Brooke White courtesy Fox
Sweetie-pie American Idol finalist Brooke White has teamed up with Idol Gives Back and Malaria No More to launch the "Save the World Summer" campaign, which invites kids to use their summer vacation to raise money for worthy causes.

The fundraising effort was inspired by 10-year-old Ryan Skarnulis, who used his birthday party to raise close to $1,000 for bed nets in Africa. Brooke is urging kids to pick whichever issue inspires them the most and use birthday parties, lemonade stands, car washes or dance-a-thons to raise money for that cause.

The vibrant and positive White has chosen Malaria No More - which helps distribute mosquito nets throughout Africa - as her own cause.

Says the singer, "It's empowering for kids to learn how they can take simple steps to make a huge impact."

Seeing as Brooke was sort of the mama bear to the younger wannabe Idols, it's no surprise how much faith she has in America's kids to make a difference. "They are learning what I learned through my experience on American Idol - that anything is possible."

Do you think Brooke and Idol will inspire kids to give back this summer? - Erin Fox

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