David Archuleta on American Idol courtesy Frank Micelotta/Fox
After boy-wonder David Archuleta was practically crowned the next American Idol by judges and garnered glowing reviews Tuesday night, one wonders: Might he be too good to be true? Where did that beautiful arrangement of "Imagine" come from? (And why didn't he sing the first verse?)

Addressing Query No. 1, The L.A. Times uncovered a similar "Imagine" take sung by the late Eva Cassidy. Not that there's anything wrong with using an arrangement from another artist, but what bothers the Times is the fact that Archie receives his praise like an innocent choir boy, yet they know he's sung this song before (as a 13-year old on Good Things Utah). This teen has got a plan, and it's working.

As for Archuleta not singing the beginning of the song, though he claimed to Randy that Verse 3 was his "favorite," the Times says it's more likely that the Mormon didn't want to sing about imagining life without "religion, too." Still, give him props for sticking to his convictions... and for making Paula cry once more on his way to the top. And let's not forget, Archuleta can sing!

Did you get goose bumps from David Archuleta's version of "Imagine?" Do you think he's the real deal and will win Idol? - Erin Fox

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