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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Wrong Goodbye"

In the season four finale, the Gossip gang tries to track down Charlie and Blair has to say goodbye to someone.

Happily Never After
Russell is holding Blair captive in Chuck's new Brooklyn hotel. He is toying with a lighter, waiting until the perfect moment to set the place up in flames. Blair speed dials Chuck from the phone in her pocket and mentions her whereabouts. Chuck, along with Nate and Raina, gets to the hotel just in time to save Blair. Raina tells Nate she is moving back to Chicago and Chuck persuades Blair to have one drink with him before he returns her to Louis.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Shattered Bass"

In this week's episode, Jack Bass returns to stir up more trouble for his nephew; Charlie and Dan delve deeper into their relationship; and Blair celebrates her engagement to the prince.

Vanessa calls Serena to try explain that Charlie sabotaged her and is playing Dan, but Serena maintains there is no way Charlie is capable of manipulating anyone, and that Vanessa got what she deserved.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Princesses and the Frog"

In this week's episode, Nate tries to hide the truth about Raina's mother from her, Charlie gets closer to Dan, and Serena tries to sabotage Blair's chance at a happily-ever-after.

A Royal Affair

Blair kicks off the episode with a phone call to her mother, telling her she has some big news to share as she stares at something sparkly on her all-important finger. Flashback to yesterday morning. After spending several days together, Blair and Louis' budding relationship shows no signs of slowing down soon. Louis tells Blair he has something important to discuss with her, but his mother barges in before he can finish, telling him canoodling with an American is disgraceful to the family — especially for someone who is about to be married. Blair storms off without waiting for an explanation. Louis' mother makes a call, thanking the person on the other end for helping track down her son. That person just so happens to be Serena.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Petty in Pink"

In this week's episode, Serena enlists Charlie's help to find out the truth about Dan and Blair's relationship. Blair secretly sees Prince Louis, and Chuck tries to stop Raina from searching for her mother.
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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Kids Stay in the Picture"

After what seemed like an endless six week hiatus, our favorite Upper East Siders are back — and with no shortage of drama. Blair's kiss with Dan forces her to see her future in a crystal ball, and long lost family members turn up to stir up some trouble for the van der Woodsen clan.

Epperly is back from her spontaneous trip to Bali and calls Blair to help with the photo shoot for a Taschen book on modern royalty. Chuck is behind the call, and Epperly tells him she hopes it works out for him because she has been a sucker for romance since she got back from her trip.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

This week proves a Valentine's Day to remember for the Gossip gang with Serena and Ben navigating their new relationship, Blair and Dan continuing their will-they-or-won't-they, and Chuck throwing a lavish party to woo Raina and save Bass Industries.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Damien Darko"

In this week's episode, Damien returns to stir up more trouble for the Van der Woodsen clan, Blair and Dan fight to the death for an internship at W, and Chuck and Nate come to terms with The Captain's new job.

Friend or Foe?
Blair and Dan make plans to see another movie this weekend, while continuing to pretend to hate each other. That whole hating each other thing becomes much easier, though, when they realize they each have one of the six coveted internship spots at W magazine. Who would have thought this Upper East Side princess and brooding Brooklyn hipster would end up on the same career path?

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Panic Roommate"

In this week's episode, Blair pimps out her boss at W, Chuck woos Raina to save Bass Industries, and Dan deals with his most challenging roommate situation since Georgina and her Russian mafia baby.

The Art of Seduction
Blair's first performance review at W is coming up, and her high-strung boss has her fearing the worst. She thinks a little hanky panky is all Epperly needs to cure her workplace woes, so she puts Nate's lady-killer powers to good use. Epperly takes the bait at the W party, but ditches him later that night for an ex from Oxford. British accents will do that to a girl.   

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Kids Are Not All Right"

In this week's episode, we see that the holidays did nothing to warm the hearts of our favorite Upper East Siders, as they all seem to be back to their conniving ways after winter break. Serena and Chuck team up to expose Lily, Blair lies to her mother to secure her own future, and Nate finds himself covering for his recently-paroled father.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Townie"

In this week's episode, Blair and Dan team up to track down Juliet to get to the bottom of her obsession with Serena, and Chuck makes sure Lily knows that he is the rightful heir to Bass Industries. 

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