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Community Episode Recap: "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"

In an insanely epic episode of Community, the gang (plus Chang, minus Pierce) attempts to restore the confidence of "Fat Neil", a portly student at Greendale, through a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

While the entire episode takes place around the study group table, the viewer is somehow transported to a far-away time and place. All seems to be going well until Pierce shows up and demands his place in the game. After being banished due to his continuous shaming of Neil, he collects all Dungeons and Dragons knowledge and takes over the game.... read more

Community Episode Recap: "Cooperative Calligraphy"

In a fairly lackluster episode of Community, the group is secluded within the study room until Annie can find out who stole her purple pen (assuming she didn't have it herself). Now when I say "lackluster," please take that as a comparison to other Community episodes. I'm sure I'll still watch this episode a few more times before even tapping into any other Thursday night programming that I've DVR'd — that, my friends, is the power and greatness of Community.

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Community Episode Recap: Aerodynamics of Gender

This week's Community episode brings about a true battle of the sexes. A group of "mean girls" begin a war with Shirley, Annie and Britta (and Abed, who has chosen to join the girls). While they initially refuse Abed's company, they soon realize that he has an amazing ability to seek out "b-tches" and hit them where it hurts — anywhere that may cause emotional pain. Abed soon becomes a Terminator of hunting down the meanest of girls and tormenting them with insults. He even begins viewing the world in a Terminator-like computer mode, analyzing each person he faces and discovering their most vulnerable points.

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Community Episode Recap: "Epidemiology"

Community has never been afraid to push the limits of reality and ridiculous. This week, the show has encountered a paintball battle that would give Rambo a run for its money, space (simulated) exploration, a Mafia-like battle over chicken fingers and a drowning at sea — or parking lot sea. As Halloween approaches, they've pushed the envelope even further with an actual pandemic that hits the school and turns every student into zombies!

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Community Episode Recap: "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples"

In this week's episode of Community, we explore the relationship between various students of different ages and beliefs. In some instances, it's discovered that maturity and age don't have all that much in common as Pierce and his new elderly cohorts seem less grown-up than Annie. This ultimately provides Jeff the always-occurring position of father figure.

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Community Episode Recap: "Basic Rocket Science"

Season 1 of Community provided us with some amazing spoofs. Mafia films, action/adventure movies, Good Will Hunting, Batman Begins, romantic comedies and more. This week, we are treated to an entire episode of sci-fi space films, specifically Apollo 13, Armageddon, The Right Stuff and others.

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Recap: "Mac's Big Break"

In this week's episode, Mac answers a sports-radio trivia question for the chance to take a shot from center ice during a Flyers game while Frank tapes Dee and Dennis' back and forth banter resulting in their own podcast... read more

Community Episode Recap: "The Psychology of Letting Go"

As Annie and Britta attempt to raise money for the oil spill, Jeff has just come from giving blood. As he puts it, even a Ferrari needs a tune-up. But all of this is over-shadowed by Troy seeing a dead body — Pierce's mother. Fortunately (right?), Pierce sees her as alive through his Buddhist journey (she is also a Level 5 Laser Lotus).

I would like to begin my viewing of Scene 2 by pointing out that Annie and Britta seem to be wearing the same t-shirt. I hope this plays into our story or the Community writers are just messing with me. Anyway, as the group attempts to convince Jeff that a memorial service of sorts is necessary, he reminds them of how he respects everyone's religious beliefs, even Pierce's. As he puts it, "Can't everyone just be cool like me?"

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Gang Buys A Boat"

A couple of seasons ago, Dennis and Mac came up with a certain website which seems to have worked out to their financial benefit.  Well, to the tune of $2,500. Fortunately, that is a huge sum of money to them and they immediately decide that buying a boat is the most sound, smartest, most reasonable, no, I supposed just the coolest, investment they could make.

Each is in it for their own reasons. Mac, being the adrenaline junkie that he is, is in it for speed. He and Dennis also crave a "P Diddy" style party boat. Charlie is more concerned with the shrimping aspect to owning a boat. He wants enough to equal the loads Forrest Gump would bring in. Dee just wants to take the boat out on the open waters and get loaded. 

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Community Episode Recap: "Accounting for Lawyers"

Now that the dust has settled on the insanity that was the finale of Season 1 and the premiere of Season 2, Greendale Community College finds itself in the midst of Octoberfest.  As nothing is of the norm at Greendale, this will consist of a dance (surely one of many throughout the school year) and a "pop 'n lock" break dancing competition... read more

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