Jason Castro by Frank Micelotta/Fox
Wednesday's American Idol marked the end of the road for Jason Castro, whose dreads, goofy smile and laid-back 'tude added to his feel-good aura. Some say he wasn't interested in being on Idol, but now that it's all over, he insists otherwise. Here's what the acoustic-loving lad had to say about:

Forgetting the "Tambourine Man" Lyrics
"I couldn't believe I forgot. It's such a popular line that's written on your soul, and somehow it slipped my mind."

The Perception that He Did Not Want to Win
"Yesterday I wanted to win, and the day before that. What it came down to was just my inexperience. Once we doubled up on songs, I wasn't really able to focus.... I made it farther than I ever imagined. I did just kind of wander in, and when it started going, I thought, 'All right. I'm here. I might as well be in it to win it.' And I was giving it my best. There was an interview this week where I said 'I wanted to go home' or something, and I think everybody had this idea that I wanted to go, but that wasn't my mindset at all."

His Look of Relief as He Was Booted off
"I was as happy last night as when I found out I made the Top 24. This whole time, I've had a blast, and I was trying. But it's been hard. I was thinking to the week ahead, if I made it. How was I going to do three songs? I can't even do two right. I was just freaking out about it, and that was all building up. My natural reaction [was] just [being] relieved. The pressure was off. I loved my time on there, I would've liked to go farther, but I don't think I can handle it."

How His Body Language (and Yawns!) Were Closely Analyzed:
"I didn't hear anything negative about [the backstage yawn.] I wasn't bored. I am a chronic yawner. Every week before my song, I'm yawning, and I don't know where it comes from, or why."

Being Portrayed as Goofy
"I am a goofy person. I am an awkward conversationalist. All my friends, they love that, because what you see is what you get. I didn't change at all coming out here."

The Rumor that on Tuesday Night He Mouthed, "Don't Vote"
"I was saying, 'Vote!,' and then I said it again, because I was trying to emphasize that. But nobody heard me. I remember sitting down and thinking about it: 'What's that going to look like? Don't vote.' That went through my mind."

What He Learned from Idol
"That I can do a lot more than I thought. Before this, I wasn't really confident as a performer. I wasn't doing a whole lot, and now I did it for a few months straight on TV! I gained a lot of confidence."

What's Next?
"Wherever music leads me. I just want to play some music somewhere." - Anna Dimond

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