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Simpsons Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horror XIX

The Simpsons' aired their Halloween episode 2 days late or 363 days early. This 19th volume in the show's Treehouse of Horror anthology featured spoofs of Transformers, Mad Men, and, in the "can you believe it hadn't been done before" column, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. This volume delivered some of the best Halloween laughs since the 12th season's Treehouse of Horror XI, featuring Homer telling Marge he just needs to get into Heaven, not "run for Jesus."

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The Shield Episode Recap: "Moving Day"

After last week's game changing episode, The Shield delivered us one of the tightest, most suspenseful episodes in the series run. The show, winding down to its Nov. 25 series finale, is anything but short on plot right now with Shane and his family on the run, a demoted Ronnie, a budding serial killer on the loose, a Mexican coup of the L.A. political landscape and a shield-less Vic Mackey.
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The Shield Episode Recap: "Patricide"

During The Shield's seven season run, there are a handful of moments one can point to which color every event that comes after it. Going all the way back to the pilot, you'll find the murder of Terry Crowley. At the end of the second season The Strike Team hit the Armenian Money Train. That money, which Lem ultimately burned, tore the team apart during Season 3. While Season 4's star was Glenn Close, it was the introduction of Anthony Anderson's Antwon Mitchell which really shook things up. And how could you not mention the murder of Curtis Lemanski in Season 5? This week's episode brought us another one of these turning points. The Shield as we knew it will never be the same.

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It's Always Sunny Episode Recap: Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia

The gang was back in form this week after last Thursday's episode which was as good as its subject matter, poop. This episode focused on just one storyline and did not feature the character of Frank.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode Recap: "Who Pooped the Bed?"

If there's any show that can bring together poop and Sex and the City, it's this one. Come to think of it, I suppose drawing the parallel isn't really all that hard. The gang at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been responsible for taking it's audiences on a number of whacked out trips around the city of brotherly love. This week's installment may have taken the gang's self obsessed and depraved traits to a new level.

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The Shield Episode Recap: "Animal Control"

The aptly titled sixth episode of The Shield's final season featured Vic Mackey pulling the strings as hard as ever over the various gang members in Farmington, Dutch and Claudette briefly re-teaming on a possible murder case, the return of a long lost strike team member and a long standing feud seemingly coming to a head.  With only 7 episodes left in the show, things are really starting to come together.  I just can't figure out what's going to happen next.

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The Shield Episode Recap: Game Face

The freight train that is The Shield continued to shuttle towards it's final destination this week. With only eight episodes left the writers aren't wasting any time setting up what are sure to be the show's final story arcs.

This week's episode began with an investigation into Robert Martin's assassination. You may remember The Cartel murdered Martin in order to send a message to the Armenians, who are believed to be in possession of The Cartel's "box-o-blackmail." Speaking of the box— seemingly offended by the moniker I've chosen to give this plot device, the writers have seen to it to name it the "box of sins"
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The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes"

After starting as a series of short wraparounds for The Tracy Ullman Show, this week The Simpsons begins its 20th season, tying the series-longevity record set by Gunsmoke. After a Boba Fett/Carbonite-inspired couch gag, the season premiere featured loads of action, a few cameos and even some light baking.

We return to Springfield to find the Simpson family attending the first booze-free St. Patrick's Day parade the town has ever held. Despite not having alcohol, Mayor Quimby is determined to make the parade a success with floats and folk dancing where you don't move you arms. The Protestants and Catholics won't let these pleasantries ruin their riot, however. Even Homer and Maggie get in on the act — the riot act, that is. Around the corner, Marge bumps into bakery owner Patrick Farrelly. After tasting Marge's cupcakes, he asks her to come work for him. She accepts the position and then sees her husband being placed in the back of a police car.
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