After Friday's eliminations, we asked who your favorite male and female wannabe Idols now are. Young David Archuleta came away with a commanding win - 63.6% versus second-place Michael Johns' 15.4% - over the other males in our Idol Power Rankings. The ladies among the "sweet 16" got caught up in a much tighter race, with Brooke White and Carly Smithson swapping the top spot throughout the voting period. In the end, White edged past Smithson, while last week's No. 1 female, Ramiele Mulaby, placed a not-too-distant third.

Female singers
27.6% Brooke White
26.2% Carly Smithson
20.7% Ramiele Malubay (last week's No. 1)
8.6% Syesha Mercado
6.3% Kristy Lee Cook
4.9 % Asia'h Epperson
3.6% Amanda Overmyer
2.0% Kady Malloy

Male singers

63.6% David Archuleta
15.4% Michael Johns (last week's No. 1)
7.0% Jason Castro
5.6% David Hernandez
4.9% David Cook
1.4% Luke Menard
1.1% Danny Noriega
1.0% Chikezie

Who needs to pull out a showstopper this week to dodge the chopping block? For a second straight week, Kady Malloy and "rocker nurse" Amanda Overmyer finished near the bottom of the pack, as did Chikezie on the fellas' side. (Of the wannabe Idols sent home on Feb. 28, three finished among the Power Rankings' bottom four last week.)

What's your take on the shakeout? At all surprised by the magnitude of Archie's lead? Think Amanda can avoid being discharged?