so eloquently put it as Rizzo in Grease, "Some people are so touchy."So, even though her gig at Madison Square Garden was sold out, Kathy still wanted to do some press w... read more

Season 4 — Episode 3

Almost every week, I make a comment that questions Kathy's D-list status. That's because Kathy frequently does things that border on A-list like co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper, selling out Madison Square Garden or dating billionaire Steve Wozniak. But this week, Kathy proved me wrong again, further solidifying her insistence that she's D-list by performing via P.A. system on an airplane. And not just any plane. We're talkin' a 14-hour "Pink Flight" from San Francisco headed to Sydney, Australia, for the Gay Mardi Gras and filled to the rim with drag queens, gay guys and gay-friendly gals. It wouldn't be so D-list if she was just flying to Australia to perform at Gay Mardi Gras a la divas Cyndi Lauper and Olivia Newton-John, or be the "Chief of the Parade" like Margaret Cho. No. This is Kathy Griffin we're referring to. Kathy: "Dane Cook doesn't have to do this." Kathy had to stand at the gate and tear each passenger's ticket after greeting them. After t... read more

Season 4 — Episode 2

After last week's season premiere that was chock full of A-listic antics, Kathy was back to her D-list ways this week. Since most people know and love Kathy's mama Maggie Griffin and they are big fans of Kathy's 1st assistant Jessica Zajicek, Kathy wanted us to learn more about the two other lesser-known members of Team Griffin: tour manager Tom Vize and 2nd assistant Tiffany Rinehart. So Kathy decided to do press tours to Tom and Tiffany's hometowns. But Kathy had an ulterior motive. She figured if she went to Tom's hometown (Fenton, Missouri but performing in nearby St. Louis) and then to Tiffany's (Tracy, California), more people would want to purchase Kathy Griffin merchandise like T-shirts and boxer shorts. Not sure I got the logic behind this, but Kathy's plan worked, at least in the town of Tracy, thanks to the assistance of Tiffany's grandma Milly.After Milly phoned it in last season when she enthusiastically called while Kathy was appearing live on HSN, Kathy knew that Mill... read more

Season 4 — Episode 1 (Season Premiere)

Hey, KGF's (that would be Kathy Griffin Fans, of course)! It has been much too long since I've blogged about my favorite D-lister-who's-actually-a-C-lister's Emmy-winning reality series. This season, Bravo is treating us with nine episodes — nine, according to Bravo's press release, but Kathy's been on the talk show circuit (or at least the few shows she's not banned from) bragging about this season's "ten episodes" so maybe Kathy knows something that Bravo doesn't? Either way, I was very excited to catch up with the person who I think is the funniest person on the planet, even though I refuse to believe she is still a D-lister. I mean, how many D-listers get to co-host CNN's New Year's Eve live 90 minute countdown with Anderson Cooper?The season premiere of the 4th season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List began with a bang, or at least some New Year's Eve fireworks, as Kathy got the absolutely A-list gig of being Anderson Cooper's live co-host. Since Kathy knew CNN didn'... read more

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