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Family Guy Episode Recap: "Family Goy"

This week on Family Guy, Peter falls in love with Kathy Ireland and Lois discovers a family secret. Got your interest? Read the all new FG recap.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Great Recession"

The gang is facing tough economic times. Dennis and Mac take ownership of Paddy's. Charlie hits the streets and Frank invests in a new business with Sweet Dee.  It's "The Great Recession" of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Read this week's recap to find out how the gang deals.

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Family Guy Episode Recap: "Road to Multiverse"

Family Guy returns with its ninth season and kicks it off with a bang! Stewie and Brian travel to parallel universes and provide us with great laughs and some jaw-dropping clips. It's Family Guy — what did you expect? Read this week's recap!

Hello everyone! I'm Alex and I'm back for another season of recapping Family Guy! This week the tag-team duo of Brian and Stewie go on another out of this world, or rather universe, journey! With a neat little gadget made by the mad-crazy Stewie, the two are able to travel to parallel universes where things only seem to get stranger and stranger!

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Gang Hits the Road"

After taking a dip in rich families' home last week, the gang hits the road and heads to the Grand Canyon on this week's episode of Sunny! What kinds of shenanigans could they possibly get into on the road? Find out on this week's recap!

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis"

The gang returns for a fifth season on Sunny! In this week's premiere Frank, Mac and Dennis "exploit the mortgage crisis"; Charlie duels with the law; And Dee is pregnant? Wait, what? Read the season premiere's recap and be sure to comment on your favorite Sunny moments as well as the touring performances of Dayman!

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Family Guy Episode Recap: "FOX-y Lady"

This week on Family Guy, Peter and Chris join creative minds to create a new cartoon show while Lois takes on a new role as a FOX news reporter. Did "Handi-quacks" prove to be a hit? How did Lois do when given a special assignment? Find out and comment on this week's recap of "FOX-y Lady!" read more

Family Guy Episode Recap: "The Juice is Loose"

Family Guy returns with all new episode as Peter attempts to convince Quahog that O.J. Simpson is innocent of crimes he committed over a decade ago. How did the residents react? Find out in this week's recap of "The Juice is Loose!" read more

Family Guy Episode Recap: "Family Gay"

Frankly, I found it quite disturbing and creepy after a bit. But what do I know? I'm not the mastermind behind the sitcom. What were your opinions? read more

Family Guy Episode Recap: "Ocean's Three and a Half"

Back from the off season, Family Guy returns with an all new episode, but was it worth the wait? Read this week's recap!

On this week's Family Guy premiere, Bonnie Swanson finally goes into labor and delivers a new addition to the cast! Financially affected, Joe takes extreme measures to obtain money to pay off the hospital bills, while Stewie finds love at first sight with the Swanson's new daughter.

After years and years of being pregnant, Bonnie finally delivers a baby girl ... read more

Family Guy Episode Recap: "Man With Two Brians"

Jackass inspires Peter and the gang to perform their own crazy stunts on this week's Family Guy, but a prank gone wrong causes the Griffins to consider getting a younger, more reliable dog.  What happened to Brian? And is Stewie back to his evil ways of before? Find out on this week's Family Guy recap! read more

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