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American Idol's Best Auditions Ever

Chris Sligh courtesy Fox

This Wednesday's American Idol is a "Best of the Rest" recap of the Season 7 auditions we didn't see throughout each city. That got us thinking about some of the best auditions we've seen, regardless of whether the candidate went on to Idol greatness. Instead of a top-10 list, we thought we'd have a battle of the sexes: the best women's auditions versus the best from the men. — Erin FoxTop Five Women's Auditions5) Frenchie Davis, "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" | Watch on YouTubeHoly crap, we think our ear drums just burst listening to her amazing vocal power. Randy and Paula gave her a standing ovation (Simon, of course, stayed seated but clapped as enthusiastically as he could), and if she hadn't been kicked off the show for those naughty pictures, there's no telling how far Frenchie could have gone. 4) Carrie Underwood, "I Can't Make You Love Me" | Watch on YouTubeWho knew this farm girl who sported the '80s wardrobe and glamour-shots makeup at her audition would become ... read more

Paula Abdul's Super Bowl Dance: Not So Super?

There was talk that it would be live, but when push came to shove... what was it exactly? As part of Super Bowl XLII's Ryan Seacrest-hosted pre-game "festivities," Paula Abdul performed her new single "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." Cheers & Jeers has already taken a stab at the pre-show as a whole. But what did you make of Paula's "video"? Watch the video here and then share your take!More Super Bowl coverage: • Watch and discuss Paula Abdul's pre-game performance.• We list the Super Bowl telecast's highs and lows.• Which Ads Scored, and Which Snored?• News: New York Giants Upset Patriots to Win Super Bowl XLII• Cheers & Jeers tackles Ryan Seacrest's pre-game show.• Matt Roush reviews the game and the ads. read more

Paula Abdul Teases a New Album for Summer

Paula Abdul has launched a website touting the summer release of her new album, just days before her highly anticipated return to the stage at Super Bowl XLII. Are you ready to watch Paula rock the house after all these years? We have to admit, we're curious to see what she and Randy came up with together. Tune in this Sunday on Fox to find also has sections about the Idol judge's latest news, career info, photos, a fan-club sign-up, a store (you know she can't resist clothes) and more. It also has a sexy pic of Paula dancing, and if you turn your sound up, you'll hear a very un-Paula-like new single called "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." (It's a catchy tune, but true to Paula's old-school music, she gets a little help from her friends the vocal synthesizers.)For more on American Idol, check out our Online Video Guide. — Erin Fox read more

American Idol: The Worst Auditions Hall of Shame

The awful American Idol auditions we've come to know and love just seem to multiply like rabbits. There's a ginormous pool of non-talented wannabes to pull from on every audition round show. But, I think we hit a new level of "OMG" this past Wednesday night with our introduction to the obnoxious Brandon Black (dressed all in white, barf). He entered trying to be "funny" with some sort of unintelligible shtick, offended Paula (who we all know loves everyone), and then sang the worst "I'll Make Love to You" version we've ever heard. See for yourself on YouTubeSo, Mr. Black inspired us to dig up some of our favorite worst auditions. We're talking unlistenable stylings worthy of inducting into our newly formed "American Idol: Worst Auditions Hall of Shame." Let's take you through this year's inductees. — Erin Fox5) William Hung, "She Bangs" | Watch on YouTube While not the worst performance in Idol history, Hung's awkward "dance" moves and jutting hips combined with his circular ha... read more

Simon Says... the Most Quotable Things!

Simon Cowell by Michael Becker/Fox

As this season of American Idol continues, we thought it'd be fun to keep a running tab of Simon's most scorching reviews. I'll get the ball rolling with a few notes I made last week and then, in comments, feel free to chime in with any other Cowell crowing that stands out in your mind. Hey, if we're all diligent enough, we should finish up the season with enough content to crash the website. (Kidding, guys in production!) — Matt MitovichFrom the Charleston auditions:"I wouldn't have been surprised if you did a magic trick in the middle of that.""That was a horrible audition, if I'm being honest with you.""That was complete torture."[To a brother-sister duo]: "Slightly inappropriate at the end, but it was good.""You seriously murdered the Whitney Houston song. You can't sing."From the Omaha auditions:[After receiving gifts from a star-struck auditioner]: "Can't we just have money?"[Upon hearing a golden-ticket recipient's girlfriend squeal with delight]: "He just stood on someo... read more

