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After my disappointment with last week's episode, I was thrilled to see the boys back to the basics this week — well, as basic as they can get. The greatest thing about the Conchords, at least for me, is watching them keep it simple. But even better than that? Giving Murray more screen time, letting him write his own song, and best of all, letting him sing it for us. I always hope for more Murray and Mel. I finally got more of Murray, but no Mel. For this episode, I hardly noticed and I wasn't the slightest bit disappointed. Murray's infatuation with the blonde tech-support lady was hysterical, and his attempt at being a songwriter was even more impressive... and somewhat pathetic. With the sweet sounds of the stapler and the shredder, coupled with Bret and Jemaine as the backup singers, Murray's song is definitely one of my Conchords favorites to date. I think with lyrics like, "I wish you knew how much I love your hair and your legs. I had a budgie, but it died and I like pi... read more

Bowie — Dream or Nightmare?

The minute David Bowie appeared in Bret’s dream and said, “Am I freaking you out, Bret?” in that deep, dragged-out-sentence-type voice, I knew I was in for many puzzled expressions in this episode. Personally, I find Bowie slightly scary to begin with. When you have Jemaine impersonating him, covering his face in white powdered makeup and turning the lights out, you have officially succeeded in freaking me out. That wasn’t a look into Bret’s dreams but a recurring nightmare — for me.They lost my vote this week as a hilarious show, a definite disappointment. Was the Bowie theme really necessary throughout the episode? Even more unnecessary were the boys singing to Bowie in outer space. Did I miss something? This was by far the most awkward and least entertaining number from the Conchords. If I was supposed to feel like I was on a different planet, I definitely did. However, don't completely disagree with me yet. I still do have a soft spot for the boys a... read more

Sally Returns?

So we are into Episode 5 and I think I have figured out what it is that makes me love and sometimes really wonder about this show. There is so much going on in every episode, so I feel like certain scenes/characters never get enough attention (this might just be my selfish wish to have more scenes with Mel — she’s awesome). What about Dave? He’s a little hidden gem that only occasionally gets thrown into an episode. Everything he says is a joke and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. On the flip side, the boys are adorable (as usual), but I think I could love the show much more if there was a stronger emphasis placed on the story lines, Sally being a main one. Did we really lose her to an Aussie? I was a little surprised to see that they killed off Sally, or close enough to it, by having her get engaged to the Aussie (a hit against our Kiwi friends, I am sure). I thought that having Sally return in this episode should have brought some clever scenes. She d... read more

July 8, 2007: Coco Yoko

So I was pumped about watching this episode. Although I was a little disappointed in last week’s show (I "respectfully" appreciate all of your really great comments and support for the show), I was optimistic and hopeful that the boys would prove me wrong this week. And they sure did. The laugh-out-loud reactions and adoration for the boys was reborn. Good stuff in this episode — not sure I can capture it all, but I will certainly try. How romantic was the two-hour-long song that Bret wrote for Coco-Yoko? You could see it in Bret’s eyes and hear it in his spoken words — “your lips look so delicious” — that a love song was looming. The process of writing the song was hysterical. If it weren’t for Jemaine’s honesty, I don’t think the song would have been as effective. When Jemaine asked Bret if he would do the things he was saying in the song — “I’d climb the highest mountain” — and Bret admitted that he wouldn... read more

July 2, 2007: Mugged

My mother-flipping boys, what happened this week? I felt like the two-man gang, Bret and Jemaine, mugged my appreciation for their subtle comedy by not putting it out there. It actually made me a little sad. I thought the episode lacked the clever wit of the past two shows. The musical numbers were weak and not up to par with the Bret and Jemaine we have come to know and adore. No particular line grabbed me this week or even stayed with me for that matter. The rapper nicknames, Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus, just didn’t do it for me. “The lyrics are bottomless popping off this esophagus in this metropolis” didn’t represent. To be completely fair, though, the episode wasn’t a complete bust: It did have its moments. For me, it was all about the supporting cast this week. So the boys get mugged. I wonder why? Were the NY hats, safety reflector belts, and maps that Murray suggested they sport while out at night a dead giveaway that the boys were new to the city?... read more

June 25, 2007: "Brit Gives Up The Dream"

The Conchords stay strong this week “in a city of pressure" and have me wondering just how they keep a straight face through it all. I’m really starting to fall in love with these guys (not in a Mel sort of way), and I think this episode may have had me laughing harder than the premiere. Let’s see why....Life in the concrete jungle finally sets in and the boys realize that having no gigs has left them poor and hungry. The opening scene in this episode had me rushing through an outburst of laughter so I wouldn’t miss the next line. Bret, being the thoughtful (or perhaps thoughtless?) roommate that he is, decides that on his way home, he’ll pick up some groceries — literally, off the street. Jemaine is so excited that he digs right into the sandwich before asking Bret how he paid for the food. A few bites in, Bret casually tells him, “It was free, I found it on the street; someone didn’t want it.” Jemaine’s gag refluxes barely shook ... read more

June 18, 2007: Sally

The highly anticipated HBO show delivered — are you surprised? I’m not. Kiwis Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement take flight in NYC in a parody of snide remarks, relationship woes and competing differences in opinion. They are indisputably a masterful duet of comical lyrics. What can I say? These naive musicians trying to make it in America are delightfully amusing and take us through an honest musical interpretation of the male psyche. You are so taken by their dramatic facial expressions, or lack thereof (did you see either of them smile, ever?), the smooth sounds (was that first song inspired by the Artist Formerly Known as Prince?) and the dim lights that the lyrics almost escape you. Well, almost. A line from their first song, “The most beautiful woman in the whole wide room,” introduced a ripple effect of hilarious lyrics that had me wondering what they could possibly say next — and what they could, they did.My running favorites, in no particular order:... read more

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