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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Friday Night Bites"

On the same day the CW announced they ordered nine new scripts from the writer's room, The Vampire Diaries returns with its third outing, "Friday Night Bites."  Damon continues to make good on his promise/threat to Stefan (it's been almost 150 years, why stop now?) by literally using the people in Elena's life as pawns on the giant chessboard known as Mystic Falls.

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Vampire Diaries: "The Night of the Comet"

Following a record-setting, mythology-heavy first chapter, The Vampire Diaries returned with a streamlined plot, more Somerhalder and solid plot twists.  I'm a firm believe it's the second episode of a series that tells viewers whether a show works or not and after having seen Night of the Comet, I definitely think this show works... read more

The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Pilot"

Vampire Diaries

Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek, Scream) and Julie Plec (Kyle XY) bring the world of author L.J. Smith to life with the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries. The pilot features Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as the Salvatore brothers, vampires whose centuries-old war spills over into their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia as well as the life of Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev.

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Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Omega"

Eliza Dushku, Dollhouse

With the appropriately titled "Omega" (the final letter in the Greek alphabet), Joss Whedon brought his literally mind-bending drama Dollhouse to a close for the summer, and quite possibly for good. The episode promised to reveal Alpha's past and his true plans for Echo. I certainly can't accuse Joss and Co. of not delivering on that promise. However, while the serial delivered a satisfying enough season finale, there are still a number of lingering questions about the Dollhouse, its owners and most importantly, its residents.

"Go help Victor! Quickly!"

The episode picked up pretty much right where we left off. It seems history is doing that thing where it, you know, repeats. The Dollhouse staff is in a panic after Alpha ... read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Briar Rose"

After a self contained outing last week, Dollhouse returned to its grand arc with "Briar Rose." It brought Whedon vet Alan Tudyk into the fold, paying off on a long standing mystery and finally allowing actor Tahmoh Penikett onto the shows' main set. read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Haunted"

Dollhouse returned to Fox's Friday night line-up this week with "Haunted," an Espenson, Tancharoen and Whedon (That would be Jed, not Joss) scripted episode dealing with life after death.

How did TV Guide describe the episode?

"After a friend of Adelle's is slain, Adelle has Echo programmed with the dead woman's memories and personality in order to find the killer. In other events, Ballard investigates Mellie's past and Topher imprints Sierra for a secret engagement."

For the most part, that pretty much sums it up. Your posts for "Spy in the House of Love" indicated that you all felt much like I did. It was a terrifically paced and ... read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Spy in the House of Love"

Who would have thought fusing Dollhouse with Rashomon would lend the show a storytelling device needed to deliver its most fast-paced episode yet? In "Spy in the House of Love," we followed our four main dolls on their individual engagements — which added up to a wealth of revelations, plot twists and resolutions.

The episode began near the end of the story. I found myself asking the type of questions usually reserved for the teaser of an episode of Lost: Where are we? The Dollhouse. Who are these people? The staff. And what is that lightning? It's the result of a procedure a little more intense than the normal imprinting. read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Needs"

This week's episode, "Needs" (aka Dollhouse: The Awakening), put the Dolls front and center in an amalgamation of Lost, The Great Escape and Buffy's "Tabula Rasa." Up until now we've seen Dolls break engagements, develop feelings for one another and, increasingly, glitch like mad. But what if they emerged from their sleep pods as the person they were before the Dollhouse? But, you know, without all those pesky memories.

Despite being short on Agent Ballard, the episode both began and ended with him. In a dream sequence, Paul ... read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Echoes"


Dollhouse 2.0: Whedon Strikes Back continued to build on the 'verse it expanded on big time last week. Revelatory flashbacks told the story of Caroline's path to "volunteering" while the entire staff from the Dollhouse was given a long overdue chance to shine. The episode was Grade-A Mutant Enemy: Smart, funny and bursting with twists.

Welcome back to TVGuide.com's Dollhouse blog. I was glad to see that the readers were so ... read more

Dollhouse Episode Recap: "Man on the Street"


In this highly touted, game-changing episode, Agent Ballard's quest for the truth finally came to a head this week, while the Dollhouse staff investigated the abuse of Sierra.

If you're reading this, you're no doubt interested in the public's overall opinion of the show. It's clear that the chief criticisms of the program are its lack of Whedon wit and the standalone nature of the stories coming from the writers' room.

While just this week Joss spoke with TVGuide.com about the lack of funny, the knocks on the show's pacing have been around for quite some time. For weeks, the Whedonites ... read more

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