The awful American Idol auditions we've come to know and love just seem to multiply like rabbits. There's a ginormous pool of non-talented wannabes to pull from on every audition round show. But, I think we hit a new level of "OMG" this past Wednesday night with our introduction to the obnoxious Brandon Black (dressed all in white, barf). He entered trying to be "funny" with some sort of unintelligible shtick, offended Paula (who we all know loves everyone), and then sang the worst "I'll Make Love to You" version we've ever heard. See for yourself on YouTube

So, Mr. Black inspired us to dig up some of our favorite worst auditions. We're talking unlistenable stylings worthy of inducting into our newly formed "American Idol: Worst Auditions Hall of Shame." Let's take you through this year's inductees. - Erin Fox

5) William Hung, "She Bangs" | Watch on YouTube
While not the worst performance in Idol history, Hung's awkward "dance" moves and jutting hips combined with his circular hand jive, emblazoned him into America's hearts for a few weeks. He even got a record deal out of it and performed at malls. I think we even heard the word "heart throb" thrown around a few times. That's really scary.

4) Karmen Varjabedian | Watch on YouTube
She sang like Cher on steroids or heavy doses of testosterone. We just kept wondering how such a deep voice could come out of a 19-year-old girl. Seacrest dubbed her the "Bulgarian Sub-Woofer." And, on the same video clip....

3) Jacqueline Roman | Watch on YouTube
Otherwise known as "Scat Girl" - not because she mastered the smooth techniques of an Ella Fitzgerald or Mel Torme, but because her wannabe singing sound like, well, s---.

2) Stephen "Red" Thoen, "Bohemian Rhapsody" | Watch on YouTube
Freaky from the get-go, this contestant actually had the nerve to compare himself to Freddie Mercury from Queen. Well, he did remind me of some sort of queen with that flaming red hair (Hey now, I'm not being mean - I was talking about Queen Elizabeth, but not Mercury. I still think my ears are bleeding from this one.

1) Sara Goldberg, "Dreaming of You" | Watch on YouTube
I think we shall dub her "Sara the Psycho" after watching her horrible audition. She jaunted in wearing cowboy boots, braids and a cowboy hat - all perky and 20 years old. We thought, "Hey, she might have what it takes. She's a cutie"... until she opened her mouth. Not only was the singing bad, but she then launched into all sorts of dramatic, teary attacks on the judges for not paying attention to her or laughing, and then admitted that she was no singer but that she was still Idol material based on her personality. I hope she has changed her name and moved on by now.

What's your take? Agree with our worst warblers, or care to suggest a ballad-butcher of your own?