Chris Daughtry by Chris Walter/
Former American Idol star Chris Daughtry is getting flak for telling Rolling Stone that the show is in "decline." According to the mag's website, a producer for AI called in to explain that Daughtry's comment was "taken out of context" or even - wait for it - "misquoted."

That was a big leap of faith to smooth things over, given that the mag has the interview transcript - and there was no doubt that the rocker was hating on his former launch pad. Daughtry knew enough to acknowledge that his comments would likely "be used against [him]," but that didn't stop him from adding that Idol is "definitely lacking some credibility at this point."

Is it ever a good time to admit your true feelings about your former home? Or was Daughtry way out of line? Because no matter how "over it" he might be, Daughtry should know that with Idol, it's never over. - Anna Dimond

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