Chris Daughtry by Jamie McCarthy/
Idol's golden boy, or shall we say platinum boy, Chris Daughtry, has been tapped by CNN to provide the theme song for the network's League of First Time Voters initiative. And what better song to really drive their point home and get people voting for their first time than a cover of Foreigner's hit "Feels Like the First Time."

"Getting to rerecord a classic song like this was a real honor for us, and we hope it helps inspire people to vote," says lead singer Chris Daughtry. "We strongly believe that it doesn't matter who you vote for, as long as you vote."

Foreigner's Mick Jones, who wrote the song back in the late '70s, gave the Grammy-nominated band his seal of approval saying their version is "very cool" and "more than captured the essence of the original."

The single, set to premiere on Campbell Brown: Election Center Monday, August 18, will also appear on Daughtry's upcoming expanded version of its album, Daughtry Deluxe, September 9. But the good news is we have the music video handy for you to get a look at right now:

Do you think Daughtry did Foreigner justice? - Gina DiNunno