Ramiele Maluby courtesy Fox
Remember the Idols of seasons past? When compromising photos (allegedly) of Antonella Barba burned through the Web? When it was revealed that Paula was allegedly judging more than Corey Clark's singing?

I miss those days, too. Call me jaded, but the first semi-scandalous contestant photo from Season 7 has hit the Internet and it's ... just not that racy. Celeb.tv posted this pic of Ramiele Malubay going for a frontal grab of one of her sushi resto colleagues. In addition, there was an alleged slew of "sexy" pics posted to a fan's Facebook page.

As for the one posted, however, not only is a fully clothed approach not so salacious, but, if you examine the photo closely, Ramiele could easily have just stumbled into her coworker's chest as she attempted to shake her booty for the camera.

In fact, a whole slew of possibilities come to mind, not the least of which include:

" Everyone likes to size up the competition. Perhaps Ramiele reached out to check out.

" Ramiele, being the decent person she is, could have been wiping soy sauce off her friend's shirt. Wouldn't you do that for a friend?

" Who says boob grabs aren't the new high-fives? I still give high-fives, but I'm probably out of touch (yes, literally).

In the wake of this first glimmer of impropriety, are you left longing for an Idol scandal, and WigGate didn't do it for you? Would you prefer that your Idols were so clean their toes squeaked? Or has Ramiele's thin moral fiber let you down? Let us know. - Anna Dimond