Simon Cowell by Michael Becker/Fox
Meeting the press to promote the new season of NBC's America's Got Talent (premiering June 17 at 9 pm/ET), Simon Cowell inevitably was swarmed with Idol-related queries. Here is what the outspoken Brit had to say about:

It All Coming Down to David vs. David
"It's what I genuinely believe will happen. I think you're going to have a real scrap on the night. Without either of them being a red-hot favorite, [the winner] will be [determined by] what happens on the night, and that's what the show is all about."

The Davids' Weaknesses
"I don't think they've got too many. I think David Cook has got the best voice and David Archuleta's got the teen and the gran[dma] appeal. [They're] very equal."

Jason's Surprising Longevity
"He's got a great face. If he looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, he still wouldn't be there, would he? But that's the music business. He's had some very good weeks, to be fair. He just struggled with Andrew Lloyd Webber and, in particular, Neil Diamond. It almost felt a little bit like he was giving up last week."

"Broadway Week"
"I didn't really see the point because I use it as a criticism on the show that you are going to end up on Broadway. We aren't looking for a Broadway singer. I want like a Leona Lewis, a contemporary recording artist who's going to sell a lot of records. I'm not looking for someone to be in The Wiz."

The Plan to Revamp Idol
"You have to revamp every show that you make, every year. You have to wait and see [what we are going to do]. It's a surprise."

This Season's "Safe" Singers
"We are not "letting go" enough, you know? They are very media savvy, saying the right things, not arguing with me. David Archuleta was performing in front of Kelly Clarkson six years ago. It is on tape. It's like he's gone to the "University of American Idol." Safe song, safe message. I like people who go a bit crazy sometimes. I'm dying for someone to scream at me one week and say, "I hate your guts." I know they are thinking it."

Paula's Flub Last Week
"The whole thing is being blown out of proportion. It was a live show, she made a mistake. The year [ Idol] becomes normal is probably the year I will leave. Genuinely, I like it when it is a bit loopy."

A Singer Sent Home Too Soon
"Michael Johns was probably the only contestant that should have stayed on a bit longer. I was thinking this week it would have been nice to see him in the Top 4. I think he would have got better."

Kristy Lee, Country Star?
"Kristy Lee Cook [has a career ahead of her] because I think that she knows who she is now, and I do think I steered her in the right direction one week when I said, "You are actually a country artist." So I think she knows who she is and I think that audience will like her. She's easy to market and she is interesting."

What's your take? Is Simon on target with his assorted predictions? - MWM