Alexis Cohen by Michael Becker / FOX
Remember the gal Simon likened to Willem Dafoe? Well, she has her regrets after behaving the way she did at American Idol's Philadelphia auditions, which aired Tuesday night. "I wish I was a little more subdued," Alexis Cohen today admitted on Fox News' Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, referring to how she flipped off the judges. Alexis, though, defends her outrage at being ousted so early on by saying, "I had to take one for the team!" (This is me going: "What team?")

And how does Alexis plan to use her quickly tick-tocking 15 minutes of Idol-season fame? Hoping she can somehow milk some bucks from her brazenness, the veterinarian-in-training says, "I would love to put myself through medical school." - Matt Mitovich

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