Seacrest Brings "Glitz" to Super Bowl; Plus, Scoop on Paula's Performance

Ryan Seacrest vy Sam Jones/Fox Sports

Ryan Seacrest hopes to get Super Bowl viewers as super-stoked as the loyal millions who tune in to Idol, when he hosts Fox's live pre-game special on Feb. 3. "We're going to cover it like a worldwide event, and also show its glitz and glamour," he shared in a conference call with reporters. "Celebrities look forward to the [game], lots of people walk the red carpet, and we'll cover it as it unfolds."Of course, one big spectacle planned for this year's telecast — as first reported by Ausiello — is a performance by Idol judge Paula Abdul. Seacrest reveals that in a pretaped segment, Paula will sing her new single "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" while Randy Jackson does just that. "Paula is apparently choreographing Randy," says Ryan. "He's been doing some sort of private Pilates because [it] is so demanding." — Matt Mitovich read more

Simon Hits a False Note on Tonight Show

Simon Cowell and Jay Leno by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

We don't mean to be rude, but Simon Cowell got it wrong when he claimed on The Tonight Show that he wasn't at the cover shoot for the Jan. 14 issue of TV Guide. While it's true that Cowell had the flu on the day the magazine was scheduled to snap him and his American Idol cohorts, we canceled the shoot and instead used an outtake from our November 2006 session. And make no mistake: Simon was there. — Bruce Fretts read more

Straight Up, Paula's Got a New Single

Paula Abdul by Sam Jones/Fox

Kicking off the American Idol season with a surprise, Paula Abdul has released a brand new single, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." According to an exclusive on — where else? — Ryan Seacrest's show on, the former pop princess and current Idol co-host has ended her 10 year-plus leave of absence from making music to drop the new track.Last week, Michael Ausiello reported that Paula was going to take the stage at this year's Superbowl halftime show. Now we know that at least she's got some fresh material, with a little producing help from her main dawg Randy Jackson ... Not that we'd ever scoff at reprises of 'Coldhearted' or 'Forever Your Girl,' we're just glad that, even for a pop icon with a storied past (let's just leave Corey out of this one), there's still the promise of a new day. What's your take? Are you digging the new song? Or is it over-produced, like some other recent comeback tracks that let's just say gave us less, not more? — Anna DimondRelate... read more

Daughtry-Idol Issue: It's Not Over

Chris Daughtry's not so much backpedaling as soft-pedaling the comments he's come under fire for making about American Idol. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the rocker said the show was in a state of "decline," discussed the "stigma" attached to AI alums, and argued that the show needs a format overhaul in order to find "true artists." Responding to some public heat in his blog on Monday, he opened by saying, "It's so sad that when you're asked something and you answer honestly... you're made out to be the bad guy." Daughtry continued, "If you heard the whole conversation [with Rolling Stone], you would've heard all the good things I said about the show as well."This is probably true, and shows that he's a well-meaning guy frustrated with how his words were interpreted. But although Daughtry went on to defend other comments with his nice-guy attitude, we long for a more badass 'tude. In response to his comment that singing's not enough to find "true artists," for example, and h... read more

American Idol's Top 10 High Notes

Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry courtesy Fox

I have never seen any show transcend the boundaries of age, race, religion, weight and politics as beautifully as American Idol has in the past six years. I can discuss it with my husband's 70-year-old uncle (who thinks Sanjaya should be shot), my cabdriver (who cries when he hears Kat McPhee), my gynecologist (who thinks Paula's hysterical... in a bad way), and my 6- and 4-year-old cousins, who think the sun rises and sets with Simon Cowell. That's right, you heard me, they like Simon (not to mention all the cute boys on the show). So I asked some of my peeps what they thought were some of the best moments from American Idol, and this is what we came up with. — Erin FoxKelly Clarkson, "Stuff Like That There" | Watch on YouTubeThis was not only the moment I knew Kelly would win the first Idol title, it was the moment I knew she could literally sing anything.Fantasia Barrino, "Summertime" | Watch on YouTube I don't think there was a dry eye in America after this stunning, gooseb... read more

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