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The Office Episode Recap: "Whistleblower"

That's it folks. The end of the end, and honestly, I don't know where the writers will take this finale. For the first time, this season has included little rolling plots and cliffhangers. I expect something big, hilarious, epic, and mind-blowing. Bring on the funny...
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "I Do Do"

Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land"

After weeks of unanswered questions, fans hope this week's 30 Rock will provide an end to Jack's love triangle. Avery, has a fiery personality, and Elizabeth Banks plays her perfectly. However, Nancy has all the right qualities to bring Jack back down to earth. Decisions, decisions...

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The Office Episode Recap: "The Chump"

Brace yourselves America, because you are about to watch one of the funniest episodes in Office history. Will Michael break things off with his mistress Donna? Can Dwight and Angela ever resolve their contract? How long will it be before Jim and Pam can get back into the swing of the office life? All your questions, and more, are about to be answered...

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The Office Episode Recap: "The Cover-Up"

This week, love is in the air, or is it? We saw Michael finally obtain the girl of his dreams last week, and it may seem too good to be true. Will the boss seal the deal, or will this hottie be another office disappointment?

The episode opens with a typical Jim and Pam prank, Morris Code. In order to talk secretly, and annoy Dwight, the couple invents a secret code full of pen clicking and tapping. It works, Dwight apologizes for the annoying things he has done, accuses them of clicking a detonator, and finally is forced to wear a pair of headphones to block the annoyance. Score one for Jim and Pam.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "The Moms"

America, big changes are happening. I'm back living in Orange County, Calif., after my year at NYU, Aaron Kelly was finally voted off Idol, and 30 Rock wasn't actually that funny this week. As I sat down with 10 of my closet hometown friends to watch Liz and the gang, I expected to be laughing all the way home. Instead, I was amused, a bit confused, and left wanting more. In any event, I shall recap, and you, my commenting audience, can decide whether I'm right, or whether the OC air is getting to my head.

The episode begins with Liz bringing Jack a budget for approval, and reminding him that Mother's Day is just around the corner. Jack freaks out, and as he is running out to make Jonathan order flowers, his mother, Colleen, is waiting at his office door. First and foremost, Elaine Stritch (as Colleen) is the best 30 Rock guest of all time. She manages to make me laugh harder than any actress on television.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Body Language"

Love is in the air at the office, and Michael will finally learn of his fate with the bartender he met a few episodes back. Will he finally score, or as Tila Tequila (now Miss Tequila) would say, "his shot at love will end." Get it? A "shot" at love, because she is a bartender, and pours shots?

The episode opens with Michael (aka Miguel) speaking Spanish with Erin. He reveals that since Mexico is North America's "neighbor to the South," everyone should learn the language. We later find out, as he is going around the office attempting to speak with other employees, that he is going on a trip to Cancun. In order to help the boss, Oscar tries to get Michael to learn how to gender-specify words, but instead, he ends up drawing penis and breast pictures on sticky notes, and taping them to objects. The worst part, Michael can't even say "that's what she said" correctly.

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Argus"

After getting a double dose of 30 Rock last week, one episode seems like a let down. However, Fey and the gang live up to the challenge, and produce a hilarious, quite snotty episode that holds up to any comedy around. Bring on the funny, gang.

The episode opens as Liz is picking out her "Vietnamese size two" dress for Cerie's wedding. Jack darts into Liz's office in order to notify her that he has been named in Don Giess' will, and he is ecstatic. All the boss wants is a piece of his hero's life, even "sleddy," Giess' prized boyhood sled.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Secretary's Day"

After a month of trying to find hilarity in our TV Guide office in New York City, watching a new episode of The Office finally relieved me of the gaping hole in my Thursday nights. The gang is back, and this week, they all having something to say. Where will Andy and Erin take their relationship? Will we ever see the return of Pam? Well, this week, all of our questions were answered.

The episode opens as the majority of the office crowds around Oscar's desk in order to see a video he made of Kevin's voiced to the tune of the various Sesame Street characters, including Cookie Monster. Kevin gets a bit insulted, and even Dwight gets in on the fun, especially since he loves the show where the characters live in the "barrio."

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30 Rock Episode Recap: "Khonani"

Why are you so good at parody, 30 Rock? I thought you topped yourself back with the "Glenngary Glenn Ross" episode, but this one takes the cake. Tina Fey and the gang decide it is the perfect time to spoof the now infamous late night war scandal, and they do it using garbage men (fitting enough).

The episode opens with Liz distraught over the fact that she is not invited to "Thursday Night Thunder," a TGS Thursday tradition that she was never informed about. She voices her concerns to Tracy, and he explains how his wife Angie's pregnancy complications were the reason that he could not attend. Tracy asks Liz to "take care of Angie like a husband" because he is not ready for the responsibility, she declines, and, of course, Kenneth is game. He runs to the rescue.

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