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Malubay Web Pics Spark First Season 7 Yawn-troversy

Ramiele Maluby courtesy Fox

Remember the Idols of seasons past? When compromising photos (allegedly) of Antonella Barba burned through the Web? When it was revealed that Paula was allegedly judging more than Corey Clark's singing? I miss those days, too. Call me jaded, but the first semi-scandalous contestant photo from Season 7 has hit the Internet and it's ... just not that racy. posted this pic of Ramiele Malubay going for a frontal grab of one of her sushi resto colleagues. In addition, there was an alleged slew of "sexy" pics posted to a fan's Facebook page.As for the one posted, however, not only is a fully clothed approach not so salacious, but, if you examine the photo closely, Ramiele could easily have just stumbled into her coworker's chest as she attempted to shake her booty for the camera.In fact, a whole slew of possibilities come to mind, not the least of which include:• Everyone likes to size up the competition. Perhaps Ramiele reached out to check out.• Ramiele, being the de... read more

Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt Help Idol Give Back

Fox has announced that "Idol Gives Back," the fund-raiser that in its inaugural edition generated $76 million for charity, this season will be broadcast Wednesday, April 9, from 8 to 10 pm/ET.Promising an event "bigger and more ambitious than ever," Fox thus far has lined up Bono, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Fergie, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox, John Legend and Snoop Dogg to participate. Kelly Clarkson must be busy. — Matt Mitovich read more

American Idol Power Rankings: The Top 16

After Friday's eliminations, we asked who your favorite male and female wannabe Idols now are. Young David Archuleta came away with a commanding win — 63.6% versus second-place Michael Johns' 15.4% — over the other males in our Idol Power Rankings. The ladies among the "sweet 16" got caught up in a much tighter race, with Brooke White and Carly Smithson swapping the top spot throughout the voting period. In the end, White edged past Smithson, while last week's No. 1 female, Ramiele Mulaby, placed a not-too-distant third.Female singers27.6% Brooke White26.2% Carly Smithson 20.7% Ramiele Malubay (last week's No. 1)8.6% Syesha Mercado 6.3% Kristy Lee Cook 4.9 % Asia'h Epperson3.6% Amanda Overmyer2.0% Kady MalloyMale singers63.6% David Archuleta15.4% Michael Johns (last week's No. 1)7.0% Jason Castro5.6% David Hernandez4.9% David Cook 1.4% Luke Menard 1.1% Danny Noriega1.0% ChikezieWho needs to pull out a showstopper this week to dodge the chopping block? For a second straig... read more

Another Four Castoffs Reflect on Their Departures

Alexandrea Lushington courtesy Fox, Robbie Carrico by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Another week, and another four have to say goodbye. There were lots of tears, big hugs and some group singing, but now that the dust has settled, how are the four latest casualties doing? What did they take from the show, and what are they planning next? And what about the rumors on infighting, Britney, wigs and more? Here's what the latest castoffs had to say:On leaving the show:Alexandrea: "I have no regrets." Alaina: "Last night I was so emotional, because it was so surprising." "[Kady and I] were really good friends.... She was shocked [that she stayed]. She told me she thought she would be the one going home.... So it was kind of ironic that it came down to us."Jason: "[I'm] disappointed. Kind of let down... song-choice-wise, I felt the odds were really against me.... I've been at this a very, very long time, and I wish I'd gotten more of an opportunity to show my personality. I'm an easygoing guy, I would've represented everything that an American Idol [stands] for."On what t... read more

Stud Returns to Idol

Ruben Studdard by Maury Phillips/

"Velvet Teddy Bear" Ruben Studdard, who has been seriously MIA from the music scene lately, is returning to American Idol. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Season 2 winner will serenade contestants as they are eliminated with a special "goodbye" song. What ugly-cry-inducing song will Ruben croon? None other than a cover of Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home," which will be produced by Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam.Perhaps for contestants who get the boot, like poor Alaina Whitaker last night, Ruben's mellow sound will soothe them into being able to shut off the waterworks and sing their swan songs.Traditionally, these "goodbye" songs have done very well with Idol exposure. Daniel Powter's "Bad Day," (from Season 5) went on to sell 1.9 million copies and was the top download of 2006. Sounds like the Stud needed a little help in the sales department, and Idol producers know the singer is still very popular with the Idol crowd. So now the song will be available on iTunes for download st... read more

And Then There Were 16: Who's Your Fave Now?

