Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry courtesy Fox
I have never seen any show transcend the boundaries of age, race, religion, weight and politics as beautifully as American Idol has in the past six years. I can discuss it with my husband's 70-year-old uncle (who thinks Sanjaya should be shot), my cabdriver (who cries when he hears Kat McPhee), my gynecologist (who thinks Paula's hysterical... in a bad way), and my 6- and 4-year-old cousins, who think the sun rises and sets with Simon Cowell. That's right, you heard me, they like Simon (not to mention all the cute boys on the show). So I asked some of my peeps what they thought were some of the best moments from American Idol, and this is what we came up with. - Erin Fox

Kelly Clarkson, "Stuff Like That There" | Watch on YouTube
This was not only the moment I knew Kelly would win the first Idol title, it was the moment I knew she could literally sing anything.

Fantasia Barrino, "Summertime" | Watch on YouTube
I don't think there was a dry eye in America after this stunning, goosebump-raising performance. Fantasia belongs on the stage.

Jennifer Hudson, "Circle of Life" | Watch on YouTube
How she got voted off after blowing the speakers out on this tune is beyond me. Seriously, what is wrong with voters? But she got her revenge, Oscar-style.

Clay Aiken, "Bridge over Troubled Water" | Watch on YouTube
Accompanied by an insanely fabulous gospel choir, Clay rocked this Simon and Garfunkel classic, and proved why he was in the final two. He also did an amazing job on "Solitaire," but seriously, this was a moment all Clay-mates have burned in their memories.

Ruben Studdard, "Superstar" | Watch on YouTube
Sung in the early stages of the show, the judges had to scoop their jaws off the floor at Ruben's sultry, soulful, controlled and professional singing.

Chris Daughtry, "Hemorrhage" | Watch on YouTube
This "normal" guy turned into a rock star in an instant with his rendition of this song. He's proven every day since why he should have won instead of Taylor.

Constantine Maroulis, "Bohemian Rhapsody" | Watch on YouTube
Constantine really showed his dramatic flare when he performed this classic tune. After the Wayne's World version, this comes in a close second to the original.

Katharine McPhee, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" | Watch on YouTube
She's wicked hot and she's got a voice "like buttah." I just got goosebumps watching this again: She's flawless singing the Wizard of Oz classic. Everyone sings it, yet she made it her own. Wowza. Simon picked it for her, and we have to admit the bastard was right.

Diana DeGarmo, "Don't Cry Out Loud" | Watch on YouTube
I think we all went, "Holy crap, this chick can belt it out," when we watched Diana blow the judges away with this song. Only 16 at the time, she sang this tune better than most professional artists.

Tamyra Gray, "A House Is Not a Home" | Watch on YouTube
Oh, Tamyra... what a shame that you've kinda disappeared after your few acting stints. You really are beautiful and talented, as evidenced clearly by this performance. Watch this and you'll think she was robbed all over again (because she was voted off before heinous Nikki McKibbin). Simon actually called it "one of the best performances on television" he's ever seen. Would someone please revive her career?

What's your take? Are my picks in tune with yours? Or is there someone I overlooked or oversold? Share your own "best of Idol" here.

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