With your next American Idol just weeks away from being crowned, David C. is maintaining a strong lead in the TVGuide.com Power Rankings, commanding 62.4 percent of the reader vote. Check it out:

Top 4 Idol Power Rankings
62.4% David Cook
22.8% David Archuleta
9.9% Jason Castro
4.8% Syesha Mercado

Contrary to the above, however, Jason is likely the next to get sent home, says 49 percent of you in a separate survey. Syesha is far from safe, though, drawing 44 percent of that dubious vote.

This week we also asked you to forecast who will face off in the finals, and based on that poll there's a 71 percent chance it will, in fact, be dueling Davids. Somewhat surprisingly, the next-likeliest outcome is Cookie vs. Jason (voted 18 percent of you). Me, I still say there's an eensy-weensy chance it will be David C. against Syesha, if only because Idol does like a XX-XY finale.

Lastly, purely out of curiosity, we asked who from this season's Top 10 you most wish was still in the mix. Michael Johns is desperately desired back by 55 percent, followed by Carly Smithson (who is missed terribly by 30 percent of our readers). - MWM

PS. Got a question for when Brooke comes by TVGuide.com later today? Share it in comments.