Sanjaya Malakar by Steve Granitz/
First Bat Mitzvahs, now retirement? Sanjaya Malakar's hitting all the life stages!

Yes, he's back, returning to TV in a new ads for a retirement and financial services firm. The spot, to be made specifically for the South Asian market, will be part of Nationwide's "Life Comes at You Fast" campaign, and will give a nod to Malakar's (in)famous hairdos.

In the commercial, Sanjaya visits an Indian monastery, to be told not only that he needs to start planning for retirement, but also that he should work on that 'do of his. With his Nationwide ad, Malakar's following in the footsteps of Kevin Federline, MC Hammer and Fabio, among others - which, needless to say, may give him pause.

It's too bad that we won't be getting his ads in our TV market - but fingers crossed for the ads' inevitable arrival on the 'net! In the meantime, what should Sanjaya do with his (extremely extended) fifteen minutes of fame? Suggestions welcome, below. - Anna Dimond

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