Colton Berry and Amy Davis courtesy Fox
They sailed all the way through to Hollywood week. But that didn't stop fans from whittling down the top 24 wannabes on American Idol. Who called Simon crazy? And who feels she simply had a bad day? Here, the first four casualties from Season 7 speak out. - Dana Meltzer Zepeda

Garrett Haley: "I didn't think I was going to get voted off that soon. I was happy with my performance! That was pretty crazy what Simon said [about looking like I'd been shut in my bedroom], but I thought it was pretty funny. I didn't let it get to me because I know I'm a fair kid. I came into this competition staying true to myself so I wouldn't change a thing."

Amy Davis: "I have some credit-card debt from fostering too many dogs when I didn't have the necessary funds. I had six adult dogs and two litters of puppies while I was going to school at Purdue. It's a very expensive thing to do so I wanted to pay that off [by winning Idol] because it's a stressful thing in my life. It felt like I was trying to run a rescue shelter in my duplex while still trying to attend class, and it got a little hairy. No pun intended!"

Colton Berry: "I was trying to put my personality out there because I know that's a big part of the competition. I'm really passionate about music and, when I'm singing, I feel it. I try to impart emotion and I think when they first called me 'theatrical' it was because they knew I had a theatrical background."

Joanne Borgella: "Usually when you give me a microphone, you can't take it away from me! I think [Wednesday night's performance] just wasn't my best. As a result, I had to go home, and that's fine. Honestly, it was just a bad day. Unfortunately, I allowed it to show because everyone saw it on TV. But it's go hard or go home."