This week on American Idol, America's second vote was revealed, sending Alaina, Alexandréa, Jason Y. and Robbie home. That brings us to 16 wannabe Idols. Who is your current favorite? Vote now for the best male and female.Poll: The Top Eight Guys: Your TakePoll: The Top Eight Gals: Your TakeRelated:• Read Nina's in-depth American Idol recaps! read more

Things Get Hairy for Idol's Amanda and Robbie

Amanda Overmyer and Robbie Carrico courtesy Fox

It seems to be about that time in the American Idol season.... No, it's not time to start an "If David Doesn't Win, I'll Shave Off All My Hair" campaign; it's that time for all the contestants' skeletons to come stumbling out of their closets. Today, we have two bags of bones for you, and they're pretty darn good. First up, TMZ has uncovered that rocker-chick/nurse Amanda Overmyer was busted for a DUI back in 2006 near her hometown of Mulberry, Indiana. The Harley-riding, gravelly-voiced judges' favorite was given a suspended sentence of 60 days and placed on 180-days probation ending in August 2007. Someone's been a naughty nurse!Next up, former boy-bander (and Britney Spears' ex-flame) Robbie Carrico has been called out for... wait for it... wearing a wig! We wondered why his hair looked so "off," and now it all makes sense. (And it looks like he and Brit still have a lot in common!) According to TMZ, Idol producers are "flipping out" because "Robbie never talks about his matted-d... read more

Idol's Archuleta: Too Good to Be True?

David Archuleta on American Idol courtesy Frank Micelotta/Fox

After boy-wonder David Archuleta was practically crowned the next American Idol by judges and garnered glowing reviews Tuesday night, one wonders: Might he be too good to be true? Where did that beautiful arrangement of "Imagine" come from? (And why didn't he sing the first verse?)Addressing Query No. 1, The L.A. Times uncovered a similar "Imagine" take sung by the late Eva Cassidy. Not that there's anything wrong with using an arrangement from another artist, but what bothers the Times is the fact that Archie receives his praise like an innocent choir boy, yet they know he's sung this song before (as a 13-year old on Good Things Utah). This teen has got a plan, and it's working.As for Archuleta not singing the beginning of the song, though he claimed to Randy that Verse 3 was his "favorite," the Times says it's more likely that the Mormon didn't want to sing about imagining life without "religion, too." Still, give him props for sticking to his convictions... and for making Paula c... read more

Idol Rejects Now Face "Best Days" Versus "Bad Day"

Graham Colton by Soren McCarty/

Last week, the first four contestants (Joanne, Colton, Garrett and Amy) said goodbye to American Idol, and were eased out that painful door to budding artist Graham Colton's "Best Days" from his album Here Right Now. The singer-songwriter has toured with past Idol winner Kelly Clarkson (whom he dated) as well as Maroon 5, John Mayer, DMB, Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton. Can't remember that tune from Idol? No worries, because you can listen to Colton's tracks at When I asked if we'd be hearing more of Colton's songs on Idol, his publicist Marty Nolan said, "Actually 'Best Days' was also used for the group auditions, and then after Hollywood Week as the exit song. We are in there for the next few weeks, hoping for more!" Judging from his songs being featured on shows like Idol, Wildfire, Oprah's Big Give and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, we think this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful career for Graham Colton. —Erin FoxMore on Idol:&bul... read more

Simon Predicts Idol Winner, Addresses Exit Rumors

Simon Cowell courtesy Fox

Simon Cowell might bash contestants right and left, but he has high hopes for at least one them. On Tuesday's Extra, he predicts this year's winner: David Archuleta.Describing why he thinks Archuleta's winner material, Cowell said "He's cute. He's likeable. [He has] a big voice. He's the one to beat." But what about the dapper Chikezie? "He's never going to win unless the other 18 resign."In the interview, Cowell also comments on his own future on American Idol, completely dismissing the rumors that he's on the way out. "I'm not ready to walk and I'm not walking," he insists. "I have a contract [to do] two more seasons." Do you agree with Simon's prediction? Are you relieved/disappointed we've got at least two more years of Cowell? Let us know! — Anna DimondPolls:• Do you agree with Simon's assessment?• Is it fair for Simon to say this so early on?Related:• Is Idol's Archuleta Too Good to Be True?• Readers' Idol Power Rankings: The Top 20• ... read more

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