Paula Abdul by Sam Jones/Fox
Kicking off the American Idol season with a surprise, Paula Abdul has released a brand new single, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." According to an exclusive on - where else? - Ryan Seacrest's show on, the former pop princess and current Idol co-host has ended her 10 year-plus leave of absence from making music to drop the new track.

Last week, Michael Ausiello reported that Paula was going to take the stage at this year's Superbowl halftime show. Now we know that at least she's got some fresh material, with a little producing help from her main dawg Randy Jackson ... Not that we'd ever scoff at reprises of 'Coldhearted' or 'Forever Your Girl,' we're just glad that, even for a pop icon with a storied past (let's just leave Corey out of this one), there's still the promise of a new day.

What's your take? Are you digging the new song? Or is it over-produced, like some other recent comeback tracks that let's just say gave us less, not more? - Anna Dimond

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