Chris Daughtry's not so much backpedaling as soft-pedaling the comments he's come under fire for making about American Idol. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the rocker said the show was in a state of "decline," discussed the "stigma" attached to AI alums, and argued that the show needs a format overhaul in order to find "true artists."

Responding to some public heat in his blog on Monday, he opened by saying, "It's so sad that when you're asked something and you answer honestly... you're made out to be the bad guy." Daughtry continued, "If you heard the whole conversation [with Rolling Stone], you would've heard all the good things I said about the show as well."

This is probably true, and shows that he's a well-meaning guy frustrated with how his words were interpreted. But although Daughtry went on to defend other comments with his nice-guy attitude, we long for a more badass 'tude. In response to his comment that singing's not enough to find "true artists," for example, and his belief that that lack devalues the street cred of former contestants, he explained:

"I answered that I don't feel that enough 'artists' try out for the show because of how many people they focus on that are obviously there for comedic and entertainment value.... Then it's hard for the audience to take you as an artist [seriously].... You're afraid of being made a joke of."

In conclusion, Daughtry set the record straight, writing that he thinks "it's AWESOME [sic] that they are letting the contestants play their own instruments," and, to summarize, "I was never trying to 'DISS' [sic] the show or 'BITE THE HAND THAT FED ME' [sic].... I was simply giving my input on what I think would spice the show up a bit."

We think Daughtry spiced the show up already, even if he's not even on it. - Anna Dimond

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" Daughtry Taking Heat for Idol Comments